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How come Android Pay can't be set up with LG's Knock Code for my security option?

+Koushik Dutta  Any update on getting Helium to work with the G4?  Still having issues.  Thanks!

Hi - 
I had previously used Google+ Photo backup to backup my photos, at the original resolution. So, I have 14GB of photo backups eating away at my Google Drive storage limit.

I have recently set up the new Photos backup using "High Res" so I have unlimited uploads, and therefore don't need those 14GB anymore.  

I am trying to figure out if there is an EASY way to transfer these photos from Google+ Backup to Google Photos so I can then delete the 14GB on Google Drive. I see ways for me to show the Google Drive photos on Google Photos, or I can go to Photos thru Google+, but I can't figure out a way to transfer them to Google Photos backup.  To complicate matters, I have already used the Google Photos Desktop app to add almost 200GB of historic photos to my Google Photos, so I cant just "download and reupload" everything.

I tried talking to the Google Drive support since these are eating away at my Google Drive storage, but they directed me to Google+ help.  

1) How do I identify the photos using up my Google Drive storage quoto that were backed up via Google Plus Backup?
2) How do I download JUST those photos?
3) How do I delete JUST those photos from Google+ Photos to free up my Google Drive storage space?


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great watch face for the Moto 360!
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