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So little time, so many cool things to fool around with.
So little time, so many cool things to fool around with.
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Markdown Here peeps: Time to vote for a new logo!

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Today I got this comment from a blind Markdown Here user, which makes me super happy:

"Markdown is definitely helpful to visually impaired people.’s the best way to have full control on our text formatting."

Related: I released a new version of MDH last night with better screen-reader compatibility.

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Markdown Here PSA: MDH seems to work very well in Google's new "Inbox by Gmail". So that's cool. 

Only two minor caveats (that I've found so far): 
1) The MDH toolbar button doesn't enable when focus is in the quick-reply box. But the hotkey and context menu work fine.
2) The "did you forget to render before sending?" check doesn't work. 

Please let me know if you find any other shortcomings.

Markdown Here users: How many of you would be sad if I dropped +Postbox support?

It's becoming onerous to write code that supports it, and I don't have a good idea of how many Postbox+MDH users there are.

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I just pushed out a new version of Markdown Here to the Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera add-on stores. And the Safari S3 bucket. Phew!

This is just terrifying:
36 changed files with 3,515 additions and 1,007 deletions.

What's the rule of thumb for bugs per line of code changed? Ugh.

You can see the changes in this release here:

Or just open your options page.

As always, you can get MDH here:

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Running Google Coder On Your Existing Raspberry Pi Or Desktop PC

I wish I'd found this article before I went through the effort of setting up Google Coder on my existing Raspbian. (The article wasn't written yet, so I didn't stand a chance.)

It took a long time to for me to get it set up, and then... Erin accidentally but effectively locked me out of the OS by forgetting the password she set in Coder. Pay very close attention to the warning at the top of the instructions.

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Psiphon is now in the Play Store

And it is surely one of the most unusual launches ever.

A little over a year ago, we launched Psiphon for Android. Before we got listed in the the Google Play Store we yesterday we had about 350,000 unique weekly users... all of whom downloaded the APK directly and sideloaded it. And nearly all of those users are in Iran, China, and Syria.

Psiphon is a censorship circumvention tool -- we help people who have restricted internet access get to where they want to go. We were (and are) primarily focused on helping people in repressive countries which want to curtail their access to information. Most of those countries also block the Play Store (or, in the case of Iran until recently, the Play Store blocked the country), so it was less important for us to be in the Play Store than it was to make very sure that we're accessible by other means (i.e., direct download and email auto-responder).

But Psiphon isn't only effective at getting around country-level censorship. We can also help bypass blocking by corporations and campuses and, since there's an encrypted tunnel between your Android device and our servers, we provide additional layer of security when you're using public wi-fi.

So... we decided that it was time to put Psiphon in the Play Store and help people deal with some pretty annoying first-world problems.

Psiphon is free, so there's no barrier to trying it out. We're looking into sponsorship as a form of monetization, but we'll try to make sure it's never offensive.

You should probably install it now, so you have it the next time you're about to use coffeeshop wi-fi...

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Lifehacker [wrote a post][1] about Markdown Here today, which is super sweet. I've submitted "tips" about MDH to Lifehacker (and a couple of related sites) before, but they never turned into posts/articles. This post was prompted by a [One Thing Well post][2] about MDH. (OTW also [posted about MDH][3] a year ago, based on a tip I sent them. I love OTW.)

The extension store stats are slow to update, so I'm not yet sure what the numerical effects of the Lifehacker post will be. The Google Analytics real-time info is showing about 5 visitors per minute to the site, which is much higher than the usual ~100/day. I'll post the extension stats tomorrow-ish. ("-ish", because I'm moving house tomorrow.)

I've submitted the Lifehacker link to [Hacker News][4] and [Reddit/r/programming][5], but they don't look like they're getting much traction. Marketing is hard, you guys! (Especially when you're working full time and trying to pack up your whole house.)


A while ago I created a cheatsheet for [Markdown Here][1]. It became so popular as a general-purpose Markdown reference that I've had to fork it into [one specific to MDH][2] and [one for MD][3]. This was prompted by someone editing the wiki and adding relative links, which is reasonable for MD but not MDH.

I'm a bit shocked that there isn't/wasn't already a better/easier/more comprehensive reference.

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