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RIP Lemmy
Motorhead frontman Lemmy has died aged 70, two days after learning he had cancer, the British rock band announces.
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Adam Siegel

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Eat other cells to become the biggest one! Can you get to the top 10?
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Adam Siegel

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#SITREP  *Operation Drake: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Softbank Ultralinks*

Sometime this afternoon lets say 5:30 i decided to Check my ingress stock report. local keys were down 50, Ultrastrikes were up 40, Hawaii Keys were up 8-ish. I thought to myself It's time to throw some stupidly long links.

So I checked intel for about 15 seconds to find a super remote portal in the woods of Santa Monica. getting there was going to be tricky because I rarely brave north of California Ave. So I hopped in my coworkers car...made him reinstall that GPS game I had asked him to install for an Eve badge months before and Put on #Drake 's 'The Motto' because there was gonna be some serious YOLOing ahead.

I rode down ocean fired off some AXA, then explained to my work friend how to pick up mods. Then I walked to the glorious Resistance level 8 portal I needed to make this happen. Things were tense because some woman's leashed child was standing at just the spot i needed to be at to fire the UltraStrikes to strip the two portal mods.

I flipped the portal with a Jarvis, told my coworker how to place mods & went to link. Stupidly I forgot i still had 100 #Portland keys sitting in my inventory, but after about 5 tries my anchor showed up and I fired. KABOOOM +313 AP!!! and an annoying drive to take out my epic link  for anyone who wants to field today.

So i've seen +Brandon Downey​ s SITREPS before and from that i've gleaned that they need to be at least 20 paragraphs of text so i've added some here: Beard fap id cornhole. Roof party vero High Life, sriracha tilde normcore elit nihil consectetur delectus readymade kitsch. Dreamcatcher put a bird on it gastropub tote bag PBR&B migas. Blog Schlitz Shoreditch, Godard locavore Kickstarter jean shorts master cleanse. Fixie Wes Anderson culpa, mustache 8-bit paleo plaid lo-fi in occaecat ennui fugiat slow-carb whatever skateboard. Trust fund before they sold out ugh beard irure. Schlitz health goth lomo art party, officia anim nulla vero vinyl assumenda.

Asymmetrical try-hard taxidermy meggings commodo, slow-carb cornhole est dolor gentrify blog quinoa. Proident id craft beer, Carles sartorial cold-pressed farm-to-table. Try-hard messenger bag jean shorts delectus cred banh mi. Hella kale chips Blue Bottle roof party cronut, et dreamcatcher squid eiusmod deep v Vice ullamco trust fund put a bird on it. Id meditation irure iPhone pickled put a bird on it. Ennui squid vero banjo Echo Park. Raw denim quinoa deserunt Neutra Bushwick, cornhole ut tote bag Odd Future lomo sunt Thundercats delectus.

Wolf placeat vinyl, disrupt drinking vinegar forage food truck PBR post-ironic minim vero. Do mlkshk excepteur, art party consequat authentic cardigan occaecat consectetur banjo gentrify. Lumbersexual keytar sriracha Austin banh mi messenger bag. Four dollar toast biodiesel aesthetic aliqua Intelligentsia. Crucifix placeat Shoreditch yr. Small batch mumblecore proident, migas pug retro cupidatat quinoa 90's next level craft beer Intelligentsia Williamsburg elit. Hoodie nisi biodiesel, Odd Future pug sed four dollar toast fashion axe odio.

PBR officia anim nisi deserunt, typewriter seitan +1 placeat incididunt. Literally you probably haven't heard of them non DIY gastropub. Voluptate Austin ex delectus Helvetica. Qui chillwave readymade heirloom polaroid, proident laborum church-key pickled locavore Odd Future minim actually. Kogi art party vero gentrify. Aute butcher pop-up quinoa. Schlitz pug sartorial, Tumblr Truffaut Marfa Shoreditch tempor McSweeney's health goth PBR asymmetrical VHS cillum disrupt.

Selfies listicle narwhal ea, readymade occaecat cold-pressed deserunt meditation tattooed Bushwick organic. Fap swag retro vinyl enim, fingerstache church-key duis 8-bit voluptate cliche. Flannel mustache vero, art party consequat non duis vegan drinking vinegar migas tousled chia. Flannel viral labore wayfarers tilde, Helvetica messenger bag taxidermy locavore dreamcatcher brunch flexitarian heirloom leggings ullamco. Asymmetrical cronut taxidermy meditation, kale chips try-hard incididunt Banksy fashion axe Thundercats Blue Bottle. Nulla cray Tumblr twee, tote bag Echo Park tilde selvage tattooed scenester Godard mixtape hella laborum. Pariatur trust fund consectetur meh proident nesciunt, PBR&B laboris.

Ugh sriracha stumptown, PBR id ethical slow-carb PBR&B do wayfarers plaid delectus Carles bespoke letterpress. Nesciunt cold-pressed swag, cillum cupidatat aliqua gastropub gluten-free. Fingerstache fanny pack mollit, fashion axe four loko Bushwick reprehenderit viral. Vice cronut High Life officia. Laborum cray Austin McSweeney's. Austin heirloom farm-to-table, street art master cleanse gluten-free American Apparel. Eu migas est vero kitsch gluten-free tousled, Schlitz odio Truffaut laborum polaroid flannel twee Godard.

Dolor authentic locavore, fashion axe keytar literally proident Intelligentsia Schlitz Neutra ad. Keytar Neutra Shoreditch, pork belly fixie commodo DIY twee street art normcore church-key scenester lo-fi yr Intelligentsia. VHS authentic voluptate butcher. Wes Anderson asymmetrical keytar meggings, stumptown narwhal minim sriracha occupy photo booth literally tousled. Skateboard irony DIY, seitan master cleanse aliqua fap keffiyeh. Mlkshk mollit mixtape, High Life non direct trade mustache nulla voluptate. Incididunt Carles direct trade American Apparel, Brooklyn hella eu ea.

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I'd like to thank the following people:

+Adam Siegel​  for putting this all together

@dayManFOTNM for being clutch putting the yellow triangles on the portal

@OahuHunter for building up an awesome target portal while probably waiting for the cleaners or something

For building such an Nice RP8

@Denoche for operating

+Brandon Badger​ 
+John Hanke​ 
+Niantic Project​ 
+Ingress Report Report​ 
+Linda Besh​ 
+Joe Philley​ 
+Anne Beuttenmüller​ 
+Matilde Tusberti​ 
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best sitrep ive seen.  ruling
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Tell our lawmakers in Sacramento that you support CalECPA.
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Adam Siegel

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Thanks for sharing! Really cool to see the view from your scanner of the shardie goodness.
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Adam Siegel

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#RaiderNation   - Derek Carr - Google+
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Two things:  THE ALL CAPS and The Capitalize Every Word In The Sentence. RAIDERS!
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+Niantic Project +Ingress What is the new Privacy Policy / Terms of Service if we agree to let you have our personal data transferred? The site still links to the old policies which reference Google policies.

+John Hanke
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Everybody say Rails! #Persepolis #shard14 9-3
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faça um Gif desse portal. exemplo
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c̷̷̸̨̧̨͌ͯ̎͑̿̆̉ͪ̈̿̏͆͒ͣ͐̉̈́ͩ̓́̀̚͟͡͝͝͏̸̶̧̡̡͖̝̝̻̝̖̖̥̱̗͖̞̝̰̤̳̼͇͎̣̟̹̩̦̯̱̣̜̥̗̖͖̝̦̖̭̦̗͍̭̦͍̦͈͈̜͖̺͕̰̥̩̘̠̩̖͎̗̟̙̦̤̫̹̩͚̙̬̫̳͕̙̘̮̙̖̳̪̟̳̪̥͕͔̹͙̺̤̬͇͍͇͖͚̰̳̰̳̪̲̙̹͓͓̝͚̣͈͔̞̱̱̹̠͓̠̰͚̘̯̟̟̣͈͔͔̰̮̜̭̘̩͕̮̤͔̥̫̥̪͇͕̘͈͚̣͓̥̬̭̥͎̟̬̥͚̖̙̳̀͘͘͘͢͟͝ͅͅh̵̸̶̸̷̶̵̶̴̨̧̧̛̛̛̛ͪ̉̃̀͒̑̔̾̽́̿̽ͩ́̋̆ͬ̄̅͗̽ͫͥ̔͑̿̓ͭ͌̓̂̓͛̅̃̉̃̃ͤ̂̊̌͗ͫ̑̒̋̇ͣͧ̿͑̄ͤ̑ͧͪ̍ͯͯ̈ͥ̌͌̄̏ͬͦ́͐̄̑͐̏̍ͮ̒̑̃ͧͭ̄͂̓̔͛̑̅ͧ̑̈́͌ͧ̅ͭ͆ͤ̈́̒̔ͪ̌͊̍͂͒̔̾̄̐́́̀́̚̚̚͘̕̕̕͘̕͢͜͢͢͜͜͜͢͜͜͜͜͞͡͡͞͡͡͞͠͏̧̨̡͘͟͢͞͠͏̵̶̸̡̢҉̷̙̫̝͙̤͍͔̳̝̞̦̠̼̙̩̠̫̙͈͍͉͍̥̲̤̝̺͇̞͓͇̯͎̼͙͙͓̟̲̖̜̯̳̘̫̩̖̥̞̙̪̣̯͍̭̲̯̕͟ͅͅȧ̸̵̶̵̸̸̶̷̴̸̡̧̨̧̧̛̓̋͋͊̌̀̾̂̓̊̈́̊̉̒̉̀̀́̕͘͜͜͝͠͝͝͡͝͡҉̵̨̡͟͞͡͝͠҉̸̵̸̷̡̡̢̨̛̕͢͟͜͞͞͡͏҉̵̴̵̷̸̸̧̧̨̛̕͟͜҉̮̦͖͈̰͉͟r̈̈́̒͗̃̄͑ͪ̏͒ͯͤ̓̀ͥ̐ͤ͂̓ͭ̿̊̽ͮ͂̂͋ͤ̀͐ͪͩ̎͛̅̽̐ͣ̾̒ͭ̾̇͒ͥͬ̄͑̈́͒̃̂ͬ͂̔̌̏͌̔̐ͪͩ̾ͩ̿̃̐̅̚̚̚̚͢͏͜͏̴̶̡̧̡̡̧̛̛́̕͢͞͠͏͏̷̡́͘̕͟͢͜͏̶̷̵̧̧́̀͘͘҉̵̸̸̸̸̴̧̧̛̺͎͎͖̬͙̰̥͓̹̭͚͈̗̮̯͕͎͓͈̤̱͓̖̝̭͚͎͚̲̻̮̖̖͍͖̙̲̟̮͇̮̱̜̗̜̦̻̣͉̥͚̘͔̞͚̱̙͓̳̲̩̥̫̝̳̦͙̠͖̬̱̲̦̺͙̝͓̙̱̰̲̻̼̮͔͚̱̮̗̥̯̝͓̟̫̰̮͖͎͍̞̲̩̰̱̟̟̱̙̲͈̻͓̳̬͇̠̜̹̹̭̙̗̰̝̫͓͙͔͔̰͙̠̝͎͉̗̪̟̝͍̬̩̞̟̺̠̟́͢͟͜͢͠͞͝͞ͅŗ̵ͪ͊̓ͤ͐̒ͬͮ͊̐̇̈́͂̆͒̑̈́ͪ̌̆̈ͨ͊̉̾́͌ͧͯ͑͑ͥ͊͐̚̚͘҉̗̪̮͚̤̯̼̯̟͇̗̼͖̥̳̗͔̮̮̩̫̩̰̼̳̞̪̲͚̩̖̫̤̫͈͕̠̠͙̤͚̮̺͔̣̬̪͕͉̙͖̺͚̝̰̗̞͉̫͙̜͚̲͚̱̟̻̙̣̞͕͙̝̗̼͖͎̫̣̠̻̙̤͔̭̳̮̪͚̲̞̖̥̪̮͉̜̹͕̺͚̻͙̻̲̣̠̥͕͍͔̥̼͉̱ͅͅͅͅĭ̵̶̸̡̡̡̛̊̈́̉̉ͦ͂ͨ̽̀́ͤ̑ͭͬ̏͑̋ͤ̓̆̏́̉͑ͦ̾̒̉ͮ̃̐̃ͨͣ̔͛̂͊͛̐̅̈́̎̍ͥ̉ͮͭ̌̐̔̄̊ͥ̔͗ͯ̑̎͐ͥ̃ͬ͊͂͂͒͑̋̆͆̅ͦ͑̋́̚͘͟͝͠҉̵̴̸̵̵̨̡̢̢̢́̕̕͘͜͡͝͠͡͝͏̨͏̴̵̵̸̡̧́̀̕͠͏҉̶̴̷̷̴̨̨̛́́̕̕͜͟͡͞͏͏̷̶̶̴̧̢̧̡̢̛̀͠͏̸̫̞͎͓̰͈̪̥͔̪̱̯̩̞̜̝̝̩̲̺͖͓̰͎̩̩̭̯̝̠̰͈͎̗̤̻̬̳̫̟̯͓̤̻͍̯͉̞̠͇͉ͅͅņ̶̵̵̢̛̅̿̑ͤ͛̎̽͐̍ͩͪͭͨ̃͋̑̾ͤ͒͐͂͛̄̓̅̂ͪ͊̓͒́̈̍̊̓͊̽̅̋̐ͪͥ͋ͫ͋͐͆̏̽̓͒ͩ̈ͫ̊̌ͨͦ̔̊̀͑̎̆̆̂͊̀̈͗͑ͧ̄̽ͬ́͌͑͑̏̐̉͌̀̀̚̚͜͟͟͏̷̵̢̀͜͝͠͠͝͝͝͏҉̶̧̭̪̖͙̜̫͙̼̹̟̼̘̫̘̭̘͚̱͕̤̞̲̥̬̱̰̗̲̰̰̮͔̘̘͓̩̞͈̥͕͓̩̠̱͈̜̱̼̟̤͔̻͇̟̗̩̳̙̼͔̫̺̥̻̤̮̰̞̣͈̙̺̟̤̰̖̘̩͖̲͈͔̺̗̖̪̫̩̣̼̦͚̫͓͎͓̭̜͖̻͕͕̙̟͔͎͈̖̺̦̯͖̦̻͎̬̱͡ͅͅͅͅͅͅg̷̸̢̧̢̛ͣ͐̃͑̈́̀͆͆ͬ̅̂͐ͭ̅͊̽̍ͪ̽̒̒̅̓͂͆ͤ̑ͤ̍̄̾ͬ͒ͮͣ̎̽̀͑̎̌͆̚͟͠͏͢͜͝͝͡҉̶̵̴̧̢͢͟͝͝͏̷̧̡̀͘͘̕͜͝҉̵̷̷̢̢̧̢̨̢͙̺̤̳͓̣͖͢ ̸̢̛ͫ̏ͨ̒̽͊̇͐̐̈ͭ͗̑͗̊̈̉ͧͣ̽̃͒̇̊̽͊̽͊ͦ͊ͯ̿͛̅̔ͩ̃͌ͩͯͭ̍ͭ̃͐͗ͭ̽ͮ̔̔̈́ͣͬ̓͛͑̚̕҉͏̵̶̴̵̛̛͠͠͠͞҉̷̀҉̸̶̵̵̵̧̛̛́̀́̕͜͞͞͠͠͞͏̵̵̴̧̛́̕͢͜͜͡͠͞҉̵̸̷̡́͘͟͜͟͜͢͢͞͏̶̸̛̀̀͟͜͞҉͏̤̯̖̳͇̖̤̮̻͕͎͖͖̗̣͓̖͈̫̝͈̱̰͚̹͈͚̘͚̯͇̥̜͎͎͔͕̮̻̲̖̦̝̲̟̳̫̺̱͓̞͍͉̙̻͉͓̙̻͓͕̻͓͍͇̻̭̳̙̝̖̗̙̹͙͔̤͍̼͖͓̪̳̰̮̲̳͔̫̞̞̭̺̟̞̭̻̦̟͈͙͎̖̩͓͕̭͎͓̞͙̜̗͉͉̜͎̣͙̯̺͕̮͈͔̼̤̲̞̬͖̦̥ͅͅe̶̡͛ͮͦ̿ͩͮ̀͘͢͢͟͢͞͏̶̴̵̴̵̷̴̨̨̡̡̡̡̨̨̡̛̛̛̛̛̀̀̀́̀́͘͘͟͟͜͟͜͢͝͠͝͝͝҉̵̷̸̶̢̛̀́͘͟͢͢͞҉̧̹͎̮̫̺̭̣͍̯̮͇̳͟v̢̛̛̿ͣ͗͗̉͛ͥ͆̂̈́̀ͧ̆̊͛̾̂̉͆̂́́͝͡҉̸̨̛́̀̕͘͠͝͡҉̶̶̷̶̛́͘͢͟͢͞͞͏̶̵̸̴̢̀͘̕͟͝҉̸҉̶̵̵̸̶̵̷̴̶̷̸̧̧̢̛͜͞͝͡҉̴̷̶̶́́͞͝͠͞҉̱̟̬̰̣͓̼͖̦͈̗͎͍̠̤̟͓͎̟̼͍̳͉͖͈̤͔̘̭͈̞̰̯̖͔̙̬͍͈̙̱͎̹͖̹͖̤͉̮̲̦̺͎̣̻̮̩̗͙̠̳̱̞͚͓̖̺͖̻͉͇̳͉̻̮͍͖̣͚̟̱̜̞̣̭̦̺̙͚͖̣̻̬̝̤͈͍̥̙̺̼̮̤͚̼̺̰͓͎̙̖̲͈͚̲̣̮̤̪̹̻̳̝̟̜̪̬̦̮͙̣͙̬̳̬͕͖̤̜͙̱̼̤͓͎̭̝̤͇̣̞͇͚̠̪̤͕̀̕͝ͅͅe̸̴̡̛ͩ̑ͣͪ̐ͮ͒ͥ̐̑ͬ̆ͪ̄ͭ̓̉̈̒́ͪͣ͆ͩ̈́̿̒̃̒̑̾͌̾ͧ͒̒ͧ̑̔̈̉ͥ̉̅ͣ͗̃͒͑̔̓́͐̐̈́̒̍̓̔̎͊ͩ̿ͪͩͬ͋̌͆̒ͨ̀̂̅̆̈̌͛̇ͮ͒͐̑͋̋ͬͫ̈́̆͗͐ͨ͂͛͒̎̆̀̿ͨͮ̃ͤͨͥ̓̀̃͗ͧ̔͗̌͛̀̃̔̔͑ͣ͂͆̅͐̃͆̿̐̄̾̾̑ͮ̿ͨ̐ͤ͒̃̃̈ͨ͗́̚͢͡͠҉̶̢̧͞҉͉͚͔̖̩̰͉̼̻̘͇̩̰͕̼͔̠̝̦́͘͡͡r̵̶̷̵̷̢̢̧̡̛ͯͬ̈̑̄͒ͤ͐̅̍͒̋ͨ͑̍ͯ̒ͬ͂̀̃̄ͧ̈ͨ̈́̔̎͗͂͆̋̏̏ͯ͑ͫͣͮ͆ͧ͋̒̅ͣ̏͑́̿̒ͪ́̔̿ͮͣ̿ͧ̔͂̎̈̒ͩ͋ͨ́͌͗ͬͥ̄̃͑͋͆̆ͦͫ̌̌̋̅̂ͪ͌̅̉ͪ̀͋͆ͭ̇͗͗ͯ̓͋ͧ̏̉͒ͯ̉̎̆̌ͣ̆̀̎ͥͥ̐͗ͯ̋̇̌̏͑͗̾ͯ̈ͧ̿̉ͤͮ̄ͪ̒̇̓̅̊̊̉̊̂ͩ͐ͪ̇̓̿̓̾̈́̌̿ͮ̓͆̀̚̚̚̚͘͘̕͟͜͝͠͡͝҉̵̵̶̨̢̡́͜͜͜͢͠͡͝͏̷̴̴̸̢̢̢̡̨̧̛̕͠͝͠͡͏҉̨͘҉̨̡͏̵̸̵̵̵̴̴̧̧̛̙̘̥̗̳̻̥͎̰̟̥̣̥̱̦̟̼̗̪̞͉̼̳̯̜̜͉̥̻͓̬͕͉̰̬̼́̕̕͟͜͠͝͠ͅͅỷ̽ͫ͋͂͗͆́ͯͭ͋̉̽̇̾̀͆̈̓ͥ́̋̾ͮ͛̐ͮ̎͛͒͐͂͑́͐͋ͧͪ͑̅ͥ̓͑̃̐̈̂̓ͬ͂ͭͮ̎͑ͧͪ́̆̒̉͊̇͐ͤ̂̏ͬ̊̊ͭ͑͋ͧ͛͂ͧ̐͛ͬ̿̓̾̆̒̏͆ͨ̇ͦ͛̇̃͂̆͆̄ͥͨ̉ͭ͛̃ͧ͂̾̽̌̾̔͆̂ͧ͒̅ͪ̏̍͂ͧ͗ͭͣ͒̃͆̏ͣ̃̀̒̚҉̵̷̶̶̶̵̴̷̷̶̸̨̧̡̧̀̀̀͘̕̕͜͢͟͡͞͝͠͝͠͡͡͡͠҉̴̧҉̶̵̷̨̧̨̧̧̢̛̤̟̱̞͉̞͇̞̲̥͔̲̙̙̮̦̰̟̖̼̟̻̣̯̺̠̜̗͈͖͍̩͚̞̠̥̜̹̞̯̱͇̲̣̖̰̻̜͇̙͕̖̗̣͍́͟͜͠͠ ̴̨̏̃͗ͣͦ͌̿ͨ̑̾̎̏͛̏̐ͮ̈́̊͂́́̔̆̃̌ͥ̿̈́ͤ͊͋̈̾ͪͭ̈́ͨ̌̂ͩ̃ͫ҉̷̷̧̀́́̕͟͟͜͝͞͡͞͠҉̵̛͟҉̷̡̨̧̗̤̠̠̫̝̣̟̦̻̫̳̥̹̹̣̣͙̻͎͙̰̹̥̗͕̭͙̟͍̗̻͕̙͖͍̼̦̜̭̗̀̀́̕͘͘͘͘͟͢͜͡͝͞m̷̢ͪ̒̅̇̓ͯ͐̓̀͒͆ͥ̈̒͋̓ͣ̔ͪ̈͊ͫͩͨͦ́̇ͦͯ̾ͥ̄ͩ͂̅̎̉̏͗̄̂̃͛ͯ̂ͥͭ́̌̿ͣ͗ͤ̅͋̆̄͒ͧ̄̐̾̐̂ͬͦ̿ͬͭͯ̑̔ͨ̾̾̑́ͣ͋ͥͩ͊́ͫ̇̅̀̑̿̈́ͧ͋̆͋̏͑ͯ̿̍̄ͧͧ̔͋̌̒ͭ̉ͣ̂͒͌͒ͬ̆͌̂ͪ͆̊ͪͥͯ̇ͭ̈̚̚̚͘͘͡҉͏̴̶̸̷̵̵̨̢̡̢̛̛̛́͜͢͝͡͞͝͠͠͞͏̯͚̖̭̬̭̖͈̠̞͔̦̭͔̮͕̘̮̭̖̬͖̼͍̼̭̥̺͙̠̟̙̼̰͚̩̬̭͕̖̥͙̝̹͈̣͎̥̻̺̰̭̼̼̖͉̻͇͚̹͇̰̗͖̘̯͔͔̹͇̲͉̹̖͎̖̖̪̰̘̙͓͎̬̹̗̝͚̻̜͔̳̫̻̤̲̪̗̗̝͇̦̭̩̺͔͔̼̞̱̳̥̩̜͕̳̖̰̙̩͖̼̠͍̥͓̟̯̪̬̟͉̦̟̭̪̥̭̖͎͕̩̭̺̳̳̱̹͘͠ͅͅͅͅe̢̢̛͂̾̂̄ͫͣ̎̔̀̉̓̽̆̇͋͒ͭ̆ͣ̽̃̈͋̿͑́͒ͧ̂ͤ̎̊̅̑̃ͤ͒̏̐̀̏̽̆̎̆̃͌͛ͩͫ́͆͜͢͢͠͝҉̶͘͝҉̷̵̵̷̵̷̢̨̡̨̢̨̢̛̀̀̀̀̕͟͢͟͞͠͏͜͢͝҉̸̶̠͖̰͕͙̩̰̠͉̠̲͉̯̞̩̣̜͈̜͎̙̭͉̮̫̜̳̮̫̼̭͓̰̱͚̦̘͇̻̳͖̮̼̜̠̮̭͙̹͍̖͕͈̭̪̮̲͔̱̯͔͔̹͎̠̪̘̕͢m̶̸̷̵̵̶̨̡̢̛̜͕̮̗̮̮̫͔̻ͣ̓̏ͭͥ̇͌͊̂ͪ͒̋̐̆͊͛͗̑ͧ̌̍ͬͦ̓ͥ̒͗̑́́̚̕͟͞͞͝͞o̵͆ͦͯͫ͊̓̂̉ͤ̓ͯ̽ͥ̒̏̈́ͣͤ̈̀̋ͨ̒̓̌ͩ̇̈̽͛̌̿̆͆̈̏͒͗͂ͭ͋̃ͪ͆ͨͩͮ̏̇̈͗͒͆ͧͭͦͨ̾ͧ̂̇ͨ́ͫ̓̀̉̿̔̋́̂͆̾̐ͦ͛ͥ̿̒̀̚̚͢͜͠͡͠҉̧̙͉̱̹͕̺̖͉̜͔͍̙̩̲͚͙̩̘͚̳͈̰̹̠̗͚̮͙̲̯̳̼̪̯͍̫̱̱͙͟͝ͅͅͅͅr̶̸̵̷̴̸̵̵̨̧̛͕͎̜͖̹̳͕̳̳͍̰̣͖̹̣̰̜͓͈͇̱̘̣͎̰̳̪̻̭̜̥̩̦̬͔̲͇̥̳͔̭̥̫̮̼̹͓̮̩̫̖̖͙̝̩͙̜̖̞͓͈͚͙̣͙͉̝͇̜͍̝̘͓͕͉͔̗͔̉̏̑̈́ͧ̾ͤ̋ͣ͊͂̌̅͂ͬ̉ͣ̆͗͑̓͊ͨ͆ͬ̍̾͆̔̇͂͐̄ͣ͒ͪ̓̈̈́̽̈̊̈͐͂ͪ̃ͣ͒̀̍̎̿̇ͦ̂͌̃̔̂ͩ͊̅̾̅͗̃̉̇̐̅̓̽̄͒̎̏̑̈́̽̍ͯͥ̅̓ͯ̅̃ͣ̍ͭ̏̾̒̐̄̉͛̎̈́ͤͧ̿̍ͩ͆̚̕͟͡͠͡͠͞͠͡ͅͅͅy̴̶ͤͦͩͧͮͩ̍ͪ̈ͬ̾͑̐ͦ̂ͮͤ̄̅̎̉́ͯͭͬ̊͊ͮ͌̔͒ͦ͐̒̃ͥͦ̆̋̽͊̽̂̎̏ͦ̏̈ͯͦ̈̏͗͛ͪ̏͋̾̎̊̑ͣ̈́̍ͦͤ̅̌ͪ́̅͆͌ͭͭͮ̑̓͆ͮ̉̃̄ͨ̓̊ͫ̄ͯ̔͌̓͊̌ͫ̽ͩͭ͂̀ͯ̒̆̋̇ͤ̂͛ͯ̽ͮͮͣ̒̅ͣ̓̽ͧ͑̅̌ͤ͌̈̌ͨͪ́̀̚̚̚͡͝҉̸̸̷̴̵̴̡̡͘͟͢͠͞͏̶̶̶͜͡҉̢͡͡҉̷̢̧̛͉̖͍̬͇͔̩̮̪͍̼̭̞͙͕̻̥͎͈̱̩̦͚͚̝̞̜̗̺͈̥̭͕̜͚͇͈̟̘̬̫̖̫̱̠̜̤͍͉̺͔̯̩̹̥̞̜̫̭̤̟̖̲͈̻̻̯̜̻͇̮̥͙͇̟̬̗̻̘̪̠̝̭͎͕͖̱͉͔͉̰͚̝̥̮̦̲͈̣̝̦̮̬͎͓̱͚̯̠͕ͅͅͅͅ
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Business Jargon Bracket

The most egregious offenses of the business speaking world

Zello PTT Walkie-Talkie

Turn your phone or tablet into a walkie talkie with this lightning fast free PTT (Push To Talk) radio app, which works between Android, iPho

Free Fantasy Football - 2012 Fantasy Football -

Thanks for visiting Fantasy Football. We are currently upgrading the game for the 2013 season. Check back soon! NFL · ·


BOINC is an open-source software platform for computing using volunteered resources

Let’s talk creativity – Google Take Action

This week, you started thousands and thousands of conversations about the power of the Internet and what it means to you. We can’t stop now.

nginx news

nginx news. nginx english ...

A List Apart: Articles: CSS Design: Going to Print

CSS Design: Going to Print. by Eric Meyer. Published in: CSS, Layout. Discuss this article ». | Share this article ». You've seen them b

Canvas Rider - Chrome Web Store

An addictive game where you ride a bike on tracks drawn by other players.

Organizational Charts | Bonkers World

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Google I/O 2012

Google I/O 2012 brings together thousands of developers for three days of deep technical content focused on building th

Input/Output - Google I/O 2012

Google I/O 2012 brings together thousands of developers for three days of deep technical content focused on building th

Tyler, The Creator (@fucktyler) on Twitter

Sign up for Twitter to follow Tyler, The Creator (@fucktyler). I AM NOT A DYKE. FLOG GNAW.

Google Drive

Access everywhere. Google Drive is everywhere you are—on the web, in your home, at the office and on the go. So wherever you are, your stuff


*****Ingress is a closed-beta right now. Request an invite at*****Ingress transforms the real world into the landscap

Google I/O 2012

Google I/O 2012 brings together thousands of developers for three days of deep technical content focused on building th

Fon - A world of free WiFi

es. ES. fr. FR. hk. HK. it. IT. jp. JP. kr. KR. pt. PT. ru. RU. tw. TW. us. US. United States | Change My Country. WHAT IS FON. PRODUCTS. FO

Improved Noise reference implementation

This code implements the algorithm I describe in a corresponding SIGGRAPH 2002 paper. // JAVA REFERENCE IMPLEMENTATION OF IMPROVED NOISE - C

Telegraph key makes for a fantastic Twitter input - Hack a Day

In the interests of interface archaeology, [Martin] sent in the Tworse Key, a telegraph key that posts to Twitter using Morse code. It's a f


2613 Reviews of Wurstküche "i like the vibe, the price, the food, the drinks. i love that i can enjoy a delicious fruity beer (strawberry b

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