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A simple, short, bald, awesome dude.
A simple, short, bald, awesome dude.


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Needed to get this video out so it doesn't look like I stopped creating content ;)

Hey everyone! Sorry about being silent over the past few months. I have been traveling back and forth from Florida and South Korea due to my mother's serious medical issues. The good news is she seems to be recovering a bit. I am also overhauling my network which is an enormous task.

I have decided to put my chips all in to create hosting, stats, community, directory, and everything in it with a slick look and fast. It will take a few months before I can truly let it out into the wild. My biggest goal is to automate most of the process. No more manual uploading files and using a third-party stat site. It's all going to be under one roof.

I have other projects as well. On top of that, we are leaving Korea by the end of the year after being here since January 2012. It's been a long stay and we enjoyed it. I am retiring from the Air Force after 20.5 yrs on Feb 1, 2017. I will have no more day job except to do whatever I want. I want to build an online media company and help people. That "help people" is a bit broad so I won't address it here.

So I will be here but I felt that I should probably address where I have been. It's 9:41am and I am on my second glass of tea and about to create some content in the community! Love all of you and thank you for not spamming the group while I was out. Hope everyone is doing well with their shows too!

#podcasting #hosting #traveling

Updates for the Group

I just cleaned out shows that are promoting and not introduction posts. You get 1, so if you used it for an episode you wasted your intro. I am very strict on self-promotion here. We are a group of fellow podcasters and not your fans. I ask you to please post about relevant stuff and not self-promotions. I will begin removing members that can't handle their messaging.

I had updated the artwork for the group a little while back. We brought in some new members and I am glad we did so.

I am working on a hosting solution that works better than other hosting solutions. This is something that will take time and money to accomplish. It is going to be a big offering though!

If you need help and need something answered quicker please reach out to me. I only check the group once in a while because it's not a big community just yet.

I will leave you a question. What is the best way you have grown or reached your audience?

My answer is Twitter. It's been a huge growth for my podcasts and sites. I just dove in over a year ago and decided to learn it completely. So many people over there to ignore it.

My least favorite is a 3-way tie. It would be Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The latter is something I may change though. It's a tough world out there so I am always trying to be flexible.

#podcasting #podcasters #socialmedia

Almost all of the people in podcasting communities have not made it to the big leagues of podcasting or have something to sell us. This would include myself.

Do you agree with that statement of do you think that is false to any extent? I figured I would try to get responses from those that are a part of this community.

#podcast #podcasting #business

How many shows are using Patreon to try and build contributions from your audience? On top of that, how many of you are successful at it? Patreon is an interesting proposition for many, but many listeners aren't jumping in to donate as much as some had hoped for either. I am asking just for informational purpose.

I have not attempted to go all in on Patreon and master the layout and more because lack of time. My goal is after the summer to learn everything I can about it and what makes it tick. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Let's talk self-promotion and why it hurts you more than helps you. I think podcasters from my experience over the past 3+ years are probably the biggest offenders of such. Why? I firmly believe it's because the overwhelming majority don't know how to market effectively or have no desire in doing more than editing and uploading.

I only allow each show to have an "introduce yourself" post. It's in the rules even, yet scroll through and you will see the majority of shows use it for their episode of the week. They take no time to read the rules. They simple join and post. I keep track also to make sure it doesn't become a theme. Not many here are going to listen to your show because they create podcasts too.

I made that point to open the discussion, and also to remind many members about the rules.

Here is what helps you when you use your posts effectively. People become curious about who is bringing conversation to the group or who is ending up in my inbox on a regular basis. Then people get to know you and by way of that, they stumble onto your show. Your presence is enough to bring people in. This doesn't apply to just this group either.

A good example of this is that I am one of the top posters in Quora on podcasting. I didn't get a lot of people checking me out until I hit a point where people began to know me because I answer a lot. Then they came around to listen to my show. You have to treat your show better than just being a spam link.

This might feel like I am beating people up. I am not though. Just linking to your own agenda repetitively makes your content worth almost nothing. Really, I mean that. You have to bring value to the platform, community, group and so on that you belong too. Otherwise it just becomes noise.

I haven't listened to any show posted here and I am not the only one more than likely. I am not your audience, I am a creator like you looking to network and discuss the medium.

As a side, I notice several shows posting links to BlogTalkRadio. It's the worst sounding platform to host your media on. It's not a jab, it's the truth. Depending on where you are with your investment, I would ask you to look at other alternatives. This isn't because I am a jerk, it's because I have yet to hear a good audio quality show from there and I just stopped bothering with it.

I want to help people market better, but we have to start with what is going on right here in this group first. If you are doing it here, then you probably already have or will do it as soon as you find another group. I would love to hear feedback from this. I am above no one, but it's time we have some discussion in this community.....right?

Hello everyone! It's been a while and that's mostly because this group is small and still growing. The year has been crazy so far and traffic is up, changing out some shows and trying to grow the community. A reminder that I left links in the "About This Community" section for anyone just starting out.

I also want to readdress that you get 1 post to introduce your show and that's it. If you waste it promote an episode then that's that. I don't want this to be a dumping ground for episodes. I promise I love everyone's effort, but I also want to limit this type of posting.

If anyone is looking for a network, I am currently looking for a great tech show, movie type show, motivation, and fitness. Also I would love to have a top notch 420 type of show as well. If you feel your show fits and it has a future please let me know.

Otherwise I look forward to growing this community and meeting more people.

Live streaming has taken over my world over the last couple months. I have been posting less on social platforms but spending in the upwards of 3-8 hours per week on Periscope and Blab.  Things couldn't be better though and I miss all my G+ peeps. I hope you are all doing well. I don't know how much longer coming here to check in will be a thing, but I am alive and very well!

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Man it's been busy and G+ hasn't been on my mind lately. Sorry to all who read my updates. So what's been cracking lately? I am still pushing content through, the AM Podcast Network, and learning new tricks.

I have added 3 new VA's from the Philippines to my team to help with pushing forward. I am only one person so I need a team of people I can train and add to my projects. They are Nicole, Mabelle, and Mark and they have been amazing over the last few weeks.

The family is doing great and all the fish in my aquariums have been growing and looking better than ever. With school back in session we have become a bustling family again. I can safely say I don't like the way we have to rush to do so much each day. I need a laid back environment. Even the little one is beyond stressed and it's only second grade!

Anyways, I wanted to check in and say hello to my G+ friends. I know I don't do it often, but I am normally swamped with my projects. Next year will change all of that as I prepare to retire and move into my projects full-time. Until then, it's time to write!
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