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Just a heads up: If you're using my Music Plus extension for Google Music, Google updated the service to a new "Google Play" url, which temporarily broke the extension. I pushed an update ASAP yesterday, so if you were having problems with it, all should be well now, and if necessary, you can reinstall here:
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Quick question, Adam: In order to listen to music using the extension, does Google Music (Play) always have to be open in its own browser window?
what's the latest version Adam? 0.2.2
+Nicholas Rumas Yes, unfortunately, it does. I don't believe it's possible to do it without having a tab open (though if anyone knows otherwise, I'm happy to update the extension accordingly).

+mark dearlove Yep.
+Adam Pash Thanks, yeah that's what I thought. I love the extension, but I'm still using a Cr-48, so I have to be rather extreme in conserving if the window has to be open anyway, I opt to disable the extension. Hopefully extension-only will be possible sometime soon.
Thanks for the quick update.. Love this extension
thanks, nice extension.

Any tips on easier ways to upload music to Google Music, especially if you're not at your regular desktop computer? I'm surprised there's still no way to push music files from your phone to Google Music, or to just drag-and-drop upload the way you can with Google Docs.

incidentally.... why does the extension need the permissions that it does?
I've disable it for now, will check again in future. But +Adam Pash , are you aware that it is almost impossible to click the little close 'x' on the promotional messages that pop up to the right? It's kinda obscured by your lyrics tab headers. Anyone else have this problem or is it just me?
I would love to .... but I'm in France...
I am in the UK but use Google Play Music with no issues. You just need to use a proxy/VPN/alternate DNS to sign up. Try they have a 1 week free trial that will give you time to sign up. Once signed up you can access and upload your music from anywhere.
Thanks for the fast turnaround. I can't live without your extension!
+Adam Pash 请问music plus for Google music是你写的吗?强烈建议加入中文歌词的支持,谢谢! 这是千千静听的歌词服务地址(中文歌词支持很好)
Plus, does the music for Google music you write? Is strongly recommended to join the Chinese lyrics support, thank you! ~ cddb / cddb.cgi This is the lyrics TTPlayer address (Chinese lyrics support good)
Thanks for music plus! I love this chrome extension. I would love to see it on android!! Actually a whole new alternative for the google music app would be great, I really do love google music but I am not too crazy about the google music android app at all. This really does make a difference when using google music with chrome on my computer. Thanks again!
Hey +Adam Pash I just found your extension. Thanks! 

One feature I would love to add if you are planning any future developement would be to have the ability to add tracks to playlists. Don't know if you can do that, but it would be great. A shuffle button would be cool too!

Thanks again! 
Ah, that might explain why there is a "Lyrics" heading when I go to (see my stream for screendump image)

Or that might be another bug, but from your extension.
John R
Hey Adam, Great extension.  I think I am missing something.  I re installed  the lyric app and there is still nothing in the Google play music page.  Can you or someone help me on this.  Not sure what I am doing wrong??????
I can't download it, it shows an item not found...
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