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I installed Windows 8 RP on an RM Slate (which had Windows 7 previously).  Now I'm stuck on the PC Settings page.  There doesn't appear to be a touch method to get out.  If there is, it isn't apparent.  I'm guessing it required a physical button, which this device doesn't have.   #windows8releasepreview   #youcandobetter   #RMSlate  
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Oh, I got it installed without any trouble.  I was able to navigate around.  The hardware is solid (except for the auto-LCD brightness adjustment mentioned in the thread).  I just navigated into the PC Settings (to attempt to connect with another wireless network) and got "trapped".  I'll read the read of that thread to see if they mention such a thing.
Add a bluetooth keyboard? I don't know enough about Windows 8 to help much. All my personal devices have some form of Linux (Android or Slackware or Ubuntu) and my work laptop is Win7.
No problem.  I appreciate the interest.  I can actually hook a USB keyboard up to it.  (Like I said, the hardware is good.)  I was actually thinking about that just to see if there is a keyboard shortcut which would jog it back to the app screen.  Thanks for the input!
By the way, I was able to put Android 4 RC on it.  I browsed the app store, but it seems none of the apps I use regularly (Netflix and Draw Something, specifically) are out for 4.0 yet.  I tried to drop back to 3.2 but that was an awful experience.  The touch didn't track right.  Tapping was a bitch.  I wasn't interested in going any lower in the version history than that.  Ubuntu worked pretty well too, but again... no Netflix.  Still, I might go back to it in order to make the tablet somewhat useful again.  For what, I don't know.
Well, then I can't explain why it didn't show up in the app store.
I take that back:  Ubuntu did not work very well on the RM Slate.  It is very slow to respond to taps.  Also, the onscreen keyboard show up underneath Unity's menu.  I have scoured but have yet to find a Linux optimized for multi-touch tablets.
I'm looking into "Meego", but it hasn't been touched in over a year.  Yikes!
No go.  There is a problem during installation which I do not care to pursue at the moment.
Meego was dropped when Microsoft came in to seal Nokias demise. There is a Linux available for multi touch... Android!
I might give Android another whirl.  Comparing the open source version to an OEM version might not have been fair.
Come to think of it, that is probably why I can't find a lot of apps I want in the Marketplace:  I'm using the open source, x86 version.
Yes, in the Android-x86 fork, there are about 5 different versions meant for different x86 hardware.  I'm using the latest one, v4.0, meant for the Atom N455 (in something called a Tetra 2?).  I think the problem lies in the fact that a lot of the apps in the market are made for ARM, not x86.  I searched for problems with Netflix and it has ARM .so's instead of x86.  People have tried porting them but with limited success.
Hmm. It's my understanding that it doesn't matter UNLESS the app uses chip-specific hardware (usually for performance in games).

Intel, for example, released an Android phone based on Atom and >90% of the apps worked with no tweaking. And this abstraction is a great benefit to using Java for your apps. 

I think Intel's NDK software will port ARM to x86, as well. Intel's typically really good about developing tools to help get stuff ported to their architecture.

Netflix, however, is probably due to some hardware ties that prevent it from running on certain devices. Netflix runs on my Roku (Linux-based) and Android phone + tablet (Linux-based) but refuses to work on (or support) actual desktop Linux. I blame Netflix here.

That said, have you tried this?
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