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I'm like Clark Kent
I'm like Clark Kent

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Right Google+, I have been using you for a few of my clients over the past few months and I must say I am impressed.

Where other social channels have cheated on me, you have prevailed. So I hope you'll have me back! I've tidied up my profile, laid on some new photos and art and I'm ready to become a G+-er! 

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"1 in 4 people use Google+ once a month", that's Google!, the search engine we all strive so hard to compete in?!

A common complaint is that many don't know how to engage and use the new Social Media giant.

Well help is at hand, learn why and how to use Google+ with this excellent post from Cyrus Shepard on the SEOMoz Blog.

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Love Love Love!!! MUST HAVE ONE!!!!
                              Transformer USB flash drive..

Ha Finally got round to uploading a profile picture to my new shiny Google+ account......I promise I will start to use this channel more!
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