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A big thumbs up to NYC, the surprisingly strong camera (and camera app) of the Nexus 6, and Google+ Stories, which autogenerated this storybook :-)
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Of course!  And I think you'll get to see a lot in 3 days; it's a pretty compact city, very walkable, with reasonably decent public transit.  Let me know how it goes!
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Adam Lasnik

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Crime and Punishment for Evil People

There are crimes where generally good people might think, well, there but for the grace of God go I.  Speeding.  Fudging on tax returns.  These aren't victimless crimes, but the connection between self-enrichment and societal harm is indirect and diffuse.  

Then there are crimes like the ones Kevin Bollaert has been convicted of.  In essence, he -- personally, fairly directly, and severely -- whittled away the privacy and safety of hundreds (thousands?) of women in the interest of financial gain.

So, okay, he's not evil to the dictator-gassing-millions degree.  But it'd be hard to argue that he's not:
- Evil
- A threat to society
- The sort of fellow that definitely deserves harsh punishment.

And, indeed, harsh punishment is exactly what he's getting:  18 years in jail.

My initial reaction? <grumpy cat>Good.</grumpy cat>

But then I pondered this a bit more and was less happy.

Does this sentence serve as a deterrent for future jerks?
Maybe.  But my guess is that most of those folks'd see this as a one-off; a likely large financial gain with little chance of getting caught.

Will this sentence rehabilitate Kevin?
I doubt it.  From my understanding, time in the pokey basically gives people lots of free time to study crime techniques intensively and network with even less-savory people.

Does Kevin's sentence help victims?
Nope.  Not the women he victimized, nor is it likely to help other women.


So what should have been done?  IMHO, the judge should have made the punishment fit the crime... or, more specifically, accomplish GOOD from multiple perspectives.

How about sentencing Kevin to...
- pay a monthly stipend to be disbursed to all his victims to help them pay for counseling or identity theft protection, etc.  AND
- be under house arrest except when commuting to/from work, on necessary errands, or when volunteering  AND
- volunteer weekly in battered women shelters, with crisis centers that help counsel rape victims, and so on?

In this case, his victims would be at least partially recompensed, the state would save an enormous amount by not having to house and feed him, various social service orgs would get unpaid assistance, AND it's possible that -- interacting with victims firsthand -- Kevin might have a bit of an awakening and change of heart.


But instead, he'll be locked up, not learning anything, and costing us (taxpayers) a lot of money.  And where's the justice in that?

We can do better.   Now it's a question of how we can best reform our criminal justice system.
Kevin Bollaert who ran a site allowing people to anonymously post nude photos of others and then charged the victims to have them removed, was convicted of identity theft and extortion.
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The sites are for webmasters, not visitors, as usual help is offered to the offenders not the victims
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Adam Lasnik

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What's up with those 3 letter airport codes, like "FAT"?
With this cool site I just heard about, you can discover the (sometimes weird, sometimes banal) reason behind each code.

Oh, and FAT = "Fresno Airport Terminal," in case you were wondering.  Yeah, I was hoping for something more interesting, too. :)

Making sure you're searching with the right airports
Nowadays, of course, most flight search engines let you do searches by city names, but that has its own challenges.  How do you know you're selecting the airport -- or airports -- with the best flight options?

With Google Flights (, start by typing in a city name, and then optionally click the little + icon next it (see image).  You'll then instantly learn about nearby airports and how far they are from the city center... and can add one or more to your search.

I'm a Program Manager working on Google Flights and am always curious to hear your thoughts and questions about the service. :-)

Happy traveling!

[ Hat tip:  My colleague Demian: ]
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XNA is indeed Northwest Arkansas Regional! I learned that one well traveling to UofA for track in college, and it is memorably weird (and tiny) :] I'm glad to know I also have a namesake airport, but I can't imagine ever visiting that one...
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Adam Lasnik

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Just saw the movie "EX_MACHINA" and it passes the sci-fi Adam test.

- Refreshing lack of explosions and car chases
- Engaging dialogue
- Gorgeous and patient cinematography
- Intriguing characters
- Interesting plot

Oh, and by "patient cinematography," I mean pretty much the opposite of most American films, which infuriatingly fill near every moment with dialogue, frenetic motion, etc.  In Ex Machina, there are quiet pauses, terrifying emptinesses, uncomfortable silences reminiscent of the movie 2001... with the grandiosity of nature substituting for the immensity of outer space, and the stark coldness of a research facility standing in for the claustrophobic atmosphere of a spaceship.

There are also boobs and other assorted naked bits.  But -- contrary to what some insist -- I feel they were not gratuitous; if anything their presence in this film made me uncomfortable.

In fact, I felt uncomfortable, or at least unsettled, at many points throughout the film.  I'd indeed question the humanity of anyone who didn't occasionally squirm in discomfort... and that's a comment or even compliment on the powerful tension rather than a criticism.


In short, this is a dark, thoughtful, and disturbing film.  Not a horrifying or gory one, but one that may haunt you nonetheless.

With all of that said, it's not a perfect movie.  I found the bass'y music to be annoying at times, and I would, perhaps, have liked moments of tension-relief to be a bit more frequent.  Also, the initial Winner! scene -- albeit the one part of the film blisteringly paced -- could have been dispensed altogether, propelling us headfirst into the helicopter scene.

But on the whole, this is a movie well worth seeing... and ideally in the theatre.


One word of advice, by the way:  Don't watch the trailer.  As with most trailers, in my opinion, this one spoils at least some minor but delicious surprises.


Have any of you seen the film?  Without throwing any spoilers into the mix, what did you think of it?

#exmachina   #scifi   #movies  
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I saw this movie a while back. Thought it wasn't bad. 
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Adam Lasnik

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"...lots of other groups will just hang around in silence posting on Instagram..."
The anecdata in the article below really worries and saddens me.  On one hand, I know online 'journalism' enough to realize that cherry-picking shocking examples converts to clicks.

On the other hand, I see this all the time.  When on trains in Europe in the 90s, it was pretty common for me and others to strike up friendly conversations, to look at the gorgeous scenery passing by.  Now, though, everyone is glued to their phones, earphones in, deaf and blind to the world around them.  

Where's the serendipitous engagement?  What happened to our ability to be present, to give attention to and appreciate the people and environment around us?

I realize that I'm becoming like the old guy who yells at the cloud (  And a bit hypocritically at that; obviously, I'm taking some moments from a gorgeous Sunday afternoon to type to you rather than meet with friends or appreciate the greenery in my garden.  And there's no doubt that I greatly value the internet, my smartphone, and the ability to keep in touch online with friends from all over the world.

Still, though, everything in moderation.  I just worry that that over time we'll completely devalue and lose the ability to be physically present, to be disconnected from the cloud and connected face to face with each other.
<b></b><b></b><b></b>THINK you know the kind of people who spend most of their free time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other apps?
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+John Mueller where is your commute train? Where does it run in between?
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Adam Lasnik

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Google Flight Search launches in India

I've had the pleasure of visiting India a couple of times [1] and hope to explore more of the country in the coming years.  I'm hardly unbiased [2], but I'm delighted that it'll now be easier to find and book great flights in India [3]

Google Flight Search is now launched in many countries around the world; if you haven't tried it yet, please consider using it for your next trip [4].  If you have used it, feel free to offer feedback or throw questions at me in this thread :-).

[1] Here's an album with a selection of photos I took in India:  If you're curious to see more, visit and scroll to see additional India albums.

[2] I'm a Program Manager at Google, working on Google Flight Search :)


[4] Visit  In supported countries, you can even search Google directly for stuff like "Flights to London" or "sfo-jfk feb 10-20" and get a super-quick box filled with recommended flights and prices.
If you love to travel and shop around for great deals, Flight Search can offer inspiration and help you find the best flights available. Now, you can search directly for flights within Google or access to...
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Congrats on the launch! 
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Adam Lasnik

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Your mobile phone plan:  cheaper, better. (U.S. only for now)
[  Limited availability. Invites rolling out slowly.]

I have heard great things about this service from my colleagues who've been testing it for a while (though I haven't gotten to try it myself yet).

Seems like a great idea to me, though -- as a Googler -- obviously I'm biased.  So request an invite now, read up, and decide later whether it's for you based on the numbers and reviews and so on :).

Ah, and here's a blog post with a video and much more info:

EDITED TO ADD:  Important caveat -- it seems that this supports only the Nexus 6 phone during the initial preview stage, requiring customers to either have or purchase that phone to use the service.  With that said, Google is offering the N6 with monthly installment payments, which may help some cash-flow-wise.
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I'm sticking with true unlimited high speed data with T-mobile 
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Adam Lasnik

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Wow!  This guy really made a thoughtful and informative video highlighting how Google Flights smartly helps you plan your travel!

As many of you know, I work on Google Flights, and so it really makes me happy (and impressed) when people like +***** are passionate enough about the service to make a helpful video like this.  It's people like him that motivate us to keep making #GoogleFlights   better!

(email address added so the vlogger gets pinged, automatically obscured to protect his privacy :-)

P.S. -- Thanks to my colleague +Tom Mulders for the heads-up!
Cool video on Google Flight Search!
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Heh, got it, and no worries :-)
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Adam Lasnik

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Google Flights - Ask Us Anything on April 16, 3-6pm Eastern Time

UPDATE:  This event has been postponed.  I'll repost when we have a firm new date!

I'm excited to be hosting a Reddit AMA along with some teammates from Google Flights ( I'm "ThatAdamGuy" on Reddit, by the way :).

What's an AMA?

We'll tackle questions about how we handle the crazy complexity of flight searches, when you should book a flight (the answer may surprise you), and much more :).

Per Reddit tradition, we don't yet have a url to point you to, but will open up one about 30 minutes before the start time, and you'll be able to find it here:

So... please don't ask Flights questions in this thread.  But if you have questions about our upcoming AMA itself, those are fair game :-)

Looking forward to chatting with lots of you on the AMA soon!
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Okay, I've now created an actual event for this, so you can easily add it to your calendar, share with your friends, and so on! :)
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Adam Lasnik

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I've been dogfooding this for a while, and it's really a pleasure seeing beautiful art in Chrome; highly-recommended extension!
Starting today, discover a new way of browsing with the new Google Art Project extension that treats you to a beautiful work of art each time you open a new browser tab in +Google Chrome. See masterpieces by Van Gogh, Monet, Degas and other iconic artists from museums around the world throughout your day:
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Too fast flash. To truly enjoy a work of art you must sit and look , meditate on the piece to enjoy..If you want to see some real art go to Telescope Community, art planet. The net has damaged our attention span..Faster is not always better...fact your concentration may have compromised by the net, video games, TV...Sad who takes a walk in nature and has the capability of observation?
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Adam Lasnik

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This really excites me!  Of course, as a Googler, I cannot wait to be a part of this sort of thing.  But more importantly, I'm intrigued for what this may mean for office space in the future.

How will it better incorporate nature?
How will people arrive at it via bike, walking, public transit, car?
What will be the mix of company, commerce, play, and private spaces?

Europe and Asia are, IMHO, already way ahead of the U.S. on much of this... but I believe there's room for learning and growth worldwide.

I cannot wait to see how the workplace and cities are potentially re-imagined, with this effort below just the first step.
Today we're submitting a proposal to redevelop part of our campus in North Bayshore. With our proposed plan, our campus could be more adaptable to a changing company, bring new life to the environment, save energy, and create a sense of community with bike paths and space for local businesses. Ultimately, we hope to create a space for people, nature and ideas to thrive. Learn more:
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Aw :\.  I hope you have the pleasure of meeting other welcoming Googlers, and they have the pleasure of meeting you! :)
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Adam Lasnik

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I'm pretty excited about Jet - Why?

1) It's ecommerce based on the Costco model: Offer good value at low prices, and treat your employees with respect; profit by charging members an annual fee.

2) The CEO is encouraging people to be mindful of resources; order more things at a time to save shipping, packaging, energy costs.

3) And lastly, the Jet CEO has emphasized the importance of a respectful, transparent corporate culture, and -- appreciating such an environment myself at my workplace -- I'm delighted to support other companies that prioritize their employees' well-being.

Disclaimer: It's possible (but IMHO extremely unlikely) that I'll get a free 5 year membership if enough people follow my link and sign up on Jet to be notified of their launch.

P.S. -- Here's how I originally learned about Jet:
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Luckily they are better with commerce (so far) than with emails, apparently ;).  I just placed my first order with them and saved quite a bit of money over both Amazon and Google Express (like >20% cheaper!), and will apparently still get my items in "1-2 business days."
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