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Adam Roseland
Adam Roseland is an Entrepreneur | Online Business Strategist | Website & Niche Site Builder
Adam Roseland is an Entrepreneur | Online Business Strategist | Website & Niche Site Builder

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So I don't mean to be insensitive to families or friends of those that lost their lives on 9/11... but I have been watching some videos. Alot of it is crazy talk obviously... but there are some valid questions. In no particular order, here are mine:
-How did the passport of a hijacker make it to the street... but everything else was destroyed in the fireballs of the crashes?
-How come the plane that crashed into the Pentagon basically disintegrated? Yet any other plane crash around the world has left significant amounts of debris. (somehow they identified all the DNA of the passengers... but never found the engines!)
-If the PA crash occurred because people wrestled control from the hijackers, and crashed the plane... why was debris spread over 8 miles?
-Why did WTC 7 fall down exactly like the other 2 towers, even though it wasn't hit by a plane and didn't have all the jet fuel to melt the steel? (5 hours later)
-How come there is no video of the plane hitting the pentagon? Even though they confiscated something like 86 videos from the area?
Im not saying this was an inside job or anything... but there are clearly some things that are "less than clear" about all this that have still never been answered.

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Most dealers have this issue, do you?

What do you want to discuss???

Hi all, I am going to be kickstarting (and its podcast) shortly.  I recently split with my partner and I am starting over with my niche sites.  Literally.  And looking forward to it.

Would love to hear what people want to learn about, discuss, etc.  

Hope everyone has been well.  Looking forward to getting back in to niche sites again.

Hey all,
Long time... i know.  Anyone try out Authority Azon by +Tung Tran ?
Was looking at this other day...

Or the Ultimate Azon Theme by +Dave Nicosia 

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Thought this community might benefit from this.  Let me know your thoughts...

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