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I'm ready for G+ to get rid of the +1 button and switch to a like button.

I like the new G+ favicon. It's simpler, so it's easier quicker to comprehend. Also, it's red, so you know that it isn't facebook.

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Did you know that doodling is a way to maintain your focus while listening to something? That it might actually aid in your ability to recall info, learn, and solve creative problems? While it's typically denigrated as a pointless activity, +Sunni Brown author, CEO of an information design firm, and one of the most creative thinkers in business (according to Fast Company), says that doodling should be defined as: "To make spontaneous marks to help yourself think."

Studies have shown that people who doodle while listening retain more information than those who don't. Doodling can also be helpful for creative problem solving and "deep" information processing. According to Brown, there are four ways that learns can intake information to make decisions:

reading & writing

And doodling engages all of them. Watch her Ted Talk here to check it out.

This got me to thinking about Google Doodles (those little drawings/changes to the Google logo you see from time to time). Did you know that the first "Google Doodle" was inspired by Burning Man? Apparently Sergey and Larry put a little man behind the 2nd "o" in the Google logo when they went to Burning Man in 1998 to show that the founders were "out of the office."

As I started to research this a bit, I found that Google has a website where they've archived every Google Doodle ever made: Pretty fun stuff. :-) You can even go back and see the first Burning Man Doodle... which reminds me, I need to process some more of my Burning Man Photos and write about my experience there... I'll try to do it this week.

For the good of society, everyone should go to their G+ profile and set it so that the "Videos" tab is not visible. You will save people time who click on the videos tab to see if there is anything there (when there isn't of course). (Optional: do the same for the +1 tab.)

My list of ways G+ could improve is growing...
1. We want slugs. (E.g. my profile should be, not
2. The place feature is way too invasive. When I click on the red bubble in this input box, it gives my exact address...Does Google really think that's what I wanted to share? They should give granularity options. (I.e. tell what city, tell what neighborhood, tell exact location.)

Published in Berkeley

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kind of shows who's on G+ . I don't even know some of those people (Pete Cashmore, for example, but I will be sure to look him up to prepare for when someone mentions this post to me).

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helpful info about G+
For the noobs. Feel free to share at will.

Created by +Simon Laustsen. Props.

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June 28, 2011
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