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Wildlife photographers v. 9.0

If you post wildlife photos regularly on G+, please comment here ( and I'll include you in the next update. And please reshare - more wildlife photographers will be found this way.

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Can't get enough wildlife photos.
Add me in I also mostly macro insects but I'll also shoot any other critters or landscapes I can get my lens on.
I post 10 or more a day.
predominantly wildlife but always game to try anything
I'd love to be included. I only photograph backyard birds, hope that counts.
cy coze
Appreciate that I was already added, Many Thanks :)
Excellent I couldn't find me, Thank you much for including me!
+Ricky L Jones If you click on View people in circle there's a Search in this circle form. But I admit it's being blocked by some chrome addons sometimes and not always visible.
+Gert Ooms I'll check on you after weekend then, I won't update this circle until Wednesday anyway.
Alf Lai
Please add me. Thanks.
I photograph and post wildlife images. Please include me in your new list. Thanks !
I'm the owner of a safaris company in south africa and we deal a lot with wildlife photography, would really appreciate if you could include me on the next circle
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