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Bird No. 31 - Goldcrest

The Goldcrest - Regulus regulus - is the smallest European bird. Weighs only 4.5-7g. The funny Polish name "mysikrólik" (can't translate it - little king let's say), as well as its scientific name, comes from the gold crest (hence English name) which resembles a crown. Or maybe was it because of an old legend:

"Aristotle [..] and Pliny [..] both wrote about the legend of a contest amongst the birds to see who should be their king, the title to be awarded to the one that could fly highest. Initially, it looked as though the eagle would win easily, but as he began to tire, a small bird which had hidden under the eagle's tail feathers, emerged to fly even higher and claimed the title. Following from this legend, in much European folklore the Wren has been described as the "king of the birds" or as a flame bearer. However, these terms were also applied to the Regulus species, the fiery crowns of the Goldcrest and Firecrest making them more likely to be the original bearers of these titles [..]" (source:

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+Jesper Elgaard Thanks!
No, I don't use flash for bird photos generally. Whenever I use it the photos are ruined, or they need to much postprocessing.
it's not only bad for photos, but flash is very destructive to animal/bird eyes and cause permament blindness. using flash on most wildlife is very inappropriate. if you know what it's like to have blinding flas snapped in your eyes, then think about how much worse it much be for animal, fish, frog, bird or insect.
+Grzegorz Wapiński Yes, or little king of mice :) Anyway, in Polish the name is so strange some people think I'm talking about some kind of a rabbit. Or don't believe me such a name even exists.
+Mary C Legg It isn't that bad if you only use it as a fill flash in good light. But as a main source of light - I agree with you. Anyway, fill flash effects can generally be accomplished by postprocessing, so I don't use it.
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