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Wildlife photographers v. 8.0

If you post wildlife photos regularly on G+, please comment here ( and I'll include you in the next update. And please reshare - more wildlife photographers will be found this way.

Updated. See for v. 9.0.

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I do. Im new on G+, will post wildlife photos regulary.
Thanks Adam, just added this to my own circle incase I was missing anybody.
Great circle. I love wildlife photography!!
Hello from Alaska.
Thank you, Adam!
I'm primarily a nature photography, so please consider adding me.

Amongst other interests, I'm definitely a wildlife photog.
Thanks for creating & sharing this. I've circled these folks.
I've shared, too. Nice to be a part of this circle. Hope others will enjoy it, too!
Hello. I am new to G+ - I am mainly landscape and nature photographer. Please consider adding me :)
Hi +Adam Kumiszcza would love to be a part of this circle. Mostly outdoors including some wildlife. Thanks for the work and for sharing!
HI Adam I've just joined Google+ and I'm a pro wildlife and underwater photographer. I've posted a few galleries so far and will be posting more plus will get quite a bit of info and hints and tips going soon as well.
I'd love to be on this list... still in the process of getting older photos onto G+, but they're on their way. Thanks!
Me! me! me! me! me!... (yeah yeah.. annoying)
New to G+ photograph mainly birds but enjoy any wildlife that presents itself
Hello Adam. Pretty new to G+ so would love to be in your Wildlife circle as this my area of passion and occasionally income.
+Ilene Hoffman Yes, many people are on both lists. The difference is here I focus on typical wildlife photos, the other list also includes domesticated animals.
I'll be updating this shared circle later today. Last chance to join or suggest somebody.
Love wildlife photography (and landscape) in Africa.
Love wildlife, travel, and Fine art photography--thanks for making this wildlife circle--I hope you will include me in this
Just started putting up some of my wildlife photos, take a look in my Nature album if you are interested.
Starting to be active on G+ and I specialize in wildlife.
+Barry Scully I don't see you posting any wild photos and I don't see the Nature album. Something wrong with the settings?
Thanks Adam for letting me know, I'm still trying to figure out the best settings for things on Google+. Please let me know if you can see the album now....not much point in putting these shots out there if no one can see them.
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