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Yesterday's pledge -- "I'm gonna walk on the walkstation until this meeting finishes" -- either brilliant or insane.

30K steps.   13 miles.  Lots of peanut M&Ms.
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wow, 13 miles, holy crap. How long was the meeting? I can walk 4.8 miles in 45 minutes, so this would take me ~3 hours. That's a long meeting.
+Tom McGhan I just can't take it any more! I did 100 floors yesterday  and 35,000 steps over two days, and you see this nonsense from +Adam Lasnik???
You will never win Louis. Just give up and start going to the gym. Seriously.
Still jealous of me fitbittingly whupping your deriere, Louis? :p  And Andrew, this is a page from Fitbit's web site.  I use their little electronic pedometer thingy, which automatically syncs with their site via a usb dongle on my computer.

Oh, and Andrew, it was about 4 hours of meetings, and our walkstations top out at 2 miles per hour, so that accounted for 8 of the miles.  The rest was just walking around campus + (crazily) doing some earlier walking on the walkstation.  Beats sitting :)
Well done, but damn, were you meeting to decide the fate of the AI you've gotten hidden downstairs?
Actually, that's not that far off... :p
Cindy C
heh.. opportunity cost of a meeting that I've never thought of. Instead of sitting through long meetings, ppl can be out and active and healthy!

Now I certainly wish that was a productive meeting :p
More and more of my colleagues are doing this.  Especially when there are two walkstations next to each other.  :)

And luckily, it was a super productive set of meetings.  Very passionate and respectful team, and a lot of key planning to do for the year.
how do you like the fitbit? I've been toying with the idea of getting one... but waiting for the UI to improve (last time I checked was a year ago).
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