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Awesome redesign of +WhatsApp. Kind of mind boggling this app has 100million+ users (one of which is me) but has such an awful UI.
I've been using +WhatsApp  for Android a lot lately, and from the first day until now I can't get used to that UI. All in all it's not bad, but it just feels old and not native. (And it features the menu button of shame.)

So, I started on working on a redesign of some parts of the app some weeks ago, using elements of the Holo design language, yet trying to keep close to the branding of it.
Now that +Roman Nurik  mentioned the givaway of some UI Stencils during the latest episode of  Android Design in Action for some proper app redesigns, that gave me the motivation to finish that work.

#AndroidDesign #ADiA
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Is the menu/settings button supposed to be down there on the right?
+Shane Menshik - I believe so, this is pretty standard when using split action bar (see the system Messaging app).
Thought it was "Upper right" now ..  like Google+ app, gmail, etc.
No, it's true, if u use the Split Actionbar it shows up at the bottom. Not sure if thats really that good. I could use some more room for actions.
+Shane Menshik It depends on whether you have a split action bar. With a split action bar, the ActionItems will be done along the bottom when the screen is less than 480dp wide (e.g. most phones in portrait, but not in landscape). If there is an overflow menu, it will be placed as the far right action item, whether the action items are on the top or bottom.

The key thing is to not think of it as a menu button. It's an overflow for ActionItems that don't have enough room to fit in the ActionBar. As such it will always be placed with the rest of the ActionItems.

Where the design got it slightly wrong (and it's a total nit-pick), is that the ActionItems should be all evenly spaced instead of having the search item separated from the rest of them. I understand why it was done that way, but the ActionBar doesn't work like that. Also consider that when  the phone is rotated into landscape, the bottom portion of the ActionBar goes away and all the items are shown at the top, so having that space there would be weird. See

Other than that, the redesign was really well done. Definitely looks a lot nicer.
thanks +Josh Brown for the detailed explanation. it is a much better design than before. 
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