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Wildlife Photographers v. 20.1

Additional photographers for my Wildlife photography circle ( Some of them were previously in this circle but became inactive for some time.

I will post full update after checking each and every person again. Before that, I will only post new photographers.

If you post wildlife photos regularly and want to be included, comment here. If you know somebody who should be in this circle, notify me please.
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A great circle you have created here but I can't help but feel you have overlooked and missed a great wildlife photographer. Her name is +Sandy Schepis and her work is most definitely worthy or any circle let alone a specialist circle. Please check her out when you have the time.
+Adam Kumiszcza Oh ... I just checked again and I can't see her at all. There are only 17 people in this circle you have shared. I apologize in advance if I have made a mistake.
+Justin Hill Sandy is already in Version 20 of this wildlife circle.
edit: I'm to slow :)
+Adam Kumiszcza's me. Full apologies, I see what I have done now. Half asleep with head cold combination. Didn't notice the other circle post with 452 people circled in it! Ha. My advice to you is to ignore me for the rest of the day / week / year (delete as appropriate)! Think I'll go and lie down.
Awesome! Thanks for including me, Adam... Happy Friday!
Thanks for including me in this circle!
+Adam Kumiszcza, I've discovered someone who I think would be great to include. Her name is +Anette Mossbacher. She's relatively new but has some great wildlife photos. Check her out when you get a chance. -- Never mind, I see you found her already! :-)
Thanks again for the share & update +Adam Kumiszcza.

(btw, i have a tiger pic coming up next week... just that i'm not happy with the post processing so far...arrgh... !)
+Grant Collier I've just noticed I somehow messed up and didn't include you in my new update. Sorry :( I will include you in my next update then (probably a full share this time)
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