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Wildlife Photographers v. 20.2

Additional photographers for my Wildlife photography circle. Some of them were previously in this circle but became inactive for some time.

I will post full update after checking each and every person again. Before that, I will only post new photographers. So to get everybody you need to add:
Wildlife Photographers v. 20 (
Wildlife Photographers v. 20.1 (
Wildlife Photographers v. 20.2 (this one -

If you post wildlife photos regularly and want to be included, comment here. If you know somebody who should be in this circle, notify me please.
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Thanks Adam. Let me know anytime if I can help.
+Adam Kumiszcza Thanks for including me as well. Guess now I need to go and wake a few bears to get fresh wildlife photographs :)
Hey Adam, really like your new way of doing this circle, much better in terms of highlighting the new people. Makes it easier for me to go through them so I can decide whether or not I want to add them to my circles. Thanks as always for putting this together.
I've a post three times a week nature/wildlife related (not to mention daily themes). I'd love to be added :)
Not sure if I was in this circle before. I've been in antarctica for 5 weeks plus so may have looked inactive. Satellite web access is way too expensive to post images. Regards +Adam Kumiszcza
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