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So I'm going to try a thing. I've got a zillion game design projects going on, and I am trying to organize my energy and thought processes so that I can be more intentional about finishing and/or tabling the projects.

At my current job, I'm working the night shift, and I get a pretty substantial break starting at 3 AM each night. I want to use this time to work on games.

So I'm creating an opt-in collection for this. Each weeknight, I plan to post what I worked on during that session, including links to the relevant in-progress Drive documents. I'm hoping that having an audience, even a tiny one, will help keep me honest; this is basically a workout regimen.

So, yeah, if this interests you at all, reply or +1 this post to opt into this collection.
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a game that comes with a ~2hr recorded instrumental score that you play during session. somehow the music functions as a real time fortune mechanism.

there's already improv forms that do similar things, i think.
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Time for a ramble. This may or may not have a point! Be warned.

Back when I played Magic: the Gathering competitively, one of my playtesting buddies asked me a question. He was heading off to some high-level event, a pro tour or nationals or something, one I hadn't qualified for. Let's say it was nationals.

"Adam, if you were playing at Nationals, would you play in student mode or in teacher mode?"

I asked what he meant by that.

"Student mode is, like, trying new things out, experimenting, watching what other players do, trying to get better. Focusing on learning. You assume the person you're playing knows something you don't. Teacher mode is about showing that you've got it all figured out. Assuming you know better than your opponent."

(Note: these names come from him, and stuck in my mind; I'm well aware that they may not always reflect actual behaviors of teachers and students)

I don't remember what I said. I remember that it was his assertion that, most of the time, (assuming your goal was success at M:tG) it was better to be in student mode, but at high-level tournaments, that was the time to bust out teacher mode. Which made sense.

I haven't played Magic or talked to this guy in years, but this concept has stuck with me.

On G+ these past few years, I try to be in student mode almost all the time. I spent so much of my first, oh, thirty years on this planet trying to make sure people thought I was smart. And being in student mode kinda requires giving up on the frame of mind that views sending "I'm an expert, listen to my opinion!" signals. It's kind of freeing realizing that someone doesn't think you're that smart, and not immediately trying to prove them wrong.

My favorite thing in the world is listening to people talk about things they know more than me about. It's pretty easy for me to get this in student mode! In teacher mode, it's also possible, but it often comes with the added burden of debate--they're talking about things they know more than me about, in order to demonstrate that, indeed, they know more than me. I often still enjoy this, but boy if it isn't a socially fraught experience.

I'm still trying to piece together a model of when it is appropriate/necessary/moral for me to be in teacher mode. I do think that I have some pieces of knowledge that are worth disseminating. I also think that there are times it is incumbent upon me to be a leader, and that's probably my biggest area of moral weakness at the moment. My instincts are still to ask "What do you need me to do?" all the time, and sometimes that's putting too much burden on those who need me to do things. I'm working on it.

I'm pretty pleased that I've currently got a G+ stream where I can propose half-baked theories (like this), and smart people will sometimes bring up challenges, and I can consider and discuss and propose revisions. In my ideal G+ world, I'd do this more often, and other people would also do it and I'd get to listen and participate in those discussions. I don't think social media is really right for that use, but it's what I've got, so thank you everyone.
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Title: What's the Difference Between a Larp

Description: WDBL is a book of short-form larps, each intentionally designed to blur the lines between the medium of larp and another medium. Example titles:

"...and an Improv Game?" which might be a variant on sit/lean/stand in which each character would also be assigned a gimmick ("always rhymes" "loves synonyms" "speaks real slowly")

"...and Interpretive Dance?" which is, like, "White Death"

"...and Slam Poetry?", written by +Cole Sarar

"...and Investigative Journalism?", an immersive larp where the players look into a real-world event and use facts they find... hey there, "The Valedictorian's Death".

etc etc etc
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second run of randomly generated Reno residents, this time incorporating 2010 census data. asterisks indicate that the person's native language is something other than English.

Roberta Young, white cis woman (22)
Steven Ting, chinese cis man (24)
Brekalo, white OTHER (56)*
Mathilde Collazo Fonseca, filipina cis woman (39)*
Esther Worthy, black cis woman (76)
Urban Cervantes, mexican cis man (40)*
Eddie Dore, white cis boy (17)
Jack Peck, white cis boy (12)
Amerigo Varela Sanchez, mexican cis man (56)*
Maine Armstrong, white enby (68)
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Here are your first 10 randomly generated residents of Reno, Nevada!

Marie, a white trans woman (28)
Walter, a white cis man (66)
Sean, a white trans boy (9)
Conrad, a white cis man (71)
Janet, a white cis woman (38)
Lorie, a white cis woman (23)
Prudencia, a filipino cis girl (17)
Mary, a native american cis woman (56)
Anthony, a white cis man (41)
Robert, a white cis man (29)

unlikely that none of them would be latinx but that's how dice go sometimes!

of course i realized after doing this that i was using 2000 census data, gotta update to 2010 cmon adam get it together
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Something's definitely going on with the Father/Patriarch archetype this year, right? Charlie Manson's death confirms it, coming on the wake of this Hollywood business.
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Hey, I'm a little unclear about PC starting relationships! My guess is that each player chooses five different characters/organizations to be their PC's favorite, guru, mentor, responsibility, and protege. Then after that, the player chooses any two of these relationships to stat out, and assigns those two a percentage, according to the appropriate stat.

So a PC has five fictional entities as relationships, but can only roll on two of them.

Is this right? If so, is it possible to change which relationships you have statted out at any time?

found this scrap i'd totally forgotten while looking through my unfinished larp folder.

Gizmo is a larp for an even number of participants. 8 or 10 is probably the ideal number, though, who knows, maybe 6 or 12 is great. Everyone gets shocked at least once with a shock collar, so if that doesn’t sound fun or safe, this probably isn’t the right game for you.

This game requires:
Enough shock collars for half the players to wear one.
One play area large enough for all players to mingle comfortably
One secondary, adjacent play area large enough for half the players to sit and watch unobtrusively.

Background (read this aloud!)
It’s the future! Now, when a loved one dies, we have the technology to lovingly entrap their soul in a wearable electronic Gizmo that allows them limited contact with the outside world. Amazing! This has had quite an impact in the hip dating scene of today. Cool kids come to Gizmo parties to meet other cool kids to date--and their deceased loved ones come along to offer valuable wisdom!

Gizmos have three functions.
Shock - at any point, the ghost in the Gizmo can provide an electrical pulse to their host.
Speak - the ghost says two or three words. This invariably
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hey, it's been a bit, but i still want to thank +Sean Nittner, +Nathan Black, +Sophie Lagace, and +Devon Apple in particular for putting on a swell time and putting up with my neuroses. Also Cleo!
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