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Adam Simmons

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Prepare for adventure: 12 literary maps to explore
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Google Photos has been very popular among users since it first launched a few months ago, as Google has revealed that more than 50 billion photos and videos have already been uploaded. In an effort to continue to improve upon the service, Google announced that later this year the service will gain…
Google Photos has been very popular among users since it first launched a few months ago, as Google has revealed that more than 50 billion photos and videos have already been uploaded. In an effort to continue to improve upon the service, Google announced that later this year the service will gain Shared Albums support. With Shared Albums, multiple users will now be able to upload and...
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Astronauts have studied the light emissions coming from older lights and newer LED lights and have found that LED lights actually make light pollution worse
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Twist on the Old Lunar Lander game. Enjoy!
#elonmusk   #LunarLander   #Falcon9   #SpaceX  
The SpaceX Falcon 9 Lander is a browser-based puzzle game that lets you simulate a landing of the SpaceX Falcon 9 booster rocket, something SpaceX hasn't managed to successfully do. ...
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Pixel Map Generator
#Pixel   #Geography   #GIS   #Geospatial  
Pixel Map Generator: an easy tool to create and export world and local maps. See more on
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Just in case anyone was wondering it is a real town and Google Maps only shows its abbreviated name of Llanfairpwllgwyngyll. Wikipedia has a nice readup of the town and the story behind the name.
#Welsh  #Llanfairpwllgwyngyll
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What in the what!
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Awesome, love the X-Files. Awesome they are bringing it back...
But the question is, will Fox cancel the miniseries half-way through?
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Adam Simmons

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Real-time air quality information.
This is an interesting map - but really, really slow to load for me.
A new interactive map draws data from more than 5,900 sources in nearly a thousand cities around the globe.
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+brian E if you read the article looks like the report was a collaboration between a lot of entities but mainly from an in-china public watchdog trying to keep an eye on industries in there own country. So yeah...its clear they are pretty bad but they are quickly realizing how bad it is and working on it. Slow to change though. However its fascinating for what they say about Nigeria. Its not on the map but its just as worse or more so. There are many areas that are not listed on the map that are not reported.
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Adam Simmons

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The Map of Literature is a graphical visualization of how the world's literature evolved from the ancient era to the present day. My favourite continent on the map is prose fiction, as it is the most intricate and complex one, and also contains a lot of my favourite books and literary genres (sci-fi and fantasy).
~ Martin Vargic, the 17 year-old published artist/cartographer who specializes in beautiful and intricate maps that look like they were drawn centuries ago.

More of Vargic's amazing maps here:
Martin Vargic's intricate cartography is basically porn for book lovers.
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Viewing Cityscapes through a different perspective...
#GIS  #Geospatial #Maps
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Pretty cool
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Innovator and Analytic Strategist
  • OpenWhere
    2015 - present
  • Chaotic Earth LLC
    Cofounder, 2013 - present
  • BAE Systems
    Analyst, 2014 - 2015
  • USAF - Reserves - PACOM JIOC
    Geospatial Analyst, 2012 - 2013
    I served part time as a Geospatial Analyst in the Air Force Reserves exploiting Satellite Imagery maintaining my knowledge of the Intelligence trade-craft for a year.
  • DigitalGlobe
    Business Analyst, 2013 - 2013
    As GeoEye merged with DigitalGlobe my role with the newly combined company had been remained the same. Between managing Outreach User Engagement alongside the USGIF to maintaining support with analytics expertise for multiple departments internally my job entailed ensuring the voice of the end user is heard and making sure products are evolving to improve the workflow of the customer while ensuring the products are profitable through usage.
  • GeoEye
    Business Analyst, 2012 - 2013
    After separating with the Air Force I landed a job at GeoEye. Building off my expertise from the Air Force by primary tasks were building Outreach Efforts to product users by working with the Government program office on outreach activities and the USGIF. This helped increase the adoption of the EnhancedView Web Hosting Service (EV WHS) within the defense/intelligence community. In addition I contribute to the evolving strategy for imagery dissemination through Google services such as Maps Engine and other commercial technologies. My outreach efforts are also internal as I worked with the embedded analyst teams within the GeoEye Analytics Department to ensure that they have access to imagery and other geospatial assets vital to satisfying their mission objectives with our customers.
  • USAF - Military - Pentagon
    Geospatial Analyst, 2010 - 2012
    At this point my in the Air Force I had the honor in transferring to the Pentagon working for Headquarters Air Force A2Z Office which is responsible for ISR Special Programs. While stationed here I acted as a AF liaison to National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) in which I had the honor in presenting my work to Director of NRO, USAF Special Programs Director, and 2 USDI staff members. I then transitioned to being the AF liaison to National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Geospatial Visualization Services (NGA GVS) spearheading user-engagement, training, and social media advertising on classified networks. I had already been working with the GVS team for 4 years at this point from building Google Earth best practices at Beale AFB. Another role I had was being the Geospatial SME for Air Force Crisis Action Team. It was a pleasure working at the Pentagon as I had the honor in working alongside Senior Executives in developing national level geospatial requirements and strategies involving interactions with members of multiple agencies and organization.
  • USAF - Military - Beale AFB
    Geospatial Tactician, 2007 - 2010
    As I still maintained my currency as an Imagery Analyst on the different Airborne platforms my role transitioned into improving the current mission operations by working in the Weapons and Tactics Office. My natural talent as an innovator combined with support from my leadership allowed me to revolutionize GEOINT tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) for the DCGS weapons system. My work gave me direct interaction with other areas of Intelligence Operations including All Source Analysis and SIGINT broadening my overall expertise. By rapidly moving the DCGS Community into cloud based reporting and dissemination I seeded the curation of modern Intelligence Collaboration through the creation of a massive Sharepoint Network, The Joint Intelligence Google Earth Working Group user community, and significantly increased awareness in Analysts of programs across the intelligence community by using early Social Media best practices.
  • USAF - Military - Beale AFB
    Imagery Analyst, 2005 - 2007
    While stations at Beale AFB my first job started out primarily as an Imagery Analyst. My role involved analyzing, distributing, and reviewing imagery derived products from the Global Hawk, U-2, and Predator ISR platforms to the war fighter and strategic partners. I gained extensive foundation experience in EO, IR, RADAR, Multi-spectral, MASINT, FMV, and GMTI.
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Ashburn, Va
Yuba City, Ca - Marysville, Ca - Beale AFB, Ca - Goodfellow AFB, Tx - Ashburn, Va - Chantilly, Va - Pensacola, Fl - Ft Meade, Md
"Surfing the waves of the Digital Frontier"
I have a passion for Geospatial technology. I love  engaging with users for engineers and designing strategies for the future of the geospatial community.     

After spending 7 years in the Air Force I am excited to see what the world has to offer on the civilian side. I am very enthusiastic about technology especially with focus on the Geospatial Industry.

I have begun my own Google+ HangoutsOnAir series called Project Geo. Check it out the page here and watch the our show. 

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Proposed to my Fiancee at GEOINT 2012!
  • University of Phoenix
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    Intelligence, 2005 - 2011
  • Imagery Analyst Technical School
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I usually go here because its the closest yogurt shop to where I live. With that said, their yogurt is okay. When you go in its easy too easy to not pay attention and mix the Gelato selection with the yogurt. Wish there was more of a divider between these types. The store itself is often messy around the ingredients, sometimes cross pollination. I understand that gets hard during huge traffic periods but at least try. Another item to note is if you like Waffle Cones like I do they have them there but I have two issues with their cones. 1st ensure you have a cone that isn't stale. They only cover them loosely with plastic wrap and keep them out for likely two days. Even kept out after making the same day the cones can get a little stale without really insulating them. Its very hit or miss there. Another item to note about the cones is that they poorly put them together. Most of them have a gaping hole at the bottom leaving tons of room for yogurt to melt through. That kind of defeats the purpose of a cone! On a positive note it is family friendly and lots of space to find seats.
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You usually know what you are getting when you go to a Chick-fil-a. The name speaks for itself. At this particular Chickfilla the staff are friendly and its normally a good experience but some of the kids working there are such in a rush that they sometimes forget about the customer experience. Keep in mind the owner of this one is also the owner of the one near the Dulles Mall (Not in it) by Walmart. They also share employees sometimes between locations too. Important to note if you are comparing Chick-fil-a service in the area. I will say one negative is that this location tends to not cook the fries all the way through. There is usually a set time to keep them in the frier and it is clear they pull them out way too early. Frequently I leave with the appearance of cooked fries but they are either frozen in the in the center when biting down or just aren't cooked enough that they remain in a greasy soggy state. Easy fix, don't take them out of fryer before the prescribed cook time even in a dining rush. Also I frequent Chickfilla and have been given one of their VIP cards, basically their rewards program. I frequently forget to swipe or use it. It would be nice to be asked at the register if I have one just like other establishments with rewards programs. In addition the rewards program is not linked to the Chick-fil-a app in any way. The whole program is a little confusing on how it is supposed to work. Those are my only negatives and beyond this menu is good, the chicken is like a drug I can't get off of, and the dipping sauces are something they should consider selling in stores, especially the Honey-Roasted BBQ packets which I wish they would convert to dipping sauce packets instead of their current format.
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Great quick cafe if you are visiting businesses within a few office buildings for breakfast or lunch.
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reviewed 3 months ago
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
95 reviews
I've only been here twice so far and definitely plan to go back. The food is amazing, especially the Texas short ribs. Its too bad they open at 3pm on weekdays as I'm sure they could be big at lunch too. They have a market style setup meaning you get up and go to the counter to pick-out and get your food. I often find this place is packed. I didn't need reservations the first time I went but its so packed apparently they heavily encourage it now. The atmosphere is comfortable and many of the tables are similar to large picnic benches giving the establishment a unique look and feel. The second time I went I just went to their bar area had a few beers along with a small bar menu. I can't recall the exact item on the bar menu but they were tiny ribs of some sort. I didn't care for them much. I observed someone get the Nachos who looked amazing, I regret not trying those. If I can change the bar menu I would include more variety of BBQ plates and a wider selection of local beers. They have a descent amount on the menu but being in Ashburn we have a huge local brewery presence I like seeing support for by local establishments. Smokehouse Live has very little local representation there. In summary, this place is a little pricey but excellent food in the main restaurant area. The bar leaves some room for improvement but the establishment is a welcome addition as we have few BBQ places in the area to include Urban BBQ, Carolina Brothers and American Steakhouse.
• • •
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Good sandwiches, glad we came while there was no rush. Kids eat free on Wednesdays too.
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago