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Adam J. Humphreys
SEO and Web Analytics Professional helping companies turn their websites into lead generating assets.
SEO and Web Analytics Professional helping companies turn their websites into lead generating assets.

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+Google Canada+Sergey Brin​ I have been using Google maps/Local Business since inception issue free. Suddenly I am being harassed by a team in India with extremely poor diction and English comprehension over a business I have run since 09 issue free. Please offer a professional service where people can pay to validate location based info so you can get the right people on the job. I can't tell you how angry I am being treated like that running a fortune through Adwords etc with my clients and then after so long being shut down without a call/notification. This is beyond unprofessional conduct on part of +Google Small Business​ Also, the postcard thing with many businesses gets lost when a credit card with business license would be done same day while profiting +Google​ . Credit cards are tied to locations so this should be a no brainer. More profit+ valid search results + happy clients.

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In the grand scheme of things we're just a small part but sometimes you need to go outside to see that.

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A website's intrinsic value is an extension of you. Cohesive and comprehensive design with a clear message examplifies the psychology of ease of doing business with an established company. This remains true for big or small. All companies can continue to benefit from improving on this by listening with advanced business intelligence and science marketing. 

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I'd love to see +Google+  Chrome cache the latest working password instead of keeping the old ones and patch Chrome for Windows 10 weird rendering issues for the navigation and url bar. 

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To some people the core is other regions. 
What group of muscles is he working out.. ? :D
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Does ABC corp's title stand for Always Be Closing +Sergey Brin ? I mean that would be all kinds of awesome if it did for a parent company. Hats off to you!

How are we all supposed to keep in touch now that google+ is going away? Twitter is a ghost town for activity. FB works fine
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