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Florida/Caribbean lazy vacation - advice? Cruise? Resort?
I’m going to Florida for a work-related conference (PhocusWright) in a week or two, and I figure… since I’ll already be in Florida (for my first time!), I should do something fun and relaxing there or nearby!

I’m gonna arrive a day or two early to lounge on the beach, but I’m thinking for afterwards I could take my first-ever cruise or hop on an inexpensive flight to a Caribbean island for some much-needed unadventurous relaxation (snorkeling, walking, etc.)

I know there’s this handy thing called Google, but I figure my smart G+ followers are better than el goog sometimes :p.

Looking forward to your thoughts!
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what's up guys
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Adam Lasnik

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[US-only] Amazing music jukebox, no ads, money going to artists...
I've been dogfooding YouTube Red and it's awesome!

1) It includes a free subscription to Google Play Music All Access (which I'm henceforth shortening to "Google Music" ).  We're talking tens of millions of tracks here w/ unlimited streaming, easy offline access, etc.

2) It removes all the video ads from YouTube.  Not just from music videos, ALL video ads :o.  

3) YouTube videos offline!  And access to an upcoming YouTube Music app.

3) YouTube Red subscriptions help financially support the talented artists that make YTR worth subscribing to in the first place :).

"More countries coming soon" according to the blog post (sorry, I have no idea re timeline!)

Anyway, make a mental note to subscribe to this the moment it's available to you (Oct 28th in the U.S. I believe).  Or, hey, you could get a jump start and sign up for Google Music*, and you'll automatically get YouTubeRed when it comes out ;).

Got a Chromecast?  You might be eligible to get a free *90 day trial of Google Music!

DISCLAIMER:  As a reminder, I work at Google (on the Travel team), so I'm biased :).  I've had nothing to do with YouTube Red except as someone who enjoyed testing it out early.
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When will GPMAA Family plan be available? Also, will it include YTR?
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Adam Lasnik

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What are the most congenial & respectful online communities you know of?
And what do you think has made & kept them this way?
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Full moderation of all posts would stop spam being dropped on zombie communities.
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Adam Lasnik

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Jianbing, "stealing" food ideas, and the flow of food culture

Read this.  Er, if you're hungry, wait 'til after you eat, though :).

Oh, and I've tasted jianbing a couple times (once in Beijing, once in the SF Bay Area) and I love it!  A bit heavy, but such amazing texture and flavors...!

+Dina Yuen and +Vivian Han, who may enjoy reading this article, too :-)
Jianbing is one of China's most popular street breakfasts. It also might just be the country's best-kept culinary secret, at least until now.
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Adam Lasnik

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Well, this was fun! A traveler posted a humorous tweet [1], and I decided to drop him a handwritten note + lucky dollar plane [2] on behalf of the #GoogleFlights  team.

A bit later, we got back something rather unexpected and delightful! (see below) :-) ---

We're pretty stoked that a traveler's #GoogleFlights  love led to some fun exchanges and, ultimately, these impressive & creative Doodles from +Kitchen Sink Studios :)

Visit to learn more about how this went down and see higher res versions of these neat fan Doodles.
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Abhilash, thank you! Lots of smiles all 'round... with my teammates, and apparently at Tyler's agency, too.  :)

Victoria, thanks!  Though I'd be lying if I didn't say I had to write that hella slowly to make it legible :p.  I figured that people still appreciate decent handwriting nowadays; typing it out just wouldn't have been the same, right?
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Adam Lasnik

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Guaranteed laughs... and some head-scratchers
This film - - has garnered a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 99%.  107 thumbs-up reviews, 1 thumbs-down review [1], with critics hailing it as a hilarious film for adults, not just a kiddie-flick.

I can't wait to see it (and will hopefully catch it in theater with friends this coming weekend).

But there are a couple mysteries:
- Why did so few people go see it opening weekend?  In particular, it earned less than 1/6th the revenue of this stunningly bad stinker: [2]
- Why the need for two near-identical trailers? [3]  Are we Americans really that dimwitted or provincial? (you'll understand what I mean when you compare the trailers)

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I didn't go see it yet because the trailer was pretty awful. It made the movie look like a bunch of obvious slapstick and bodily function jokes. That surprised me given Aardman's reputation for making good stuff, but I just couldn't get excited about it. Hearing this, I might have to go this weekend. 

I guess it's like the "Frozen" trailer that made me think it was a movie about a magic snowman and a reindeer.
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Adam Lasnik

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This is a great way to share not only where you're going, but where you're thinking of going... with friends, family, or colleagues.  e.g., 

- "Hey, does this sound like a good itinerary..."
- "Anyone up for joining me for Sakura season in Japan next year?!"
- "Should I transit via Chicago or New York?"

Or, okay, you could just brag about your upcoming trip :D
Tell friends (or the world) where you're flying with new #GoogleFlights sharing options.

You can share the flights you pick via email, Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.  Or even just grab a link to send any way you like.

Let us know what you think, either here in the comments, or -- as always -- via our Feedback link on Google Flights:
1) Go to
2) Click the handy lefthand menu button
3) Click "Feedback" at the bottom.

We always read and appreciate your feedback.  Thanks for using Google Flights, and have a great week! :)
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That's a really neat photo sphere, Florian!

And yep, you're absolutely right that November'd be a bad month for Sakura in Japan; sorry the screenshots were a bit confusing.  In this case, I was indicating a quick google search for 'flights to tokyo' and then, in the subsequent screenshot, showing a date change to March.  I should have instead done "flights to tokyo march 17-23" :)
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Adam Lasnik

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[Europe] More TRAIN info in Google Flights! :)
I'm really happy to note that we've integrated more info on train schedules and prices and such into Google Flights (  In particular, we just added info for Deutsche Bahn.

Here's a great example: Frankfurt to Zurich;f=FRA,ZRB;t=ZRH,ZLP;d=2015-11-11;r=2015-11-15

Happy travels!

Disclaimer/reminder:  I work on Google Flights, so I'm biased :).  
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Yep, definitely would be nice to post photos in comments!

By the way, if you're on (or any TLD) /flights, you can click on the lefthand menu and select Send Feedback.  When you submit feedback in that way, we can actually see exactly what you were searching for which helps us better debug situations, so if you're up for that, that'd be super :).  Many of us on the team regularly read this feedback to better understand what folks think of Flights and how we can improve the service.
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Adam Lasnik

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Okay, I finally tried +Medium as a writer...
...after hearing so many awesome things about the site.

- It DID seem pretty straightforward and nice to write in.
- Though not all that much easier than my WordPress install.
- And even though this post was just a rewrite (albeit a significant one) of a post I'd written years earlier... wow, I'd forgotten HOW MUCH TIME it takes to write even a small something!

It's been forever since I've blogged, and this has renewed my appreciation for writers of all kinds.  And also helped me understand why people like Medium.  I'm now considering writing more there, but... er... best of intentions... we'll see how things go ;).
A gaggle of giggling young teens, pre-Facebook, pesters this cranky, lonely guy, and asks him… everything.
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My personal site - -- was a pain to set up.  I actually paid for a theme (and yes, it's still ugly, but it's pretty mobile friendly at least :).  Best thing was getting off of cheap mass hosting (Dreamhost) and paying literally double to have a no-hassles-ever (and blazing fast hosting) with a small hosting company.

So... setup was arduous.  But now, everything gets updated automatically, my host is awesome, and it's crazy easy to publish stuff. But... er... that initial hoop.  And $10/month.  I can totally see that not being everyone's cup of tea :p
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Adam Lasnik

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What travel'ish stuff would you like to read from Google's Travel Team?

We want to write what you want to read!  Let us know in this quick survey:
Which of the following best describes your involvement with the travel industry? Leisure Travel Enthusiast. Leisure Travel Enthusiast. Travel / Tech Entrepreneur. Travel / Tech Entrepreneur. Business Traveler. Business Traveler. Travel Marketer / Industry Insider ...
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My wife and I make our own travel plans.  We know how to use existing Google tools to help us plan.  We're not interested in another area of life where Google thinks it should think for us.
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Adam Lasnik

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Robots, academia, $$$, and the future of society
Who will do foundational research, and who will pay them?  Why can't robots grab a cup of coffee?  Military robotics: More killing, more lives saved, or both?  Raiding university research teams for talent, ethical or unethical?

The NYT really doesn't delve deeply into these questions, but it's quite interesting nonetheless and sure makes you think about these and other weighty issues ;).
When the company wanted a team of roboticists, it raided a university lab to get them. Can high-tech academia survive today’s Silicon Valley talent binge?
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Agreed with you on all counts.  I really did appreciate that this wasn't an "Academia, Good!  Corporations, Evil!" one-sided exposé.
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Adam Lasnik

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$531 roundtrip to Hong Kong -- great price, amazing city!
[Still good as of 6pm PT Aug 20; sorry for the accidental strike through of the original post in preview]

If you're on the U.S. West Coast, book this now, and you can thank the brilliant soul* who found this fare later :D.  If you're not in that location, no worries, read on!

Try the region-for-a-destination option on #GoogleFlights , and you, too, can find some super deals, even for kinda last minute travel!

Sound off in comments if you find any other awesome deals yourself :)

*Okay, fine, that brilliant soul was me :p.  

#Travel   #AirfareDeals   #BudgetTravel  

P.S. -- As Inhyuk rightly notes, the photo is one I took of SEOUL, not HK; I had originally planned to highlight Seoul airfares, but found even less expensive options to HK... and forgot to change to an HK photo.  Oops ;)
Tip for finding great airfares for last-minute trips
U.S. West Coast > Asia from $531rt over Labor Day wknd (via region search on #GoogleFlights)

Some of us have been interested in visiting (or revisiting) Asia, and with the long weekend coming up, we decided to check Google Flights for possibilities.

You can try this, too!
1) Go to
2) Enter in airports you're willing to fly from.  For me (Adam), I'm happy to fly from the Bay Area airports or from LAX (near family), so I entered "SFO, SJC, OAK, LAX" for the origin airports.
3) Then try a region, like "Asia" or "Southeast Asia" or "Africa" (or wherever you'd like to visit) for the destination.
4) Check out the suggested locations that show up below.  Click any card to see a list of sample airfares and hotel prices, and pick a city that looks intriguing.
5) If you have flexibility in your travel dates, try clicking one of the dates to see a 60-day pricing chart to help you save money.
5) Go ahead and book! :)


What great deals have YOU found on Google Flights?

Why not try some searches yourself, and then share some finds with your fellow travelers in the comments below? :-)
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Friendly check-in, decent WiFi, comfy bed and nice hot breakfast. Pool looked nice, but I didn't have a chance to try it.
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Mid/luxury prices, mediocre value. First, the positive: - Marriott Gold status gets one exec lounge privileges. Lounge is decent, with nice views, lots of seating, some tasty nibbles like fried chicken (though far from gourmet food). - AC in room works well. - Nice adjustable office desk chair in room Now the not-so-good: - No bathrobe in room - Tacky envelope begging customers to tip the housekeeping. Marriott... pay your employees a living wage; that is YOUR job, especially when your guests are regularly paying >$300 PER NIGHT. Heck, charge $305 or whatever and take care of your staff, please.
• • •
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
Outstanding service from Terry and crew! First, Terry buffed out one set of scratches on the spot for no fee whatsoever. Second, he and his team tackled the larger repairs for exactly the cost quoted, for less time than expected, and with excellent communication along the way (text messages alerting me to the status of the repairs). But most importantly, my car came back to me looking practically like new. I can't even possibly see where the bad scratching and denting was. Anyway, cannot recommend these folks highly enough. Professional, friendly, reasonably priced, absolutely no-hassles, and just superb work.
• • •
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
Spacious room, but that's about the only positive thing I can say about the place. Being generous with three stars because my room was reasonably quiet, I didn't get food poisoning, and the bed was fine. On the other hand, I had to deal with... - Lackluster service; the person checking me in seemed like she was annoyed to be in the service business and had no desire for even pretenses of friendliness. - Mediocre food court: meh quality, eyebrow-raising prices. - Your typical obnoxious Las Vegas scam pricing: A resort fee that, I was reminded curtly at checkout, is mandatory, despite me not having not used a single one of the "included" amenities. If it's a "required" fee, why not just include it in the actual room price? At at $267/night after taxes and fees, it was a heck of a pricey stay. I've enjoyed far finer hotel experiences for the same or less money. - And speaking of typical Las Vegas: be prepared to walk a mile to your room, past a bazillion slot machines and oodles of smoke. Maybe this stuff appeals to some people? I'll admit I'm not a fan of Vegas in general (stayed here for a friend's wedding), so feel free to take my review with a grain of salt. But still, I'd think you could do better, even if you're intent on vacationing in Vegas. P.S. -- Just remembered the clincher: When checking out, I wasn't asked "How was your stay?" If that's not a sign of apathy, I'm not sure what is.
• • •
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
264 reviews
4.5 stars rounded up. Service is inconsistent and entrees are a bit pricey for the portions, but the outstanding food and drink quality makes up for it. OTHER PROS: - Mochas and hot cocoas are made from Tcho chocolate and are wonderful. Dark, rich & not cloyingly sweet! Generous portion, too. - Pour-over coffee was quite nice as well. - Desserts are consistently fresh and delicious (and there's a good variety of them). - The chicken-with-bacon sandwich I had today was so creamy and nicely flavored that I'd go out of my way just to have that again. - Ample seating, even on weekends, including some outdoor tables as well. - Quiet music. You can have a comfortable conversation with others (or even just with yourself :). - When they make mistakes, they apologize profusely and make things right; today, due to a rather lengthy delay in getting the aforementioned chicken sandwich to my table, my server proactively comped it in full and added a free amazing dessert in addition; wow! (Jennifer, if you're reading this: props on the great customer service!) DOWNSIDES: - Seats are a bit dingy (cushions have seen better days) - My plate today was chipped. Makes me worry just a tad about quality control in general.
• • •
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
Had a hernia surgery here and was impressed at the attentiveness, professionalism, and thoroughness of the staff. I've had several prior surgeries elsewhere (unfortunately), and I can't recall being as impressed with a surgery center as the one at Sequoia Hospital. - They were extremely conscientious re preventing infections, one of the most common (and awful) complications one can experience from surgery. Not only is the hospital very clean, but they had me wipe down my entire body with antiseptic wipes, take an antiseptic mouthwash, and more. - They made sure I was comfortable. Nurses checked on me frequently. Instead of the typical paper-thin hospital gown, they had me wear a "warming gown," with an optional and adjustable heater attachment. They brought me multiple juice boxes when I was recovering. And also, they were kind and welcoming to my friend who came to visit me and take me home. - The staff I chatted with by phone before the surgery were also pleasant and helpful. - The anaesthesiologist on staff there, Dr. Daniel McFarland, did an amazing job; despite me being under full sedation for the two hour surgery, for once I didn't have a lick of nausea or dizziness afterwards, and just hours after surgery I had a roaring appetite and was spending time with friends. My only quibble with this hospital was the overwhelming amount of paperwork they had me read, sign, and take home the day of my surgery. This really could -- and should -- have both been given to me earlier AND ideally in digital form so I could more easily review and save it. But overall, I was really impressed with Sequoia Hospital and wouldn't hesitate to go there again if needed. P.S. -- I've seen that many of the low reviews for this hospital are about their fees and billing practices. I'm grateful to have outstanding medical coverage with my company, but from a bigger picture perspective, I think it's more a sign of our horribly messed up country that people can come into a hospital and leave with financially crippling medical bills in the tens of thousands of dollars. IMHO, though, that's more a commentary on the state of our nation's healthcare policies vs. the practices of a specific hospital.
• • •
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reviewed 3 months ago
Delightful and delicious! My friend and I tried the chirashi donburi, futomaki roll, and sushi combo #1, and loved it all! Yes, the service is slow (but it's not so bad if you get there before rush hours). Yes, the place is rather spartan and could use some sprucing up with nicer / more comfy tables and a little art on the wall, etc. And yes, they also accept only cash. But the food is great, the service is friendly, and the comparatively lower prices make meals here a great value. And lastly, I like that -- a few hours later -- I still feel *pleasantly* full. At other sushi places, I am typically feeling either hungry (with just a chirashi bowl) or bloated (if I guiltily scarf down one or more americanized "sushi" rolls).
• • •
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago