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Keep moving forward!
Keep moving forward!

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Time to unite as humanity and remember of those in need, who came to live in less favourable circumstances.
This Friday is ‪#‎WorldHumanitarianDay‬, which gives us an opportunity to pay tribute to aid workers who risk their lives in humanitarian service, and to mobilize people to advocate for a more humane world.

Watch this video from United Nations OCHA and ‪#‎ShareHumanity‬!

Learn more here:

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More people than ever before need our help.
Many #HumanitarianHeroes are already helping but world needs more of them.

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Observed in one of the hotels in the US. Not sure whether it's funny or sad...

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Hertz seems to think I like American Muscle cars. Previously it was Ford Mustang, this time I got Dodge Charger.
Supposedly it has 300hp 3.6L V6 engine and 8 gear automatic gearbox, yet I wouldn't call it snappy. It was much snappier than Gleb's Prius C rental, but I still very much prefer German cars with manual gearbox.
On the plus side this was the newest car I've ever driven (only 300 miles when I got it). I can't say I was running it below 3000 rpm,...
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About to board Airbus A380. It's a gigantic plane. With 3 classes configuration it can take 524 passengers and with 98 business seats - business is a new economy. 
While seating on the lower deck at least I was in one of the first rows, which made me go through immigration before the 400 other people,...
Auto awesome somehow made this snapshot look interesting :).

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Many things changed in the last 25 years and I'm sure even more things will change during next 25 years.

At the same day Google announces opening 3rd Campus (centre for tech start-ups) in Warsaw after London and Tel Aviv [].
Świętujemy 25 lat wolnej Polski!

Teraz także na stronie wyszukiwarki - jubileuszowe #doodle już jest!

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Happy Children’s Day around the world! First proclaimed in 1925 at the World Conference for the Well-being of Children, this holiday is celebrated around the world on various dates. 

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Poland and Denmark, you can now discover more music you love with Google Play Music. From unlimited skips to 20 million songs, All Access lets your experience unlimited ad-free music, free for 30 days:

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New Stories feature is awesome!
Memories made easier with Stories and Movies

Now it’s even easier to bring moments to life with Google+. Today you’ll see several updates including all-new Stories, plus Auto Awesome Movies on lots more devices.

Stories make sharing your adventures a snap. Your best photos and videos from a trip are combined with the places you visited to create a beautiful, interactive travelogue.  

And Auto Awesome Movies will be available across Android, iOS and the web. Movies are a highlight reel of your best photos and videos, expertly combined and set to music.  

Check out the post below to see Story examples and for more details on what’s new in Google+.

These updates are rolling out today to Android users via Google Play ( and are coming soon for iOS.
#googleplusupdate #stories
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