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Wildlife photographers v. 20.0

Big update. I browsed through each and every person here. Quite many were found inactive unfortunately. I have them in a separate circle to see if they start posting wildlife photos again.

Some of the new photographers here (random order): +Cindy Wheeler +Nicolas Lotsos +Lynn David Cole +Glenn Bartley +Frank Hatcher +Margaret Tompkins +Torka Poet +Jim Robertson +Chris Pienaar +Ralitza Tchiorniy +Birdwatch Alpujarras +Luffing Sails +Petra Hudakova +Shahar Boyayan +Jim Dehnert +Ben Locke +Suhaib Ayaz +Greg Gard +David Ward +Trevor Farrell +Linda Rockwell +rocco sette +Francisco Herrera +Kristen Marhaver +Andy Korolis +Bill GRABINSKI +Mike Gaudaur +Uwe Fischer +Heather Wallace +Jasbir S. Randhawa +Shaina Niehans +Peyton Hale +David Hoffman +Mark Middleton +Shayla Middleton +Björn Kleemann +Neotropical Birding Tours +Rob Dweck +Heidemarie Kueck

Please reshare.

To check if you're included here, click on View shared circle and then search for your name in a Search in this circle box.

If you post wildlife photos regularly on G+, please comment here and I'll include you in the next update. From now on I will be sharing updates of this circle (v. 20.1, 20.2 etc.) of only new people. Once in a month or so I will be rechecking everybody and making a new share (v. 21, etc.).
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many thanks for the update
I would also like to thank you, +Adam Kumiszcza, for including me to this great circle. I feel honoured since I know know that you took your time to look at all the profiles. Hope to be able to post more wildlife photos as soon as spring arrives...
Thanks for the continued inclusion and the great work on this circle Adam, great work Sir!
+Adam Kumiszcza Oh connection is also pretty slow, it can be quite torturing sometimes. Well, such an effort is even more adorable then. Congrats to your great patience! :-)
I love this circle--it's greater than 50% of everybody I follow.
Aloha Adam - thanks a bunch for the inclusion :) Hope to make you proud - and me being such a nature and outdoor freak, I simply love the work of so many of these folks. Mahalo!
Many thanks for the addition to the circle. I apprecitate it. Frank
Thanks for the update, and thanks again for including me.
thanks from me as well to include me in this circle, I hope I'll be able to provide the occasional interesting photo
Quite a circle! Thanks so much for including me!
+Adam Kumiszcza Aloha Adam! Thank you very much for including me in your circle :) I plan to be more active now that I have almost kicked this cold that's been kicking me for three weeks now!
I think I got dropped this time +Adam Kumiszcza (I think I was there before)

Will have to take more photos of wildlife to get back on =)
The effort you put into maintaining this circle is quite evident in this update and because of this it remains the best resource for finding wildlife photographers on G+. Thank you :)
Hey, Adam. Great idea putting this circle together. I post wildlife photos every few days and would love to join. Thanks!
Thanks again for the inclusion and for the work in maintaining this great shared circle, +Adam Kumiszcza.
I'd be most grateful if you would add me to this circle, Adam...
+Mónica Mulhern If you want to follow, then click "Add circle" and add it to your circles or create a new one. Posts will appear in your stream then.
Thank you for including me with all these great wildlife photographers. Keep up the good work +Adam Kumiszcza
Thank you +Adam Kumiszcza for including me with these wonderful wildlife photographers! I really appreciate it!
Great work, thank you very much !
Hi, I'm taking some Japanese birds and scapes, and glad if you join me. :)
Thanks +Adam Kumiszcza for add me to this circle.
Hello photographers + Chauffeur Guide - Authentic Safari Kenya, photography on Nature & Wildlife in East Africa. I would be glad and welcome your value subject. 
+Adam Kumiszcza - I'm new here, not quite sure if I have any of these circles already, but will add anyway... look forward to seeing more wildlife photos and sharing mine.
I tried the link and received an error message that album is not available? +Steve Gill
+Adam Kumiszcza thanks so much for adding me- I plan to get better at posting more often! I am really getting inspired by Google +!!
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