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Adam Robichaud
Father, husband, dog owner, gamer, physicist, amateur.
Father, husband, dog owner, gamer, physicist, amateur.

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+Fraser Simons: I'm running the Veil in a play-by-post setting, and we're all having a blast! I have a predicament, though, and could use your input:

We have an Empath who picked "Sling" as a move, and I'm a little confused by the "Exclude someone from your sling" option. It seems like it's really only relevant in the 10+ result when you can pick at least one other mechanical effect for the sling (i.e. how do you exclude someone from the mechanical effects of a sling that does nothing mechanical?) This would be a non-issue if the results awarded choose 3 on a 10+, and choose 2 on a 7-9.

Was there a game-balance reason you went with the max of choose 2? Other thoughts?

Hi all, I'm Adam.

I'm relatively new to the game development scene, and don't have anything published, but I've been known to hack the odd system for use in Play by Post. I'm working on a few projects right now, and love talking shop.

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This is an extremely interesting concept, and if you're a fan of card games and/or story games, I advise you check it out.
Spell Saga
Spell Saga
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Hey +Kelley Vanda, considering you claimed "first" in our first session, it seems ill fitting that we don't have a picture for Fuse. Do you have anything in mind for him?

Hey +Steve Marco, it occurred to me we don't have pictures of Shigusa and Mox, your assistants. If I recall correctly, Shigusa (who you may have nicknamed something else) is a woman, and Mox is a party-happy man, right? We should remedy this imageless state issue of theirs with images!

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I don't normally go advertising things I back on Kickstarter, and I don't know if this was mentioned in a previous post; but there's a short animation called "The Reward" floating around, and the creators behind it recently reached their goal to fund a series following the protagonists of the film — and the 160k stretch goal (currently 40k off from the mark with less than 65 hours to go) is an RPG set in that universe.

I thought you fine people might be interested, since the short film told such an amazing story.

I've played in a handful of long running AW games, and I've found that they tend to work best when the setting's community is pretty tightly knit. Something similar to Deadwood: where neighbouring holds are sometimes mentioned, but rarely visited on screen.

Has anyone played in an AW game that's more spanning? I'm toying around with a SciFi hack where the Galaxy is at stake, and I'd like some opinions about how you can take something as spanning and huge as a galaxy and condense it into something that can fit comfortably in the player's mental space without making it seem small?
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