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Unofficial Google+ Film Festival Announcement
This is the first annual short film festival showcasing the best filmmaking talents on Google+. This interactive festival intends on strengthening the Google+ filmmaking community and also connecting filmmakers with an appreciative audience.
Please share this post to get the word out
Link to post:

Date: Sat. Dec. 3, 2011 starting at 8pm E.S.T.

Location: Via Hangout and chat with the filmmakers
Streamed live at
(Comment below and I will add you to a circle that will be notified on the date of the event).

Deadline for submissions: Fri. Nov. 18 at 11:59 p.m. E.S.T.
To submit your film, send me (+Adam J. Cohen) private message with an online link to your film.
(No cost to submit).

Project Contributors
+Keith Barrett
+Jaime Byrd
+Johnathan Chung
+Ryan Crowe
+Christina Trapolino
+Aaron Wood
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sweet ... i may have something to add
Nice, please add me to your circle.
Looks great! :) Can't wait to see this thing happen!
This is going to be a great thing! W00t!!
That's very cool. Can't wait to see what people will submit.
Thanks everyone for your interest and excitement behind the festival.

What a great opportunity to invite your favorite filmmakers from Facebook to join this great platform. You can send them the link to this post and encourage them to submit their short films.
Hi All .. Anyone have a Filmmakers circle they can share?
I'm definitely tuning in! :)
Please add me to the "keep-up-to-date"circle. Looks great.
Souds Great! I will prepare something...
I would like to be notified as well...
Una buena manera de ir legitimando las nuevas galerías de arte, me interesa mucho, avísame, gracias.
Cool... I submitted my short GOTHIC/CLAUSTROPHOBIA earlier...
Finishing up on Chicago's first user-generated Youtube Movie - <== This is the original video asking for footage. Completed movie is nearly complete... Definitely before Nov. 18th. :)
Oh yeah, please circle me and notify me of the event...
+Steven Vargas Always good to have a deadline. Make sure to send me a link to the video before Nov. 18. Good luck!
Haha! You know me too well... I NEED a deadline. Don't we all? ;)
I wouldnt mind being notified of this either
I would like an invite as well! :)
Film Festival? Maybe there's more to this Google+ thing than a bunch of social media geeks saying how everybody needs to be on it RIGHT NOW! Hmmm...
+Victoria Carwin Please send me a link to your short film for consideration. You may do so in a private message. Thanks,
+Adam J. Cohen is there any sort of confirmation or receipt of entry that we should be looking out for?
+Darren Miller , I've got your submission for "Charlie On Parole". I should be able to send out notifications sometime during the week after the deadline on Nov. 18. Thanks for checking in. If I'm missing any other submission, feel free to send me a private message..

ok, sending link now +Adam J. Cohen Let me know you received it... hey, throw a comment or soemthing in there, too, if you enjoyed it. ;+)
please add me to the circle to be notified, thanks.
We probably should change the to
I've edited the post but I don't think I can easily edit the photo. All future posts have been rebranded with Let me know if you find any other posts that need to be changed.
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