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Adam Rogers
Father of two, husband of one. Master of my digital community, blogger, wrangler of writers.
Father of two, husband of one. Master of my digital community, blogger, wrangler of writers.

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So today is my #plusaversary  I joined Google+ 4 years ago today.

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Look, I learned how to make Gif's, and they work on G+.
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There is no solution to this mess of a time we live in. Oh wait, yes there is; Love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus wasn't wrong people. 

Here's the problem I have today. The incident in #newtown  is depressing the hell out of me. I can't believe in this day and age we can't stop the slaughter of innocent children and adults in our own country. What saddens me more so, is that people are already fighting over gun control this, and constitutional right that. The fact is, gun control is only part of the problem/solution. There are deeper issues at play here. Not the least of which is loving and caring for our neighbors. That means learning what mental illness looks like, how to not shut them out, how to get them help. It might mean understanding that we do have to sacrifice our right to a semi-automatic weapon. IT might mean caps on the ammo we can get. It might even mean paying higher taxes to secure our schools. But damn it, is saving the lives of 20 children and six adults not worth it? Hell, if it saves just one person, it's worth it. #prayfornewtown  

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For the first time I've had a photo used by someone else without permission. Frankly I'm honored. In this particular case, the photo was used as a cover photo on Facebook by the company that represents this guy.

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Watch this, you'll be surprised what one little voice can do.
Why invest in social media? I mean does it REALLY matter?
Um, watch this k?

To be quite honest with you, if I never see another political status update it will be too soon. 1. Most of the people posting are either far left or far right, and I think the answer is somewhere in the middle. 2. Why can't people site a source for their outrageous claims? 3. I'm going to come to my own conclusions, and your rants don't make me want to vote your direction, in fact, they make me not like you.

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Just a profile photo update.

Dear, well, anyone who comes to my door to sell me something;

Ringing the door bell will bring no good to you, ever.

Sincerely, me.

Do you know what the real #NBCFAIL is? They made a rookie mistake, if you really want information to get out quickly, ban it. I guarantee more people know who Gary Zenkel is now then had they let it be.
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