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*Actual iPhone 5 benchmarks *

CNET posted a bogus report on benchmarks. I had problems believing that a dual core from apple would be faster than every Android device so I decided to go to the source. Turns out the Galaxy S3 and the Nexus7 both score higher benchmarks than the iPhone 5.

You can see here for yourself. IPhone scores 1590, Galaxy S3 scores 1766. These are the benchmarks mentioned in the article below.
Android benchmarks:
iPhone benchmarks:

CNET's blatantly misreported benchmark review :
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That's it. Cnet is no more for me. There was way too much about apple anyway.
Not to mention the upcoming true A15 core devices coming. That's what I'm holding out for :)
Yeah, I posted on similar news today regarding iPhone 5 Geekbench scores. It scores well under the S-III and in fact barely bests my GNex.
In fact if you look at the breakdown of the Geekbench scores, you can see that it's not CPU power that boosts the iPhone 5's scores, but memory performance. Not that boosting RAM access speeds isn't a smart, inexpensive way to boost overall system performance and benchmark scores, but it also reveals that the A6 probably isn't anything special design wise.
The problem is that every competitor can use the same trick to quickly blow past the iPhone 5's performance and it can be done cheap and easy with minimal engineering and retooling.
I can imagine a Galaxy Nexus GT taking only a couple of weeks to engineer by simply adding faster RAM and the changes needed to use it at full speed. Add a boost to 1.5 GHz and bye bye iPhone 5. And that's just the GNex. Now imagine doing the same with an S-III or One-X.
add that geekbench is one of the few benchmarks that isn't open sourced
Ever since these benchmarks were first posted I have "rioted" against them on several sites. On English sites only Slashdot though. 

It seems the S3 scores come from an auto-generated "averages" list (sorry I don't have the link handy) that doesn't include the overclocked benches (good) but does include all the benches run on two or three cores instead of four (bad), dragging down the S3's score significantly.

It seems this is a rather crappy benchmark if it can't even keep all S3 cores alive, and I've seen quite a few comments (with extensive reasoning and comparisons between devices) suggesting that some of the tests performed actually only run in a single thread (== win for a next generation dualcore vs old generation quadcore)

Not to mention that the memory benchmark result is high beyond expectation. I've seen some techies claim that this may well be a shoddy test combined with the A6's handsome amount of cache. But I'm not an expert on that subject...

Don't just blame CNET for this though, many sites have posted these shady benchmark results... In the end, no, the iPhone5 isn't faster than an S3. At least, that's certainly not what these benchmarks say if you look at them... Real world may be a different story!
Apple and their lies...using the media again...
I absolutely love my S3, and I am not a fan of Apple in the least, but I have to disagree.

If you look at AnandTech's performance preview for the iPhone 5, it beats out every Android device they tested in multiple benchmarks, including Sunspider, Google's V8, Google's Octane, BrowserMark, and whatever this Geekbench 2 is that everyone is arguing about.

Obviously Apple is doing something right, and I have no idea how, since as far as I know they have virtually no experience with processor architecture and design.
I think glxgears is a good comparison for both handsets. :P
Number of cores is besides the point. What matters is the architecture. Apple has taken the ARM blueprints apart and improved on them. I've got the quad core SGS3 myself, but I can still appreciate Apple's effort.
Esa Edvik
+Jonathan Franklin There will always be an "upcoming" new architecture for people to wait for. ATM I'd rather see JB on all devices than more powerful hardware. The "number wars" have blown to insane proportions. Manufacturers will go to absurd lengths to promote so minute changes (like 40Mpix cameras, gigahertz this, fake slow 4G etc.) instead of really innovating.
Phone speeds are fine already, most won't even play the latest 3D games that require all that processing power, yet they still have to have a new device.
+Jesse Moyer Nobody is saying the iPhone5 isn't faster in real world performance or other benchmarks compared to the S3. What is disputed is the scores posted in the tech article by CNET (and a lot of other outlets have the same article with the exact same scores), which are plain wrong, which makes it a bogus report. Those scores posted aren't representative for the S3, and thus the conclusion that the iPhone5 is faster is BS when based on those numbers. Add to that that there is some indication that Geekbench results are skewed.

None of those things mean the iPhone5 is slower than the S3.... If A implies B, and A turns out to be false, that says absolutely nothing about B. B could still be either true or false, it just can't be based on A.

+Esa Edvik Not sure if you are referring to my comment about not all cores being used by the benchmark, but if you are, it certainly is relevant. If a benchmark can't reach 100% utilization, the result is bogus. As for Apple improving the architecture, keep in mind the S3 is quadcore based on an older generation design, a dualcore of the newer ARM generation is supposed to be just as speedy. Is the A6 significantly faster than other ARMs from the A15 generation ?
Might be fair to look at the benchmark tests themselves, but I'm not surprised.
+Esa Edvik for sure there is always an upcoming one. But the cycle generally rotates around every few years. What you see now are a bunch of tweeners (A6 and krait).

Its more to do with i have a galaxy nexus and while these new phones are impressive, i dont have that much of a reason to step up yet. But the exynos 5250 and omap5 are very promising. Mostly it isnt just the architecture as much as it is that hardware oems are finally getting very serious about gpus where they used to take a conservative approach
+Jorrit Jongma the A6 is fast but i definitely wouldnt say it is as fast as a true A15 processor. It is very similar to Krait there in that it does have most of the enhancements performance wise but they lean more toward power efficiency on both designs compared to A15, core to core. Where A15 will find power efficiency is using the big.little architecture which utilizes A15 in addition to A7 companion core(s).
Apple has a long history of both paid astroturfing and buying bloggers and reviews. Hardly surprising here. Very likely Apple paid for cnet's review.
+Jonathan Franklin They have to take the conservative approach because people will cry about battery life if they don't. They just can't rush into putting the fastest SoC's into phones the size of Galaxy Nexus.
Heard the same about tablets, and i'll sure tell ya, my quad core samsung note runs rings around the ipad without a doubt...
Wait ...... The two benchmarks posted are in two diff places. The first one looks like they are just comparing all Android products against each other and the second one is comparing all #apple products against each other. How do the two sheets get compared with each other?

If I compare an airplane with the fastest fish in the water and say air plane goes faster: is that a fair comment since I'm ignorant about the water resistance?

I think there needs to be a comparison on the same against the same. While I'm not say #CNet reported right or wrong, but if they reported two device on the same plane, that's at least the right way to go. Maybe on a second comparison Android phones will outshine #iPhone, but the comparison scores can't be in two diff places.

From the sites it stands out to me that GS3 beats Nexus 7 but that score doesn't mean anything unless iPone is also on the same page compared. 
I heard a lot if the s3 scores have trended up in the last week due to people overclocking. What are the original scores from may?
Why does people get upset for showing what has been always the truths? Anyway is their money and can do whatever they want with it. #iphone5fail
+Andrei C Zamfir Somewhat, yes - it depends on what you expect.

I have run Geekbench on my fully stock clean factory reset SGS3 (international) about 20 times now, and it scores around 1800 on average. Not once has my score been nearly as low as PCMag claims. It has beat the iPhone5 score every single run - mostly on the INT and FP tests. Others are reporting the same thing, so PCMag's SGS3 results are fishy to say the least - this could well be related to the specific SGS3 model they use.

Now, before anybody goes shouting about JB vs ICS, if Geekbench is a proper benchmark, that shouldn't actually matter significantly, at least not on the INT and FP tests (that show a large difference between my own and PCMag numbers). Assuming most of the processing power of the device is actually taken by those tests (as should be the case) the INT and FP tests could only be different if they were implemented in Java instead of native code, in which case Geekbench on iPhone vs Geekbench on Android is comparing apples with oranges - the numbers simply cannot be compared reliably, as you're not testing the same thing. So it's either that (and Geekbench is useless cross-platform) OR ICS/JB doesn't make a difference.

Not to mention, Geekbench runs such an array of tests in such a short time (mere seconds total) it's never going to be very reliable - the shorter the test, the bigger the error - especially with background activity "noise". That's why real benchmarks take a while to run.

Browsermark, haven't tried. Sunspider, I get 1300 on Sunspider - cleanly halfway between iPhone5's and PCMag's SGS3 score. 
Both Browsermark and Sunspider don't really test a phone's speed though, they test how fast your browser implementation is combined with your hardware.

That doesn't mean Browsermark and Sunspider results aren't valid, but they only indicate max "browser performance". It says absolutely zilch about the performance of apps running natively on the device.

Contrary to the other results, GLBenchmark is a pretty reliable benchmark. The iPhone5's GPU appears to be a clear win over the SGS3 model used by PCMag.
+Todd Vierling If you look at what's more likely, the more likely answer is not an honest brain fart. If Apple didn't have such a history, I would agree with you. Given their history, its unlikely to not have been a bought review.
+Daniel Shakhmundes I'm sure if you dig deep enough you'll see google lies too. Bottom line, everyone lies when doing business. No is a saint. Lets hope you never lied to anyone ;) 
Android FTW! Hate apple, their devices have screwed me over too many times. I had the first Android phone, the G1 and haven't looked back. Rocking the new Atrix HD. Amazing phone and the most beautiful screen I've ever laid my eyes on. Only 10dpi less than the Retina screen!
I used to read CNET until it became obvious that all of their writing is matched to their advertising. Grocery store shoppers have more credibility.
Ron F
Not surprised, Apple may have iPaid these sites to publish misleading information...."it doesnt take a genius"
Wow. I always thought that Cnet was reputable aside from being a tiny bit iPhone favoring. 
Ive never taken Cnets tech news seriously to begin with. This isn't surprising
Yeah but the iPhone still seems to run faster than the s3. The apple software is cleaner, wish android could get it right.
Just switched back IOS
Why do we care? Don't buy the stupid phone.
Always remember: statistics don't lie, people lie with statistics. Swyped this on my GS3.
There are little
 people in all iphones. Mitt Romney put them there.
Wouldn't it rock if we could swap out ram in our phones, just like in our computers?
Trying to start up a pod does anyone have any advice?
I have no idea that cnet reviews were still considered as real at least by few, after I experienced their useless stuff vs my various personal observations.
+Crawford Peitso I'm sticking with an iPhone for the same reason. No matter how Apple specs their processor, it's always been faster than Android phones. Apple optimizes and makes their software so that it runs perfectly with their processors. It's incredible how Android is still slightly laggy and doesn't respond as fast as the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5. 
+Angello Obel Its their job to know the two phones have different CPUs and chipsets. But opps, they accidentally picked the older, slower model, to which they compare. With so much riding on Apple's inferior product release, its extremely unlikely to be anything other than fraud. Doubly so since Apple is well established at paying for exactly this.

Bluntly, its unreasonable to assume this was anything other than intentionally fraudulent, with a hint of plausible deniability.

+Jayden Robins sure, it's easy to seem fast if you don't actually have to multitask.
Plus you obviously haven't used a Jellybean device. You fanboys are going to have to come up with some new lines now that JB has removed the "just feels more responsive" argument.
How to Be a Denialist - POSTED BY MIKA | 1 JUN 2010 — PERMALINK

Epidemiologist Martin McKee has identified the following six tactics that denialist movements use.

Allege that there's a conspiracy. Claim that scientific consensus has arisen through collusion rather than the accumulation of evidence.

Use fake experts to support your story. "Denial always starts with a cadre of pseudo-experts with some credentials that create a facade of credibility," says Seth Kalichman of the University of Connecticut.

Cherry-pick the evidence: trumpet whatever appears to support your case and ignore or rubbish the rest. Carry on trotting out supportive evidence even after it has been discredited.

Create impossible standards for your opponents. Claim that the existing evidence is not good enough and demand more. If your opponent comes up with evidence you have demanded, move the goalposts.

Use logical fallacies. Hitler opposed smoking, so anti-smoking measures are Nazi. Deliberately misrepresent the scientific consensus and then knock down your straw man.

Manufacture doubt. Falsely portray scientists as so divided that basing policy on their advice would be premature. Insist "both sides" must be heard and cry censorship when "dissenting" arguments or experts are rejected.
This shouldn't surprise anyone. CNET has always been biased with the iPhone.
Just a buzz! Oh CNET how pity
Benchmarks mean nothing real world performance is what matters
Apple's has only 2 cores at only 1 GHz and in tests is more or less equal to 4 cores at higher freq of android devices. This is how you should put the problem.
greatest apple if you to be lost use iphone 5 maps....
I tell the deniers this: If Scientists are correct, and global warming is happening, and we do nothing about it, the worst that could happen is extinction. Because extinction is the worst thing that could possibly happen, we must take action, it's too risky to do nothing.
are you a good friend or not . if yes say why
The benchmarks do support the speed pickup versus iPhone 4S, which is all apple ever spoke to. 
Come on people, benchmarks will only tell you so much. real world performance and responsiveness is really what you should care about
And yet still, the iPhones are still better, more reliable, and never, ever get viruses.... Not to mention apple doesnt seem to be getting sued for taking other peoples ideas and technology. Just face it, apple is the undisputed (and now court proven) leader and innovator in the industry. Everyone else is just a sad copy cat..
+Christopher Gaul I've used a Samsung Galaxy S III with Jelly Bean downloaded and it wasn't faster than the iPhone 5. It wasn't an official build which may have some affect but still... the iPhone 5 is faster, offers a much better ecosystem, better quality apps, better battery life on 4G, much better quality hardware (who would want a piece of crap plastic SGSIII?) and the screen has more PPI. The Samsung Galaxy S III has a much dimmer display and it doesn't have the latest version of Android (officially). Android is still fragmented and laggy. I do see some pros in the Android operating system and I'm not an iSheep. I'm just not willing to tolerate a phone that isn't as responsive as the iPhone that I currently have. 15% of all iOS users had iOS 6 in 24 hours! Android couldn't do that if it's life depended on it. iOS is getting stale but it works well and it's faster than Android. 
It's true that these "Google phones" have more horse power, options, etc...but I ask my kids what they rather use and it apple all the way. My point is this, Android phones are better than the iPhone in many ways, but hype and intuitiveness will beat any super phone that is powered by android. 
+Dominick Romano has to ask kids what they would rather use because he is to stupid to figure it out himself
its because iphones are designed for people who have little to no experience with computers... and old people.    anyone who is into computers look at them as kids toys. 
+Jayden Robins Apple optimizes Android so that it runs smoother on iOS? wow when did that get released?
I've noticed in the last few days how CNET has been posting all sorts of articles about the iphony5 that just can't be trusted. Hell, they even had good things to say about imops. Really, CNET?
wait wait - apple optimises android so that it runs smoother on ios?  ?!?!?!?!  the fuck are you smoking??

IOS is just a variant of freebsd UNIX that apple bought and made their own...  android is a variant of linux - and linux is  free variant of UNIX.

Also why would Ios be running android?
I went to at&t and did a browser speed test against iphone 5 and my at&t galaxy s3. The s3 was loading web pages faster than iPhone 5 majority of the time. Sometimes very noticeably. I wasn't very impressed by it. Nice phone though.
Microsoft in the 90s and 2000s cashed in on old people and children by creating an operating system that was dumbed down for everyone with very little options so you couldn't mess things up too badly. 
Apple optimizes their software (iOS) and makes it run well with their processors. When you are optimizing your software to run with just one type of processor it will run better. Because there is such a variety of Android phones (different manufacturers, processors, parts, etc.) they can't optimize it to work with just one processor so iOS will always have an edge in that department. 
The proof is in the numbers.. nice work! Thanks.
Yawn lol i wish people would stop whining about the iPhone if you don't like it dont buy it and move on already jesus fucking Crapple and Hemroid Trolls
Windows 7 Starter =  cannot even change the default wallpaper and 3/4 of options are missing including multiple networks.  It was introduced on kids computers and things like Netbooks which would be primarily used by kids.  There are no major options to change that way you cant break it beyond the point of repair.

Linux began to become popular in the early 2000s -  it managed memory better it was faster - there was no virus' etc but windows was still more popular because "it just worked and my kids could use it" 

Windows is now sold in tiers -  starter, home, office professional ... each one has more options than the other. This is what the rest of the industry calls "dumbing it down".

Grandma can't break the computer if the computer only does half a dozen things. 
I say again..benchmarks smellmarks..who cares 1 device outperforms the other by a minute difference..I'll take Android over crapple any day
I´ve always thought +CNET was biased, specially some of it´s reporters.
Just for arguments sake, I have a Nokia....
+Daniel Junior everyone is biased, no one can honestly say they are not biased in anything there is always slight bias towards any make or model of any product. The only non biased article you will ever read is a blank article
well number 1 .. the apple came out what 6 months after the s3??   when computers are outdated 3 months after being bought its no surprise they currently have a faster processing unit - but thats only temporary. 

number 2 - maybe you should learn how to set up a computer for your kids if they keep breaking it - just sayin'
Well +James Lewis a professional reporter shouldnt be biased, a news paper shouldnt be biased, a scientific paper shouldnt be biased AND a news site shouldt be biased.
+Marco van Lienen , I see now that they are not. That's just one source that I like a lot of other people liked to read reviews
i wasn't literal when i said destroy it - i meant deleting system files or blowing up monitors (which you can do in linux)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems the benchmark for S3 and Nexus 7 was a bit different a week ago (With Nexus 7 bypassed S3). How'd that happened differently now?
Pretty sad all you fandroids...
Why do you care soooooo much about the iPhone? 
It's just a phone, really. I like my Android, and iOS frustrates me to no end. It's hard to deny that the iPhone is well designed and manufactured.
As far as internet 'news' like CNET goes, trust, but verify.
Jesus christ isheep. Don't you under stand that Apple pays media outlets to display information they provide inorder to market their shitty device. Microsoft, Google they all do it.
My CM9 (stock no adjustments) GNote scored an 1166. I guess I need to run to the Apple Store. I'll dump a CM10 rom on it just just to see.

I want to see the Goo phone I5 results. I'm thinking of buying one just to piss off a view fan boys. For entertainment value its almost worth it.
Can someone gave me an info. Regarding IBM WATSON intelligence Data.....
I suspected the same. CNET sucks apples weener.
Its preety good done by you.I think it happened because galaxy is rating with medium price mobiles and iphone are given only for very high price.It may be the reason behind this.
But I can see this really hurting iPhone sales.... An obvious Fandroid 
posts something in favour of the SIII against the iPhone, countering an established tech mag.

Don't get me wrong, this will go through the fandroid community like wildfire. But outside of that no-one will even feel the faintest stir of
I feel awesome for getting an S3 now. 
Two things about anandtech scores. Since when did browser benchmark scores become tests for overall performance. Might that have something to do with the JavaScript engine? You cant knock Geekbench for running on two different platforms and then add two different browsers into the mix unless this was all done on Chrome.

There's also the issue of the HTC One V beating the HTC One X? Isn't that odd?
This is nothing to do with the speed of the iPhone five but I just wanted to say that it's funny that Apple is propagating their reasons for a taller but not wider phone so consumers can comfortably use it with one hand. I have a galaxy nexus and I use the Swype key board and I can easily use it with one hand and it has a much bigger screen
Opinion scams on online media, most reviews are somewhat biased. Where is unbiased scientific review without writer's opinion?
+Christopher Gaul it would be nice to see jelly bean if was actually on any phones! 1.5% pickup after 2 months of release! It's not even on your flagship s3 phone yet. That's something that really needs to get sorted with android 
Migs B
Apple even gets cnet to lie for them saying their lil fone is faster than our androids lmao desperation or what man..
Vin R
Who cares about android
And you blatantly misreported that cnet blatabtly misreported. The article you linked doesnt mention a single android phone. They compared it to the old iphone.
iphone 5 give us a headache , when will it be true story in the markets .
iPhone jzt came out how could u say dat....don't b don't not every data collected and shared can b d truth!!!!!
Massive share ppl, lets go...
+Nathan Vincent lol man... I hate the iphone myself but this shit is out of control. These idiots start bashing anything with an "I" in it without stopping to think. Iphone haters are turning into sheep themselves... READ THE DAMN ARTICLE BEFORE YOU COMMENT!
Apple paid for this. How can we trust these tech people. Shame on you.
for those clowns who cant read, The A6's score also puts it ahead of Android device benchmarks. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S III with a Samsung Exynos 4412 quad-core chip rated at 1.4GHz posted a score of 1,588 compared to the A6's 1,601. they clearly talk about android devices in their post.
Really, this war between Apple and Android is senseless, both phones target different markets, audiences. Android is basically for people who want more control over their devices, the creators, inventors, the exclusive. Apple is for people who don't really want so much control but still wanna look cool with a classy device.
We cannot deny that Apple is a great phone, and so are Samsung and Nexus.
The unfortunate thing for android is that Apple started getting things right way before Android came into the scene, they had the first move advantage and they also got their marketing right, which results to the fanatic following of fans globally, and isn't that how the success of any product is measured?
Most People who buy apple don't really know much about what goes into creating it, let alone what it can do for them. Apple is a movement that has been set into motion years ago, so most people just want to get on that train and belong to it.

What Samsung should be doing is looking for how to make the greatness of their device known, they should be looking at winning over the fans of Apple before they can score major market share. But their approach of taking pot shots at apples campaign is wrong and will only backfire. For loyalty is much more deeper than advertising, their approach can only make apple fans more convinced about their choice of phone. Why has religion kept growing even after years of persecution and oppression?
They begin to see it as something they have to fight for, and thus it becomes more than just a phone, it becomes a cause.

Maybe Samsung has major shares in Apple, cos really, that would be the only explanation as to why they would embark on a stupid campaign that would do more good to Apple and more harm to Samsung.
Apple after Steve ... what else did we expect
Ben H
Just bench tested my s 3 and got a score of 10964 not that grate
+Adam Outler Funny that you say that.
And isnt that how the world works? Generally? I mean, why would millions keep up with the Kardasians.... And use a pretty cool phone while doing it too...

Its just business. Samsung is a better functioning phone, but Apple is the better selling phone
Ha Android is still better
andriod is great .but it seems like iPhone5 is much more smooth far as i know .especially when you are opening an app .
The iphone 5 sux i checked it out today from a friend of mine and he was so psyched about the new features and boy was he so dissappointed when he saw that nothing really changed and that my razor maxx still was better and way faster my I add . Money down the drain and to add insult to injury the commercial about the galaxy S 3 came on LOL he got burned. Because he waited on line for that stupid phone
The iphone died when steve jobs died no pun intended
Who cares! So your phone is 0.2 seconds faster than mine..congratulations...
Nerdrage strikes back! Now go debunk Anandtech, they have new numbers up today.
I was losing sleep over this too. I'm glad this is all cleared up. I'm going to take a nap now. 
CNET is full of crap
+khalid Stevens it matters because when a reputable site says one device scores higher than another on a bench test, their reputation is usually unquestioned.
I was skeptical about the CNET articles. They have never been critical of iPhone in all the years of my owning one.
Sometimes I get this strange thought that google plus has been turned into a propaganda machine against Apple, Facebook and not to mention "Mitt Romney".. Curse you google..
+Nathan Vincent I don't event understand why is it such a surprise? Go to Apple site and watch keynotes. Apple without shame, just lies bluntly saying iPhone is World's Thinnest Smartphone. 7.6mm. On tv, no shame whatsoever. While droid razr is 7.1mm, and it's not a new phone. You think few biased blogs won't post lies which are far harder to verify than phone thickness? Seriously? That gullible?
CNET , gizmado, theverge, mashable are biggest apple whores. They report every crap related to apple as magical as isheep believes.
+Nikolai Chkhenkeli read the paragraph where they mention Android Benchmarks and the iPhone score. Its near the end. Did you finish the article?
+Seba Piotr there is a Chinese phone which is 5.x mm. Its way thinner than the RAZR
I've always hated Cnet. They're the tech news equivalent of FOX News
+Dilip Gowda ever been to Apple forum, cult of Mac, and the like? It's like here, but pro Apple. Given Google is the daddy of Android, and we all get g+ as part of the whole Google ecosystem, it's only natural to be prominently made of Android users. It's really not that complicated to figure it out.
So why don't these tech site do a benchmark with LG Optimus G & its 1.5Ghz Snapdragon S4 Pro Quad core cpu with Andreno 320 GPU how would that fair with the iPhone 5 ? What I really want is Samsung Exynos 5250 A-15 Dual core with Mali-T 604 GPU!!!
How sad. And I used to really like CNET too :-\
+Adam Outler I live in this region, seen even better iPhone replica than the original. I'm not surprised :-) Someone could argue that's not a real brand, real phone, or not a smartphone. Pulling technicalities out of desperation. Droid Razr is good enough to keep it short :-)
I'm not condoning publishing incorrect information -- but I've never really cared about benchmarks. I just use a phone, and if it lags, I tell people about it. Benchmarks are too nit picky for my personal taste. *shrug*
Apple and many other sources have tried very hard to hide such benchmarks cuz if word got out that their advertised "latest and greatest" is the same as last year's might put them higher up on the wall of shame.
+Ashley Esqueda has her head on straight, you may have the fastest CPU and GPU, but if it causes my favorite game to lag, am I going to be pissed
There are no shortages of iPhone fanboys at CNET, but this is a little ridiculous.
You're not buying hardware for now anyway. Developers have to cater to the lowest common denominator if they want a wide reach. You're buying hardware so your phone isn't a slow turd at the ~ 2 year mark which is average for american subsidized contracts
Really never care for CNET at all people.
Putting this argument aside, C/Net is the only site 'wowed' by the iPhone 5 maps over the Google maps :-) Need I say more?
yup my sgs3 is the best phone yet another day
Funny thing about Apple that they don't care enough to make a whole article whining about how Android is worse. You people care a little too much about these devices. 
The difference is that the apple blogs and sites don't ever mention anything to do with Android. They just get on with it. It's only the on here where Pro Android people go out of the way to complain about the iPhone.
Why is everybody so keen to bash apple?
Is it because of the patent lawsuit?
If that is the case then why isn't everybody bashing Microsoft since they just one their third lawsuit in a row against Motorola and prevented any of their Android products from being sold in Germany and forcing Google to actually write changes into the OS, what is the real reason for android users to hate Apple?
Cnet is going down the same road as Lifehacker.
I didn't even knew the iphone 5 was out..? But that's because I don't care for apple.. And their own beautiful, but cheap products...
Having played around with both recently, the iPhone 5 hardware wins this round. Maybe I just don't like the S3 display screen door effect.

Curious to see the new iPod Touch now. Apple is right about the screen.
IOS 6 is a joke.... Clean fast software my ass.. Broken maps, bluetooth still no file transfer and broken for a lot of devices, no youtube, still no mp3 flac divx or xvid support, no widgets... Boring OS. And I laugh at the panorama feature that Android has for years now... Ex iPhone user
+Richard Pickup thank you! It's like hating someone because they choose to like oranges over apples. To each their own. 
Whats Apple been feeding CNET? You know, that co. has just not been the same place since Steveo left
Dude CNET is wrong but PC MAG did a benchmark test and overall the iPhone beats every android phone but in certain situations the S3 would come out on top like twice and that was in a specific test.
News flash: Apple sues Samsung and Sony for stealing. Stealing is an Apple-patented innovation and only Apple is allowed to do it. Apple wants 5 billion USD from each company.
WTF... I read the article twice on my phone and didn't see the android part.  I apologize and retract my statements in shame :)
Cnet always favours Apple, with everything! When I seen they rated the classic iPod above every Cowon player I stopped reading any Cnet reviews! Totally biased
But in the end of the day do you really want a nasty looking plastic phone the size of your head?
Talk about the build quality if the iPhone?? My Atrix HD is surrounded in kevlar and is coated in water repellent with gorilla glass.... Don't even need a case because it's built so well. Tell me the same about an iPhone. I've seen the spiderweb effect on so many iPhone screens......
I'll believe you over CNET.... BWWWAAAAHHHAAHAHAHA!
Just a little better than my One S. I thought the iPhone 5 had quad core.
Sigh...dumb people are like a slinky. They are only good for pushing them down the stairs. Anyway...all I was saying is that benchmarks mean nothing. Hype and intuitiveness is what really matters. Like the other comment that says iPhones are for non computer people. Well guess what, there are a hell of a lot more of non techies out there than techies. Do the math. 
What are these Geekmark benchmarks measuring?  We don't know because it is not open source.  The Geekmark benchmark is a meaningless random number.  If you want benchmarks, use one of the many open source suites.  Don't use a mystery number.
Its great that Apple has media willing to take a paid dive on order to make their shiny new toy appear faster than what the competition released a year ago....
If you are really going to point a finger at someone, PC Mag reported an even higher disparity when it declared iPhone 5 the fastest.

The problem is, because of what one might have running on the phone, benchmark conclusions can vary wildly (not to mention frauds, to which all benchmark tests are susceptible in greater or lesser degrees). When it comes down to it, I have more reason to trust news professionals than indie critics, especially ones who readily admit that they basically just don't want to believe the conclusion.

But anyway, like Apple, I don't put a whole lot of stock into naked technical specs.
I wonder when these bogus reporters and reviewers come out of Apple's dirty closet!?
Any idea what the new galaxy note 2 scored?
Of course... Cnet, who makes no money at all off Apple, lied about their benchmarks to give Apple a better score, and we should all believe that because some random nobody on the internet says so.

Yeah, I'll buy that for a dollar.
Anand tech and the verge will disagree they both say that the iPhone is faster Infact even flipboard says that it is faster. 4 people say the the i5 is faster and only one says that the s3 is faster whom would you believe?
+Don Judd its in black and white. I don't know how much clearer it could be.
This could be interesting. The iPhone just came out and its already behind months old Android phones, and it won't be refreshed for another year... I wonder what developers will think about this? Having to be limited so much, and with Android being the bigger and more powerful player that can make you more money then iOS (when they don't do crappy iOS ports and treat Android users as first class citizens

Maybe this will be the start of iOS being the third class citizen?
g+ is starting to get too full of android fanboys... not worth the time to scroll through the stupidity
I don't know.. maybe a RELIABLE source would be a lot more clear. You sir are not. Cnet is. I think that's pretty black and white.
+Christopher Gaul don't even talk about new arguments. Android users have been spewing the same crap since day 1. 
+Adam Outler Is the source available for geekmark?  I'd like to take a look at it in detail.  If we don't know exactly what is being measured, it is a meaningless result.
+Don Judd I went directly to the sources which CNET used for their article. You can too. Now stop running your mouth and click the links to do your own research to see who is right. If cnet said the moon was made of cheese and linked to NASA, would you take it for the truth? That's what they just did.
+Peter van der Linden it is not. However, the link shows inaccurate data reported by CNET. As though they linked to benchmarks and made up their own.
The US version of the S3 has dual core, not quad like this report has
+Adam Outler The thing is, the Geekbench site is updated every couple of hours. So it's likely that both versions are true - yours and Cnets.

How do I know? I checked the Geekbench results a couple of days ago, when the first iPhone 5 results leaked. Guess what? At that time, the Samsung S3 and the Nexus 7 both scored below 1600 points.

Now their scores are higher. So something must have affected the scores. Still, it's very likely that Cnet is able to jot down a couple of numbers from a website. They can't do anything about it if these numbers fluctuate that much.

A whole different question is how comparable the results across different platforms are. Even though they're labeled the same, I doubt that the scores from iOS can be compared with the ones from Android. 
you android people sure do make a big deal about nothing. the difference in the speeds translates to fractions of a fraction of a second in response times. get over it.

p.s. not everything is a freakin conspiracy to keep you all down.
furthermore, do you blog and post comments about the car company that makes the car you drive when they say "the best selling car on the road" or "the most fuel efficient car on the road" or "the most fun to drive"? or do you criticize JD Powers and associates for the bullshit they shovel about "best in initial quality" wtf does that even mean? this benchmark thing is ridiculous. 
CNET is obviously a bunch of Apple fan boys.
Whoa quite a battle going on here !
Control your phone , don't let the phone control you.
Just use what you like , don't make a big issue out of it .
Nexus 7 shouldn't have even been a comparison. It has a quad-core -_- but there's no reason for comparisons seeing as iPhones still don't TRULY multitask.
I wish CNet is more objective... they turned into iCNet
+Adam Outler OK so it was only a 1.2Ghz processor and OC'd to 1.8.  I still made 1300 on mine at 1.2Ghz lol.  Point being, theres not a great deal in it especially against a year old phone.  Considering Apple's tech is almost last years, then its a fair draw i'd say.
And here I thought the world was going to end, thank goodness phew!
Every major publication, both on and off line, will to some degree suffer from "greased palms".  Greed dictates.  It is up to the users to ascertain what is real and what is not real.  God job OP.
Just wait for the Optimus G benchmark numbers; and it's only the first of the next Android onslaught. The iphone 5 never really had a chance.
Why does anyone care about the IPhone 5 and all this? Buy the phone you want and stop caring about everyone else's phone. When a new Android comes out you don't see all this hate spewing. It's childish. 
I used to like cnet, but they are clearly getting money somewhere.
Every apple product is top. They also love off Xbox.
I will update that post now.  There was no intent to misreport.
yes i agree iphone is better so hows i phone5
+Peter Wicks +Timothy Mathew AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Lol are you serious. The iphone 5 has it's good specific points, but all around, android phones are better. They have better cameras, the OS is more fluid and customizable, tend to be a buttload faster, come in a billion awesome models (entry level models don't have to cost the earth, unlike an iphone), and can have alot more storage (The SIII can have a maximum amount of 128 GB, +Dropbox Storage, which is, 48GB on a purchase of one) Iphone is a puny 64GB... 
Who cares about bench scores anymore just enjoy your phone and stfu
I kind of figured that just by trying them side by side.
Samsung galaxy S2 score = 1076 and iPhone4 = score 380. What does the score mean btw? I have a few friends complaining S2 lag and change to iPhone4. It is undeniable that current S3 doesn't lag and have almost all features we have. But I can't believe the website indicate the S2 is triple score compared to iphone4. It doesn't make sense hmm. 
Does +Adam Outler 's profile pic worry anyone else?
Cos it freaks the shit out of me.... 
CNET is and always will be iPhone slanted. That's why I read nothing they have to say about android vs ios.
I concur with the Android benchmarks - I got 15 hundred and change with my stock Nexus 7.
My kind of post. Exposing truths about Apple. I know they are going to fall behind in innovation. Samsung is cutting more costs and they are innovating at a faster rate. Apple is very scared. Hence the lashing out with patents.
I am an android user and I love it. But I think android fan boys don't get it. Its about user experience. Just like cars. No point having the highest horse power if it is no fun to drive. Not everything is about specs or features.
Wow I was about to say that the iPhone 5 scored higher than all the android devices. I can't believe CNET would post bogus reports like that.
Stick a 3D projector inside and you got a deal
Wait you mean to tell me a media enterprises like CNET lied about bench marks? Omg the nerve of them, hmm I wonder how many other media lies we've been feed ..oh wait mom said "don't believe everything you read, ppl will lie to get your money son" omg Cnet and apple working together ..!!!! Lame ppl but monkey see apple monkey buy apple.
Wtf is up with all these freaks and their random ass comments ?
I dont know why people hate iphone so much. Im a htc one v user right now, but sometimes i use my gf iphone 4. They're both has pros & cons. I admit that iphone is smoother than my one v. It's obvious. But, i still choose android over ios devices. Its in my affordable prices range and lots of choice of android's phones out there.

Fighting over android and ios is dumb.
+Don Judd CNET makes plenty of money from Apple. They have every reason in the world to hype the ip5 with actually being bribed. Everyone of their page ads on these apple reviews and articles is to either sell you an iPhone or iPhone accessory. Its called affiliate marketing. With the ip5 being new,and trending and loads of money to be made you can't expect a truly unbiased review. Simple economics and anyone that believes different is a fool.
IPhone 5 definitely faster that the S3 in leading you to the wrong places.
Really CNET? I thought they were smarter then this.
I don't hate CNET but was skeptical of the report. 
+Jon Paul  wrong. Anandtech used Geekbench to only compare i5 with i4S, decide not to show androids because some androids' score are higher. And to be fair, some charts leave out galaxy s3, they compare with htc oneX instead.

Just saying, numbers can be manipulated in a not so direct way.
I take it what you fandroids are saying is that, every speed test on the Internet including video of iPhone 5 is a fake and that it can't be faster than the beloved s3? Next you'll be saying the drop test video was unfair because he threw the s3 to ground.... Oh, you already are.

Lets just face facts here about the s3:
1. It's too big
2. Screen is over saturated
3. Slow processors
4. Cheap looking
5. Breaks easily
6. Made out of cheap plastic
7. OS isn't even up to date

Overall it's not really a great phone is it
+dominiek leclercq that called ios optimization. Eventually you will only be allowed to look at iphone built as if its Taj Mahal
+Marco Meijer Its called inspiring at Apple. They got inspired by Braun Swiss Rail Clock. Wonder where they got inspiration for outofdabox antenna and now scuffgates
From the comments on this post, what I've noticed is that "apple fanboys" don't really have an argument. With regards to specs, I think it's pretty obvious that the sIII is the better phone. That being said, the iPhone is still a great phone, regardless, even if inferior in terms of specs. At the end of the day, it's all about buyer preference. For me the 4s was great, iphone5 not much better. I'll wait for the Lumia920 thankyouverymuch.
I don't trust benchmarks, or reviews, or whatever. Columns if numers are a useless source of information. You can have the most powerful computer/mobile phone, if you put a crappy OS on it, it's a crappy device.
I trust what I see; and when I see my coworkers ranting how their iCrap WLAN and Bluetooth is useless at sharing anything, how they have to live in a autarkic and closed system, prisoners of their own phones, and how they have to jailbreak their phones to perform the most easiest task, I don't need more to NOT to want Apple products.
+Dan O'Brien crunching numbers, graphics, and pixels is cross-platform. They handle it differently, but several apps are ported to different platforms (angry birds) so a suite of benchmarks is fully valid.
Geekbench is a plethora of tests which give you an idea of how other software will run. The number itself may be meaningless, but it is relevant and relative to phone performance in respect to each test performed. This is the purpose of benchmarks.

Some devices have accelerators. They do certain things better. This is overall performance on native tasks.
The real problem is not that the tests were made and that the software platforms are different. It is that CNET posted scores that were incorrect. They lied. 
Read lots of comments about this and that, I am as far from being an apple fan as you can be. If in fact the iPhone 5 is faster it is because of one very simple fact. iOS is basically linux with a custom kernel no matter what apple trys to say, the only difference between all of the apple os's and linux is the kernel. If one runs a similar os on the galaxy s3, it would run circles around the apple hands down. That is what kills android in the benchmarks. A java virtual machine that uses interpreted byte code is never as fast as a benchmark run on native code. iOS and linux are the same core os, with the exception of the kernel. Android, to support a vast array of hardware, has given some advantage to apple in the basic speed department. A rooted galaxy s3 running benchmarks native to the core os does in fact beat the iPhone 5 in every category.
As an addition to my previous post, I have obtained the libraries to compile my benchmark routines to run natively in the Samsung s3, these routines can also be compiled to run natively on the iPhone, so there should be a clear and unbiased benchmark before long. It's not pretty and has to run in a terminal window, but we all know the winner is going to be.
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