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No, rooting your device does not void your warranty.  The manufacturer must prove that you did something to void your warranty.   See this video at 3:50 for exact details.

Your Warranty is Not Void
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Someone tell Toshiba to unlock bootloaders!!!
So how exactly do the manufactures go about investigating permanent physical damage to the device? Do they all have forensic labs on hand with SEMs or something? This isn't a rhetorical question. I honestly want to know, especially given your hardware hacking expertise, +Adam Outler.
+Karlo Vranješ If a fresh system was installed they cannot prove your device is / was rooted. But bootloader unlock can be proved even with a fresh system. Tho I dont know about SIMunlock.
Okay, I'm gonna speculate out loud here. My theory is that the OEMs have a standardized test/probe rig for each of their models that can rapidly isolate individual subsystems and run diagnostics on them. I know that's what happens in the CPU/GPU industry during Q/C. They probably have something similar for post-mortem analysis. For something as simple as water damage, they've got those color-changing moisture "sensor" stickers covering various critical components. Anything more complicated than that takes (more) time and money to investigate.
Brian El
Adam is absolutely correct. I'm a witness. I went on vacation to the Bahamas where my phone failed to charge because of the humidity and temperature change from inside the cruise ship to outside (several trips). I tried everything leaving it inside, taking the battery out. Nothing worked. I contacted Verizon and told them about my delema. They told me if I had a custom rom on my device [CM :-)] that my warranty was void and that they would charge me full price for another phone. I got a supervisor on the line and told her word for word what Adam said about the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act. They honored the warranty and I got another phone for free. They tell us the warranty is void to trick people who don't know the law. After the conversation was over about my device she even said she was going to tell her husband because he had a similar problem :-) thanks +Adam Outler without that knowledge I would have had to pay $500 for a new device. Thanks alot! 
Got an ASUS tablet last month and rooted it 2 hours after I got it. However, to install custom ROMs you need to unlock the bootloader, but if you do, ASUS says they will not cover it under the warranty. Does Magnusson-Moss cover bootloader unlocking as well?
+Stuart Luppescu  If they try to say they won't honor dead pixels because you have Cyanogenmod, I'd take them to court.   If there is something specified which you cannot do in your contract then they win. 
+Omar Bizreh well you are wrong mate.VipNET in Croatia is only who can sell Nexus 4 BUT when you open Settings>About Phone you can see software has been modified for carrier so if i put Google version they will see its not same(Bye,bye warranty).
Even VipNET didnt updated their N4 software Its still on 4.2.1

I mean then heck this is Nexus you cant do that well you see bitches overhere do everything they can to lock us down.

I visited HT-Tmobile week ago.My friend where buying HTC One.
While i was waiting i checked their S4 i opened Setting>Storage its even more bloated then any S4 in the world.
6,8 GB usable of 16GB

I sent my s3 in for warranty repair it was running a custom rom and they fixed it no questions asked. 
So, in effect, warranty is only related to the hardware aspect of the phone and not software?
Had a N7 cracked the screen was running AOKP and got the screen replaced for free. But that was an insurance claim. Not the same thing, but I think it depends on the person... sales Rep what ever you want to call them.
+Aamir Siddiqui Generally speaking that's true.  however, if there is a rash of people overclocking or something software relatedand they have identified a cause, it would be prudent for the manufacturer to hook up JTAG to find out if it is running a custom kernel and if that custom kernel is capable of destroying the device in a manner that pertains to the damage. 
I have an issue now where screen stopped functioning & power button stopped working. It's completely hardware related, but my phone is stuck in TWRP Recovery and I can't even get out of it unless my phone battery dies, which I have no way of speed discharging since I can't run anything.
Does this apply to the UK as well? I'm thinking of rooting my gs3 but don't want to void warranty or damage my device :D
I have seen about a billion arguments about this topic, where both parties vehemently shout "[yes | no], rooting [does | does not] void warranty!"  But not a single person on either side ever attempts to find out what the actual terms of the actual device are.  Shouldn't that be pretty easy, and wouldn't that make finding the truth easier?  For example, Samsung Galaxy S4 warranty:
All legal documents are open to interpretation, but from the way I read that, unless it can be shown that you actively damaged the phone (which root access alone does not do), then you have a valid warranty.
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