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Seconds into watching the new Destroyer video, I thought to myself "Wow, this is a lot like C'etait un Rendezvous". Then it got to the end and made the comparison all the more explicit.

For reference: C_était un Rendez-vous.flv
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Out of all Merge artists, I would've expected this a lot more for Superchunks' Precision Auto.
Ran through so many red lights. :)
Hm. Maybe I should give this guy's shit another shot then. I heard a few albums from a few years ago and was really UGH. Then again, my anti-hipsterdom was at its height then as well.
My favorite albums are Rubies, Kaputt (the one that video is from), and Streethawk: A Seduction. All those are good starting points.
Oh, Rubies was one of the ones I got from Emusic. I didn't get into it. It seemed too messy and haphazard for me. I couldn't find an edge to rest my weight on.
+Micah Stupak -- Check out Kaputt. To me, anyway, it seems like a much stronger and more coherent album than Rubies. I had mixed feelings about most of the Destroyer that I heard before, but I really like it.
Thanks for the tip, Matt. I'll check it out.
Yeah, he kind of shifts sounds every now and then. Kaputt is very much in the style of lates 70s/early 80s "saxophone rock". Earlier albums like This Night and Streethawk were more direct David Bowie homages, at least musically if not thematically.
"Saxophone rock", eh? Hm. Now I have fears.
No, I hate saxophones and I love this record! The sax is my least favorite instrument in rock music. Why yes, I do prefer the flute and double neck guitar to the sax.
If you like the song in this video, that's a good sign, as the entire album falls along similar (but not too similar!) lines. I'd recommend checking it out on Spotify since you can listen to it for free there. (If anyone needs a Spotify invite, hit me up, I still have a few left.)
I cannot even tell you how much I love this album. It's like the second coming of Double!
I can't make heads or tails of this album. It's both less and more than the sum of its parts. His retro references have become too loaded over the past few years that I can't get past the second set of baggage those references now carry, and, what's more, he's not even re-re-doing them well. A mix of yacht rock + chillwave + New Order + lo-fi is just not an appealing combination.

His reach exceeds his grasp, which, now that I think about it, encapsulates the issues I had with his other stuff that I've heard. He has an ear for melody, don't get me wrong, but get this boy a real producer who's unafraid to pigeonhole him and he could put out a truly fine album.

Also, he sounds a lot like Al Stewart, and I never want music to remind me of "Year of the Cat".
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