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If I play a game enough it inevitably leads to code. Finally I reached that point with G+ Crime City. This utility helps me keep track of how much stamina I have and tells me if I have enough to do 10% to the various bosses:

- Compute how much stamina to spend to do 10% on the boss.
- Keep track of current stamina as it refills 1 every 3 minutes; I don't have to load up the game to find out how much I have.
- Track multiple accounts (limited by how big you can make the window).

If anyone is interested in running it yourself, the code (VS 2010 project) and compiled exe can be downloaded here (link good for 7 days, supposedly):
I run it in windows 7 and it requires .NET 4.0. Might/should work in other versions of windows as well.

"User Guide" for those who try to run it:
The fields you need to enter are:
Name - whatever
Level - current level
Skill - Attack skill in Profile->Skills tab.
Attack - Mafia Attack
Defense - Mafia Defense
Building Def - Total of all defense values from buildings in your hood.
Sta Max - How much stamina you have when full.
Stamina - How much stamina you have now.

Colors for the boss cost:
Green - You have enough to do 10% even if all shots are for minimum damage.
Blue - You have enough to do 10% if all shots do max damage (not likely)
Red - Need to wait for more stamina to regenerate.
Gold - Can do 10% if you use all current stamina plus use full stamina refill.
Gray - Can't do 10% even with current stamina plus full refill.

Clicking on the stamina cost of the boss will decrease your current stamina by the max stamina cost for that boss. If the current stamina gets out of sync for other reasons, just type in the correct value.
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pretty interesting. How do the skill points effect the overall attack and defense? I have never quite understood that part.
Sweet! I've .NET 4.0, but Windows Vista, would it run there, too?
+Nicholas Vilppu adding 1 to your attack skill increases your damage to bosses by 1. Pathetic, and a total waste; don't do it. =)
+Carsten Huegel it probably would work in Vista, but I haven't tried.
+Rakib Rahman You can get some of that from a person's profile (the only important thing that you can't get exactly would be their defense from buildings). The ones in the screenshot though, I happen to have their account passwords. =)
zun wno
are you programmer :)
I'm a programmer by profession. This little guy took a couple hours. Those big posts of Natty/Snakes and the difficulties of trying to attack with different accounts was the motivation for it. =)
If you just want the exe, it's in the zip way down in bin directory.
Oh, yeah yeah, got it. Let me delete my email address from the comments.
I edited the post to include the link, make it easier for folks. =)
i wasted around 100+ on skills point.... and now really feel ashamed.....Arghhh
It really sucks that they don't give a good explanation of the real effect of spending points on those skills.
+zun wno that's a good idea, but I think some of those mail servers are smart enough to beat even that now. Pretty soon they might bee good enough to start guessing some easy passwords too. =)
Ok, i could run the.exe file without problems on my Windows Vista, i didn't even had to run it as an Admin. But i don't have any clues, for what to put into the box under "Skill". All the others are explaines itself, but this Skill box is making me headaches. xD Any help with descriptions for how to use it, would be very appreciated. Nice work, btw. :)
Skill is your attack skill in your profile, where you upgrade your stamina and energy when you level up.

Oh and it's not obvious, but when you spend stamina on a boss, click the cost for that boss over on the right and it will subtract that much stamina (the bigger of the two numbers if they're not the same) from your current stamina.
doh My failure, i put the skills under A/D, and forgot my "real" A/D. Now it works like a charm. Thanks for pushing me into the right way. lmao :)
Lets just say it could benefit from some usability tweaks. It's the kind of thing you get when I programmer makes something just for themselves. =)
Maybe I should explain the colors too:
Green = enough stamina to do 10% worst case.
Blue = enough stamina to do 10% best case (not likely)
Red = need to regen more stamina
Gold = enough stamina to do 10% if you also use full refill
Gray = forget it =)
I should reduce my building defence :p
Building defense helps when someone else attacks you, but it doesn't increase your damage to bosses. Have to specify it in the program so it can be subtracted out of mafia defense to accurately compute how much damage will be done to the bosses. =)
Yep, just played a bit with the Building Defense. I increased the number step by step, and at one point, the numbers for the bosses are decreasing then. So, with the help of your nice program, you can watch and plan, when to stop to increase your Buildingdefenses. :)
Ok, +Adam Hayek ?
Please explain me: How do I figure out my "building def"? And I don't get it with the "Sta max" and "stamina" - what is the difference ?
Okay, I got it with the first point, I just don't get the difference between "sta max" and "stamina".
Here is my data:
VaDe Man-90-10-32812-33964-1406-135-?
+VaDe Man max stamina is your max stamina, and stamina is your current stamina to determine if you are able to take down a boss, check the different colors.
+VaDe Man To get your building defense, add up the defense value of all your defense buildings in your hood. Maybe you have none, which makes it easy, just specify 0. "Stamina" is your current amount of stamina which you can use to attack the boss. The program will increment "Stamina" by 1 every 3 minutes until it is equal to "Sta Max", just like the game. +Rakib Rahman, thanks.
I'd recommend 7zip. Use that to open it.
New zip uploaded (link in main post updated). Fixed a bug when tracking multiple accounts which kept them all updating when the top one did, instead of all independently.
+Adam Hayek sorry but i cant find this exe file, can you please post link for download ? thanks
It is a compressed file, with a 7z-extension. You will need a compression software to open the file.
Hi, do you have a basketball court? I am looking for one other player who has one so I can do the goal "collecting two jersey". Let me know , Thank you :)
Hello Adam, i need mafia with courts of basketball for a mision. I try add you to my mafia but you arent. Please add me for can complet my mision. Thanks! Sorry but my english no is good ;)
yes, you are in my mafia now...but i cant protect,rob your court...i dont know for whAT... i sent invite of them , but arent in my mafia yet...
There's a limit to how many people can protect in a hood each day, and lots of people visit my hood.  If you check back often enough during the day you'll probably get the opportunity to protect.  You might consider using the rivals screen and look for people with a court you can rob.
+Adam Hayek have you tried hacking CC, I know some people have done it do get enough mob clicks, and even for MML.
How to hack CC?? as i am on level 125+ but only Basketball mission is remaining...
If you mean decompiling the flash or something, no.  Not into the game nearly enough (or want to stop playing enough) to do anything that involved.
OK. but I want to download a spreadsheet of what is displayed from my mafia.  Shoing current mafia, pending, and add to request level.  Levels, names
+Constantine N Jeromnimon I have another post that details the formula for taking the inputs that you put into this program and gives the amount of damage done to the different bosses.  It would be pretty easy to enter that formula into a spreadsheet, and you could do whatever you wanted with it from there.
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