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Adam Lasnik

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Check out +danah boyd's outstanding editorial on the recent FB research study.

While I don't agree with all her conclusions, I think she's spot on in her view that the recent outrage may be misplaced, or at least misunderstood.

Give her post a read and then come back here and sound off on your thoughts!
Growing Anxiety About Data Manipulation
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If I found out you were using Bing you'd be out of my circles.  Why, MS, why?
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Adam Lasnik

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From my team offsite last year in Sintra, Portugal.  Yes, I'm a bit slow with the photo processing!
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Thanks, Tomáš!  I am indeed grateful that I've gotten to meet so many good people and see so many interesting places as part of my work!  And yes, we did luck out re: Sintra weather.

I've already shared a bunch of my other Portugal photos on Panoramio, and hope to share some of the Sintra ones soon, too :)
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Adam Lasnik

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Is my math bad, or do these numbers really not add up?
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There's also been a concerted effort by Center for Science in the Public Interest and other groups to greatly improve the readability and overall usefulness of nutrition panels.  
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Adam Lasnik

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New York Times covers my hobby! (okay, not just mine)

And I have indeed been blissfully and exhaustingly immersed in the wonderful dance called lindy hop at the world's largest dance camp in Sweden:
- My photos:
- The camp site:
- The amazing Frankie Manning who contributed so much (and I got to take classes with him!):
- Lindy hop on YouTube: (with an emphasis on social dancing)
This week, hundreds of Lindy hop enthusiasts have descended on New York City to celebrate the man who was one of its early creators.
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I'm enjoying the new #Stories  feature in Google+!
And here are a few hints that might help you get the most out of it:
- You can use the arrow keys to zoom forwards and backwards
- If you're sharing photos from your phone, make sure you're capturing the location info!
- Add some fun and interesting captions to your photos.  Unfortunately, I didn't do that for this Story below, but I'm trying to do it from now on :)

Do you have any cool Stories already made?  You can always check by going to Photos, then clicking More, and then Stories.

Disclaimer:  I work for Google, but cannot take any credit for this cool feature.
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This looks like a great new feature :)
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Adam Lasnik

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Egret in a non-pear, non-olive tree

Random tidbit for the day.  While walking to lunch, an egret spotted me, looked somewhat annoyed, and then flew up to a tree to glare at me and grab a branch.

As I approached the tree, he flew off with the small branch in his mouth.

I'm used to seeing egrets at the nearby Shoreline Aquatic park, so I'm guessing he got lost and -- with his GPS perhaps malfunctioning -- he decided to utilize the tree as a lookout.
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Such beautiful birds.
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Adam Lasnik

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"With these portable, easily concealed dynamos, violating someone’s privacy has never been easier or more fun!”

Oh, wait... this is about CELL PHONES?  D'oh!  We've got to ban these things...
In light of The Daily Show’s Google Glass segment a couple weeks ago, this segment from the January 8, 2004, show is highly relevant. Maybe some of Ed Helms’ quotes about camera phones sound familiar? “With these portable, easily concealed dynamos, violating someone’s privacy has never been easier or more fun!” “The makers of theseRead More
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Yet, despite 10 years of evolution, the cell phone cameras are still crap because phone manufacturers put ridiculously high-resolution sensors in their phones that would only work in bright daylight with a decent lens.

So now we still have the same grainy pictures with an effective resolution of 640x480 as we had 10 years ago - the rest goes down in noise. If they would use 2-4MP sensors with larger pixels, this would actually be generating okish pictures (still, the lens needs to be improved).

Maybe it is to protect privacy as it is hard to recognize people on these pictures when it is not daylight :P 
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Adam Lasnik

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"I give you unlimited time... you'll get to be happy!"

"The Schmuel Song" offers a strange, touching parable set to beautiful music.  And it raises some good questions:
1) What do you imagine actually happened to Schmuel?
2) What one thing would you do with unlimited time?

Jamie is a successful, confident writer spending Christmas with his love, Cathy, a struggling and dispirited actress.  He gives her a watch... and this story.

The Last 5 Years - 06. The Schmuel Song
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Adam Lasnik

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Look at that S-Car go!!! <-- new Uber campaign?!

So apparently taxi drivers in Europe are planning to combat Uber by engaging in a slowdown, titled an "escargot" protest.

News coverage:

IDEA:  Uber drivers should brand some of their vehicles as "S-cars" and unveil a new "Look at that S-Car go!!!" marketing campaign :D

PHOTO CREDIT:  Jason Hollinger -

+Uber  #humor   #marketing  
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What do taxi drivers think about self driving Google cars??? 😜
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Adam Lasnik

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20,000% markup:  Nice if you can get it!

I'm seeing banks pay out around 0.05% APR or so on checking accounts.
And yet it's my understanding that they're charging ~10% APR on loans.

This suggests one or a combination of a few things:
- There's a MASSIVE default rate on loans.  Like 99+% defaults.
- There's an incredibly huge overhead.  It clearly costs a lot to shift bits around and hire webmasters to make bad web sites.
- Banks are making really, really insane profits.

What I don't get is why competition hasn't changed this situation.  Peer to peer lending companies like Prosper and Lending Club seem to take around a 1% profit/spread between lender and borrower, for instance, and for a time I was making 10%+ on my LC loans.  But traditional banks?  What's going on here?  What am I missing?
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+Adam Lasnik sure if you're willing to ignore exchange rate risk
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Goat cam -- next Google feature?!

Part of my role at Google involves maintaining a good sense of what our users* think about our Geo Imagery products, what they'd like to see, what frustrates them, etc.

Sure, I'm often delighted and inspired by the thoughtful feature requests like this one:!category-topic/maps/maps-street-view/Lhuuf6ZDMkw

...but every once in a while I see a note like this:!category-topic/maps/maps-street-view/hIbmx4WOt0E

...and I can't help but really smile.  Derek, you win the internet for today :)

*re the term "users"... I find it probably every bit as awkward as you do, but I'm not sure what other descriptor to use in this context.  "Customer" isn't really right.  "Photographer" applies to those great folks that share their photo spheres on Google Maps, for instance, but doesn't apply to the folks that appreciate and browse this imagery.  Hmm.

#support   #feedback   #goats  
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It was the feature request posts you linked to that made me post this, not the goat ;)  BTW, goats are awesome, way cooler that sheep.
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Adam Lasnik

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And now for one of my more controversial blog entries:
"Relishing those juicy leaked memos? Bad idea."

I welcome your comments here on Google+ and doubly so on my comment-lonely blog :-)

Photo by Wan Mohd, some rights reserved, 2010 Creative Commons license  (
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+Thomas Bushnell, BSG Yeah, I'll agree with that, assuming that party 2 was not bound in the same way as party 1.
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