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Adam Sherk
SEO / PR consultant, helping publishers with enterprise SEO, audience development and social media
SEO / PR consultant, helping publishers with enterprise SEO, audience development and social media

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I forgot to share this myself. :)

I put together a round-up of some of the common issues that quality, reputable publishers face when they are unexpectedly hit by Google Panda.

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Good stuff from +Mackenzie Fogelson and +Nathalie Nahai     
The Importance of Building a Human and Authentic Brand
Our world has changed and so have consumers. People expect a great deal from companies and brands which is why it has never been more important that businesses build authentically.

Just recently, I had the honor of speaking with +Nathalie Nahai about the importance of building a human and authentic brand. In this 30 min podcast, you'll learn that:

In the podcast you’ll learn that:

- consumers prefer authenticity over utility,
- authenticity is about building trust,
- marketing is about conversation (not broadcasting messages),
- and building relationships with customers is imperative.


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There are good SEO job opportunities out there
A Number of Great Job Opportunities in SEO & Web Marketing

The SEO job market is crazy hot right now. Some listings to consider if you're seeking something new:

Balsam Hill (A premium artificial Christmas tree manufacturer.)
Redwood City, CA
Director of SEO+ -
Web & Marketing Analytics Strategist -
Web & Marketing Analytics Manager -

Deloitte (world's largest consulting firm)
Remote work, but West Coast preferred - see details in the ad
Search Engine Optimization Manager / Lead Search Engine Optimization Consultant -

Anthropologie (Women's fashion retailer)
Philadelphia, PA
Global SEO Specialist -

Disney (Disney)
Glendale, CA
Manager, Search Engine Optimization -

BoomtownROI (Real estate marketing software)
SEM Analyst (Atlanta, GA) -
SEM Analyst (Charleston, SC) -
Social Marketing Analyst (Charleston, SC) -

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Interesting analysis from +NewsWhip. Facebook Instant Articles for +The New York Times get 3.5x more shares, 2.5x more likes and 5.5x more comments vs. regular links.

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Good overview of Google AMP from +Bryson Meunier 

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Really nice data and background info on Google Rich Answers. Nice job +Eric Enge and +Mark Traphagen 

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New Facebook data from +NewsWhip including native engagement stats

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I've been taking a break from blogging this year but I decided it was time for a new post. So I've compiled a list of some current digital marketing trends and opportunities for publishers. Some are newer, others are long standing, but I wanted to group them together and focus on the benefits for news and content sites.

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Cool guide from +Builtvisible , well put together too.

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Good stuff from +Pete Meyers 
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