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Wildlife photographers v. 14.0

New share of the circle. Many interesting photographers added.

Please reshare.

To check if you're included here, click on "View shared circle" and then search for your name in a search box.

If you post wildlife photos regularly on G+, please comment here and I'll include you in the next update. Google+ pages are welcome too.
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thanks for including me with all these great wildlife photographers :)
Thanks for maintaining this great circle of photographers, it is a fantastic service you are providing to the community! :)
I've put you in a very small select circle! Keep up the great work Adam!
The circle is close to 500 people (maximum) and I won't tell here in comments about new people included so I can make last moment decisions on whom to include. I don't want to make two parts of the circle for now.
just started putting pics on g+, but wildlife is one of my favs. would be an honour to be added ;-)
I would like to be added. I am interested in photographing birds and other wildlife. thank you
Hey! Thanks for the share, would be glad to be in the Circle, too.
I love shooting wildlife and mix my wildlife images with landscape images as well. It would be nice to be in the circle and network with other wildlife photographers
+Marc Briggs But you are in the circle already. This is an old version. Look at my profile for a new one.
I was not sure if I was in this circle. I photograph nature, birds and wildlife (when I have the opportunity). Thanks for sharing.
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