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Something I'd always wondered about: Is it actually legal to wear headphones when you're driving?
You know you're supposed to go hands-free with your phone in the car, but did you know in some states it's illegal to wear headphones when you're driving?
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To avoid rescue personnel getting tangled in them? ;)
the question is ridiculous to answer cause we all no is not good, but if is really not good there should not be radio in a car then
No, it's not allowed in Europe.
The texts say that you should be able to take in your surroundings and that includes using your ears. (Yes, oddly it's allowed to run the car stereo on max.) You are allowed to telephone in the car but you must use a car-mounted wireless system, so no wired headset and no Bluetooth ear dongle either -- I guess the law would treat walkman headphones under the same clause.
I think in most of the US its illegal. I'm sure that +Torben Gundtofte-Bruun is right about Europe, but I see it all the time here in Sweden. It might seem silly with stereos pumped up but it is different. I think the cyclists with buds in seems crazy. 
Is it illegal in all the European countries?
in italy yes, but i suppose that it is the same for the other countries
Not totally sure it is in Greece... People are allowed to wear Bluetooth ear phones or headsets, but I don't think there is a law actually prohibiting the use of walkman headphones...
Not sure about the legal aspect of wearing headphones while driving a car, but me personally wouldn't do it even while riding a bike or jogging.

Recently a friend of mine attended the funeral of one of his best friends. The cause of death was related to his friend jogging while wearing his headphones and listening to music, he got hit by a car...

The way I look at it is that by having headphones on while we are being active (driving, riding a bike or jogging) we are impairing one of our vital natural senses to be alert at all times.
+Torben Gundtofte-Bruun I know. I just expressed my curiosity as to whether your comment was a general observation of the similar way in which European countries' laws regard using headphones while driving or a guideline provided by the EU.
Is it illegal to drive a car if you are hearing impaired/deaf?
I have a friend that got a ticket here in Orlando for that. He was wearing both though.
isn't hands free phone allowed though? what's the difference between that and a loud speaker?
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+Scott Barbich is right on the money with this. It's not illegal to drive if you're deaf, and time and time again it's been shown that your ears are useless in terms of spatial recognition. It should NOT be illegal to wear headphones. 
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