If I play a game enough it inevitably leads to code. Finally I reached that point with G+ Crime City. This utility helps me keep track of how much stamina I have and tells me if I have enough to do 10% to the various bosses:

- Compute how much stamina to spend to do 10% on the boss.
- Keep track of current stamina as it refills 1 every 3 minutes; I don't have to load up the game to find out how much I have.
- Track multiple accounts (limited by how big you can make the window).

If anyone is interested in running it yourself, the code (VS 2010 project) and compiled exe can be downloaded here (link good for 7 days, supposedly): http://www.fileconvoy.com/dfl.php?id=g8cb8b24382effd4310933835750174edb8ad46
I run it in windows 7 and it requires .NET 4.0. Might/should work in other versions of windows as well.

"User Guide" for those who try to run it:
The fields you need to enter are:
Name - whatever
Level - current level
Skill - Attack skill in Profile->Skills tab.
Attack - Mafia Attack
Defense - Mafia Defense
Building Def - Total of all defense values from buildings in your hood.
Sta Max - How much stamina you have when full.
Stamina - How much stamina you have now.

Colors for the boss cost:
Green - You have enough to do 10% even if all shots are for minimum damage.
Blue - You have enough to do 10% if all shots do max damage (not likely)
Red - Need to wait for more stamina to regenerate.
Gold - Can do 10% if you use all current stamina plus use full stamina refill.
Gray - Can't do 10% even with current stamina plus full refill.

Clicking on the stamina cost of the boss will decrease your current stamina by the max stamina cost for that boss. If the current stamina gets out of sync for other reasons, just type in the correct value.
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