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Adam Hecht
"Don't buy upgrades; ride up grades." - Eddy Merckx
"Don't buy upgrades; ride up grades." - Eddy Merckx

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Friday WTF: Quiet Ginger.
   Yes, the posts have been spotty lately. I have been slacking. My New Year's resolution is to... not care about it as much. Here are a couple fun videos from CX season. Shhhh Be Quiet Ginger Joey's OK!

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Chain Stay Mounted Derailleurs
   I came across these wild looking derailleurs over on the bicycling Sub Reddit , and it just asked more questions than it answered. These are derailleurs mounted not below the dropout, but on the chainstay:    These models are from the 40's and 50's, befo...

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Trio Cargo Bike
   I stumbled across this cargo bike from a post from the Larry Vs Harry Facebook page. One user was complaining that Bullitt owners were like Apple fan boys, and no other product could compare. Nonsense! Like all cyclists, cargo bike owners are a caring, l...

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Bold Cycles Linkin Trail and Internal Suspension
   I have been casually looking around for a medium to long travel 29er as a replacement for the Scalpel, and have come across some interesting bikes along the way. One of them is from Bold Cycles, and is immediately noticeable as different. Bolt Cycles Lin...

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Friday WTF: Awesome Cornering Edition
   CX may be over but there's plenty of cool footage still going around... Thanks to gfycay user InformalBrightHuemul  for the clip, I guess, although it had to be converted from WebM to a gif to be shared, so thanks for nothing.

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Upside Rack
   The "Fast - Cheap - Good" triangle has eluded designers forever. "Pick Two"   When it comes to roof racks, you can usually get two of them easily. Bike racks are either expensive, shitty, or take forever to use. The guys over at Upside Rack are trying to...

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What Makes a Flatland bicycle?
   There's lots of kinds of biking these days... road, criterium, track, touring, time trial, triathlon, cross country mountain bike, endurance mountain bike, short track, downhill, dual slalom, cyclocross, dirt jumping, slope style, street, park, trails, t...

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Frodat WTF: Awesome Cargo Bike Bench
   I don't know if this is a functional bike, but it sure is a cool idea: Bike Bench    If you like riding bikes, and talking about bikes, you probably will like sitting on a bench made out of a bike!

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Electric Assist Trailer
   Electric assist is changing the way people ride bikes. Daily commuter  electric bikes make traveling by bicycle more convenient. Not without controversy, Moab put a blanket ban  on electric bikes on the surrounding trails. Everywhere, companies are hedgi...

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New Wheels for the SuperSix
   I have been rocking the same road wheels for two bikes now, a really great pair of Mavic Ksyriums. As the miles have been adding up, there have been some noticeable age indicators on these wheels: a creak in the front wheel; the free hub body needs clean...
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