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What's the latest on Dependency Injection and Routing for polymer.dart. Does anyone have something to recommend? Thanks!
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Adam Singer

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A new release of shelf_bind . Changes include:
* Handler support for returning any object that can be turned to json
* Request argument now optional in handlers
* Can now bind to properties as well as constructor
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Adam Singer

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I'm sad to read this post. I personally know +Steve Gehrman and shocked about his experience. I consider his post honest from his point of view, he is someone who generally writes quality software. Hopefully sharing this post can help in resolving the situation. 
Pretty tough to build an Android app business when Google can shut you down at any time and steal your money.  I've talked to dozens of people financially devastated by Google's actions.  Luckily I was only testing the waters.

+Android Developers +Android 
The hidden danger when developing for Android
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Thanks for the writeup and sharing! It seems the twarf needs to cause the giant some pain to make him listen even when it in his best interrest. Such stories can cause a lot of damage to a company that claims to do no evil even when it's only because human involment in such decisions seemed to ecpensive. If it hurts people they wont care much if it was intentional or carelessness. 
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Adam Singer

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A new version of StageXL is available on Pub (version 0.9.2). I'm very excited that this release mainly contains features contributed by the community, which is really awesome!

+Alex Gann implemented the SoundSprite feature (aka Audio Sprites) to concatenate small audio files to one bigger audio file. The browser only has to downloads one file (+ one JSON file) but the application is still able to play the original audio samples. He also did a tool which does the concatenation and encoding in different audio formats. (

+Kevin Moore worked on the Point and Rectangle class to make them compatible to the corresponding classes in dart:math. 

+Xavier Hainaux has fixed some bugs and suggested great enhancements. Also thanks to many other users who have reported bugs or just asked questions on the forum.
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Adam Singer

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I've been working on a book on game programming for four years. It's written in Markdown, and I have a little Python script that converts it all to HTML for the site (

About a year ago, I added some code to let it estimate how close I was to completion. It tracks the word counts of the chapters and knows how many chapters there are so it can guess at how long the book will be and how close I am. I thought it would be motivating, but it was actually kind of depressing working on a chapter for weeks only to have the number go up by five percent.

This is what it looks like now. I completed the book. HOLY CRAP, I WROTE AN ENTIRE BOOK.
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Adam Singer

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A blog on why implementing constraints in Dart is way easier and more powerful than in Java
I've been tinkering with Google's Dart for a while now. Initially, what attracted me was that it ran in the browser and sucked a lot less than JavaScript, which admittedly is not very hard. As I came to use it more, I soon re...
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Adam Singer

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unscripted: Write command line scripts as ordinary methods and classes

My goal with this pub package is to make writing command line scripts in dart just as pleasant as writing normal dart APIs.  Looking forward to your feedback!
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Ah I needed this thanks!
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Adam Singer

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Dart XML Gets A Makeover And A New Owner

Back in the early-early days of Dart, I wrote an XML library over a weekend.  I mostly wrote it to participate, in spirit, in a Dart hackathon occurring in another part of the world.  I also wrote it because I needed a lightweight XML parser at the time.  Since then the project received numerous contributions from the community - thank you!  

As a consequence of Dart's success, a faster and more stable version of XML is needed.  +Lukas Renggli has now published an entirely rewritten XML parser, based on his excellent PetiteParser project (  

What About Pub?
For simplicity's sake, the new version of XML will publish into the same pub library as the legacy one (  Version 2.0.0 is now available on pub.

Thanks again everyone for the great community support.  Dart is full of win  because of you!
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