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Adam Lasnik
A reasonably social lindy-hopping geek in the SF Bay Area
A reasonably social lindy-hopping geek in the SF Bay Area


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The Google Cambridge (MA) office is pretty darn awesome! :-)

For my visit there this past week, I tackled lots of work, ingested copious amounts of delicious caffeine, and for the first time really put my new Pixel XL camera to the test!
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I wasn't part of this launch, but I'm glad it happened! Definitely appreciate the transparency when booking.
Price sensitive travelers can now find Basic Economy airfare options with several airlines. To make sure you’re aware of baggage restrictions before you book, Google Flights now shows you when your selected flights have carry-on bag limits. Find your next flight on
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Pixel phones are finally (sorta) back in stock!

Just bought an XL 128gb (+Daydream VR) for myself. Annoyingly, ship time is estimated at 4-5 weeks, but in my experience the Google Store's tended to be conservative about such estimates.

Other thoughts:
1) Yes, Pixels are expensive... about on par with iPhone prices.
2) Everyone I know who has one loves it.
3) Then again, most iPhone owners I know love their phones, too.

Takeaway: High end smart phones nowadays are all pretty awesome :).
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This is super-cool!

Have you tried Word Lens yet? :)
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A cappella master Deke Sharon is seriously awesome, musically and beyond, and I'm happy to see him recognized in the NY Times.

I e-met him in undergrad¹, marveling at his admirable but laughable plan to make a living from a cappella music.

He's gotten the last laugh, musically-powering super-popular movies (the "Pitch Perfect" series), a well-loved TV show ("The Sing-off"), multiple a cappella groups, and most recently, a musical on Broadway.²

I've had the pleasure of meeting him in person (he gave a talk at Google!³) and his optimism and sincere cheerfulness are just as amazing 'live.'

What I most appreciate about the fellow is that he sees music-making as a way for everyone to share joy.
He firmly espouses that both everyone can sing and everyone SHOULD sing. And as you might guess, I think he's 100% right :).


¹ He and I were both geeks on the USENET newsgroup rec.arts.a-cappella back in the early 90s.


³ "Lessons from A cappella for Business and Life" -
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Super excited about this!
I'll be scanning and uploading all 100 of my childhood photos with this.
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I first offered seed
Which the birds liked indeed!
But rats followed soon after
On the feeder and rafter

So I tried out some suet
But the birds, they poo-poo it:
"Come on, what the heck?!
What the bleep IS this dreck!"

Oh, what frustration!
Not to mention vexation
Let them get their own food!
While I give up and brood :(
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Awesome John Williams movie music - A cappella!
Check out this beautiful, fun, and wonderfully executed medley:

and be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel of Voctave (which I'm delighted to have now discovered!)

Hat tip:
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You need to see AND click on the doodle of the (late) great Frankie Manning on today!

Why? Because there are many good articles you can and should read about this amazing, inspirational guy. He was absolutely one of the most joyful, generous, inspiring people I've ever met, and I'm thankful I had the opportunity to take classes and chat with him.

In one of his classes, I accidentally rock-stepped right onto his foot (!). I was mortified, but thankfully he wasn't hurt and he had a good sense of humor about it.

A day later, he accidentally spilled a spot of white wine on me when we were both hanging out in the bar at When he saw that there was no harm done, he playfully poked me, smiled broadly and chuckled, "Payback! heh heh heh!" :D

I have many other memories of Frankie... typically with him ever so patiently helping dancers feel the music, feel the essence of partner dancing.

He wasn't all about the moves, but rather dancing to him was all about connecting with others and having a damn good time. Just as it should be.

"Gentlemen, you've gotta always remember... who is that beautiful lady in front of you? She's your Queen!" Indeed!

And couldn't we use a bit more respect, connection and undivided attention in our lives? :-) Yes, yes we could!
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Women in ads... as strong and successful doers, movers, thinkers
We could ask what took so long, but we likely already know the reason (read the article to find out). The better question is... how can we (men and women) accelerate the trend of advertising that respects and inspires?!

P.S. - With all that said, I'm a bit disappointed that the image chosen for this article (shown below) is... a scantily clad and especially attractive woman, which kind of goes against the key points in the article. Hmm... two steps forward, one step back...
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