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An interesting comparison on the distance of the Lord of the Rings Journey to real life distances in the real world.
#LOTR   #Maps   #Geospatial   #lordoftherings   #GIS  
Kristin Milton originally shared to Geo Geekery:
How far did Frodo and Sam actually work?

For your geo-geeking pleasure, somebody has done the calculations and also a comparison to Earth distances.
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Adam Simmons

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I'm thinking of purchasing a Smart Watch. It's down to the Motorola 360 or the LG G Watch R. Or should I wait until next generation Moto 360 which is likely to come out next month. What do you all think?
#Smartwatch   #Android   #androidwear   #wearables
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Motorola 360
LG G Watch R
Wait for Next Gen
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We moved into a new place and installed our first home improvement, A ceiling fan! Hardest part was just getting the thing screwed into the ceiling while trying to hold it. Next goal, USB Outlets everywhere?
#SmartHome   #homeimprovement   #BigAssFans  
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Week that's cool...
Known on Youtube as Olivier C, the Grenoble, France-based engineer who brought us the remote-control "Millennium Falcon" and "TIE Starfighter" quadcopter drones, was back in the workshop.This time, he's created something even more epic: an Imperial Star Destroyer.
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Adam Simmons

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Noise maps can be useful for nearby residents or prospective residents determining land value. I imagine they can also help the aviation community adjust runway priorities or strive for more efficient noise reduction technology in aircraft.
#geospatial #gis #aviation #noisemaps #airports
The Daily Flight Noise Pollution Map

This very clever map shows all the day's scheduled flights over your home and the amount of noise pollution which you will suffer.
Flights Over Your Neighborhood is a very clever map which can show all the scheduled flights flying over your location and the amount of noise pollution that you will suffer. Unfortunately the map only works if your neighborhood is in Berlin. However, if you don't live in Berlin, ...
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Bragg funeral obit memorial
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Adam Simmons

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MapBox Visualizes a Decade of Flickr Photographs
This data gathered was embedded in millions of open photography that has geospatial data embedded within. This not only shows the beauty of human geography in a artistic perspective but also shows the how valuable open geospatial data can be.
#CityMaps   #MapBox   #Geospatial   #Flickr   #HumanGeography  
The metadata in our pictures holds wisdom about our cities, as Mapbox's Eric Fischer demonstrates with open data.
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Now that's what I call performance art!
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Adam Simmons

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Interesting read on comparing ship terminology in reality and SciFi.
Yup, spaceships again.  Between Star Citizen, the new Halo, the new Star Wars, a couple of key mods for Sins of a Solar Empire that I keep up with and have done some voice work on, and Destiny...
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Adam Simmons

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Looks like a few new features got added to Google Maps. Now you can easily check your travel plans in the mobile app by typing My Events, My Flights, and My Hotels in the search box.
#GoogleMaps   #Geospatial   #GIS   #Geo   #Maps  
Version 9.8 of Google Maps for Android didn’t exactly make the national news headlines earlier this month—and rightly so—but there are a couple of new features worth flagging up for you to make use of.
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Wow very good 
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Adam Simmons

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Self Driving Trucks have finally arrived...
The autonomous big rig is meant to reduce driver drowsiness, and thus accidents.
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Gotta wonder if there'll be any way to make a living that'll allow a one income household to afford to raise 3-4 children in 5yrs.? 10yrs.?
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Adam Simmons

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178,000 historical topological maps free for downloading. Enjoy, my map loving friends.

+Giselle Minoli 
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Simulating Oceans on Mars with Google Earth
They used "digital elevation model (DEM) map of Mars provided by NASA. Then they used an image editing program to color the lower elevations blue and make higher elevations transparent."
#GoogleEarth   #GoogleMars   #Geospatial   #DigitalElevation   #DEM   #NASA   #Mars  
We were recently reading this story from NASA that says Mars used to have large oceans. It includes a tantalizing picture reminiscent of Google Earth. So we decided to see if we could simulate oceans in Google Mars.
We were recently reading this story from NASA that says Mars used to have large oceans. It includes a tantalizing picture reminiscent of Google Earth. So we decided to see if we could simulate oceans in Google Mars. We have looked at a number of stories in the past where people have used KML to …
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Adam Simmons

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Human Geography of the Baltimore Riots
Maps can reveal a lot of information about how people live in a specific area. It's unfortunate that such divisions are clear and direct contributors to any inequality but it is vital to accept and recognize what needs to change to improve the quality of life of the local populace.
#baltimoreriots   #baltimore   #Riots   #Maps   #Geospatial   #HumanGeography  
How vacant houses trace the boundaries of Baltimore's black neighborhoods.
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+Vegtam Wanderer The 'act differently' is a large part. If we look at the incidents which spark rioting, the actions of innocent people differ from those trying to hide something.

When innocent people are stopped by police, they don't run, act suspiciously, attempt to grab officer weapons, charge police threateningly, etc. All this provokes actions by police. Innocent people stop, answer questions and move on with their day.

Why is it ok to be drunk while driving (Rodney King), steal & threaten police (Michael Brown) or flight from police in a neighborhood of questionable character (Freddy Gray)?

The latter the Supreme Court has said are reasonable cause for police to stop someone. To frisk, there has to be reasonable suspicion of danger (the knife clipped in Freddy's pants?). An arrest requires 'has a crime been committed'.

Not condoning the taking of life here, however, if one is to use 'aggressive' actions which provoke suspicion they must realize it puts police in a defensive posture. Resisting makes it worse.

If it comes out, as being leaked, that Freddy had spinal / neck surgery 2 weeks ago and several failed spinal fusions prior, the narrative changes.

Remember, the news is history's first draft.
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Innovator and Analytic Strategist
  • OpenWhere
    2015 - present
  • Chaotic Earth LLC
    Cofounder, 2013 - present
  • BAE Systems
    Analyst, 2014 - 2015
  • USAF - Reserves - PACOM JIOC
    Geospatial Analyst, 2012 - 2013
    I served part time as a Geospatial Analyst in the Air Force Reserves exploiting Satellite Imagery maintaining my knowledge of the Intelligence trade-craft for a year.
  • DigitalGlobe
    Business Analyst, 2013 - 2013
    As GeoEye merged with DigitalGlobe my role with the newly combined company had been remained the same. Between managing Outreach User Engagement alongside the USGIF to maintaining support with analytics expertise for multiple departments internally my job entailed ensuring the voice of the end user is heard and making sure products are evolving to improve the workflow of the customer while ensuring the products are profitable through usage.
  • GeoEye
    Business Analyst, 2012 - 2013
    After separating with the Air Force I landed a job at GeoEye. Building off my expertise from the Air Force by primary tasks were building Outreach Efforts to product users by working with the Government program office on outreach activities and the USGIF. This helped increase the adoption of the EnhancedView Web Hosting Service (EV WHS) within the defense/intelligence community. In addition I contribute to the evolving strategy for imagery dissemination through Google services such as Maps Engine and other commercial technologies. My outreach efforts are also internal as I worked with the embedded analyst teams within the GeoEye Analytics Department to ensure that they have access to imagery and other geospatial assets vital to satisfying their mission objectives with our customers.
  • USAF - Military - Pentagon
    Geospatial Analyst, 2010 - 2012
    At this point my in the Air Force I had the honor in transferring to the Pentagon working for Headquarters Air Force A2Z Office which is responsible for ISR Special Programs. While stationed here I acted as a AF liaison to National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) in which I had the honor in presenting my work to Director of NRO, USAF Special Programs Director, and 2 USDI staff members. I then transitioned to being the AF liaison to National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Geospatial Visualization Services (NGA GVS) spearheading user-engagement, training, and social media advertising on classified networks. I had already been working with the GVS team for 4 years at this point from building Google Earth best practices at Beale AFB. Another role I had was being the Geospatial SME for Air Force Crisis Action Team. It was a pleasure working at the Pentagon as I had the honor in working alongside Senior Executives in developing national level geospatial requirements and strategies involving interactions with members of multiple agencies and organization.
  • USAF - Military - Beale AFB
    Geospatial Tactician, 2007 - 2010
    As I still maintained my currency as an Imagery Analyst on the different Airborne platforms my role transitioned into improving the current mission operations by working in the Weapons and Tactics Office. My natural talent as an innovator combined with support from my leadership allowed me to revolutionize GEOINT tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) for the DCGS weapons system. My work gave me direct interaction with other areas of Intelligence Operations including All Source Analysis and SIGINT broadening my overall expertise. By rapidly moving the DCGS Community into cloud based reporting and dissemination I seeded the curation of modern Intelligence Collaboration through the creation of a massive Sharepoint Network, The Joint Intelligence Google Earth Working Group user community, and significantly increased awareness in Analysts of programs across the intelligence community by using early Social Media best practices.
  • USAF - Military - Beale AFB
    Imagery Analyst, 2005 - 2007
    While stations at Beale AFB my first job started out primarily as an Imagery Analyst. My role involved analyzing, distributing, and reviewing imagery derived products from the Global Hawk, U-2, and Predator ISR platforms to the war fighter and strategic partners. I gained extensive foundation experience in EO, IR, RADAR, Multi-spectral, MASINT, FMV, and GMTI.
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Ashburn, Va
Yuba City, Ca - Marysville, Ca - Beale AFB, Ca - Goodfellow AFB, Tx - Ashburn, Va - Chantilly, Va - Pensacola, Fl - Ft Meade, Md
"Surfing the waves of the Digital Frontier"
I have a passion for Geospatial technology. I love  engaging with users for engineers and designing strategies for the future of the geospatial community.     

After spending 7 years in the Air Force I am excited to see what the world has to offer on the civilian side. I am very enthusiastic about technology especially with focus on the Geospatial Industry.

I have begun my own Google+ HangoutsOnAir series called Project Geo. Check it out the page here and watch the our show. 

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Proposed to my Fiancee at GEOINT 2012!
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