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Snow on the last day of spring break.
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If I play a game enough it inevitably leads to code. Finally I reached that point with G+ Crime City. This utility helps me keep track of how much stamina I have and tells me if I have enough to do 10% to the various bosses:

- Compute how much stamina to spend to do 10% on the boss.
- Keep track of current stamina as it refills 1 every 3 minutes; I don't have to load up the game to find out how much I have.
- Track multiple accounts (limited by how big you can make the window).

If anyone is interested in running it yourself, the code (VS 2010 project) and compiled exe can be downloaded here (link good for 7 days, supposedly):
I run it in windows 7 and it requires .NET 4.0. Might/should work in other versions of windows as well.

"User Guide" for those who try to run it:
The fields you need to enter are:
Name - whatever
Level - current level
Skill - Attack skill in Profile->Skills tab.
Attack - Mafia Attack
Defense - Mafia Defense
Building Def - Total of all defense values from buildings in your hood.
Sta Max - How much stamina you have when full.
Stamina - How much stamina you have now.

Colors for the boss cost:
Green - You have enough to do 10% even if all shots are for minimum damage.
Blue - You have enough to do 10% if all shots do max damage (not likely)
Red - Need to wait for more stamina to regenerate.
Gold - Can do 10% if you use all current stamina plus use full stamina refill.
Gray - Can't do 10% even with current stamina plus full refill.

Clicking on the stamina cost of the boss will decrease your current stamina by the max stamina cost for that boss. If the current stamina gets out of sync for other reasons, just type in the correct value.
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[Crime City post]

Finally, I think I've deciphered an approximate formula for the amount of damage done to bosses. The relevant stats are:

- Mafia attack (atk)
- Mafia defense (def)
- Building defense (BD)
- Level (L)
- Attack skill (AS)
- Boss Bonus (B)

Each boss has a different bonus (B):

Snake = 830
Natty = 450
Diablo = 900
Payne = 1990
To get the maximum damage (Dmax) from one stamina (not power shot), use the formula:

Dmax = L + AS - 10 + (atk + def - BD) / 6.045 + B

To get the minimum damage (Dmin) from one stamina use the formula:

Dmin = Dmax * 0.95

The forumla for Dmax only works for combined atk + def values over a certain minimum, probably close to the value of B for whatever boss. I'm not able to test at low enough levels to determine exactly where this formula kicks in, but mostly it doesn't matter because at those low levels it would be tough to beat the boss anyway (hundreds and/or thousands of sta required for 10%).

The above formula is not what the game actually uses, but gives a value within 10 of what is actually seen in game at all levels I have tested. It is a bit uncertain also whether the L and (AS - 10) values in the formula should be as I have them or if they should be scaled by 6.045 as the mafia attack and defense parts are. It makes very little difference either way.

Using those values you can calculate a quite reliable minimum and maximum number of stamina required to do 10% to each boss, and how much to increase combined mafia attack + defense in order to lower the amount of stamina required.

One notable conclusion is that though spending skill points on attack does have a measurable effect, it's so virtually useless that it would be funny if it weren't such a tragic waste. Spending skill points on attack does NOT raise the displayed mafia attack value of your character. I suspect spending skill points on defense might have the same effect on boss damage as spending on attack (like mafia attack and defense both effect boss damage) but I wasn't willing to waste a skill point to test it.

The other thing of note is that although mafia defense from items does increase boss damage (to the same degree as mafia attack, no less), defense from buildings does not.
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Kids ready for Tae Kwon Do tournament.
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Something I've been meaning to write for a while now myself. Post to the Game Stream as Public.
How to use the Gamestream Function without annoying the Hell out of others
an Observation/Learning-Experience by me to others (who dont want to end up being Blocked^^). a TL;DR is at the bottom :>

When i started using Google+ when it was internal Beta and the Games started appearing, i had couple Circles (Like CC for Crimecity, GW for Global War and whatnot).

Since i dont want to annoy People while playing (aside from crushing my Victims in the games of course harhar) i carefully used the "Share" Button inside games only with the Circle of the Game i was playing.

So when i was playing Global Warfare and i posted those "need help with whatever" Sharefunction i only selected the GW circle. For Crimecity the CC circle and so on.
I thought when i play GW, i dont want to annoy the CC ppl with my GW shit they prolly dont play.

Later i figured out that it was just too much work and not needed (or Google+ evolved enough that it got better).

Just post all your Stuff as "public" and Public ONLY. Why?

The Stuff you post only gets posted to the "Gamestream". So all the People you got in your Circle who dont Play Games or are just reading trough their Stuff wont get bothered with your hundreds of Notifications.

For the ones doing some Games they have a Nice Gamestream they can "work trough".

If you keep posting your stuff using limited Circles this only causes unneccessary "... shared a Post directly with you" notifications that can get really annoying for some People (me... as example).

I prefer to read trough notifications that matter like when i get mentioned, +1, commented on stuff i do on this Google+ Thing.

Having like 50 notifications where 46 are just another "Help me with that Boss" and maybe missing out the important ones are not a good Experience.

Iam sure others think the same. So please stop using "...shares a post directly with you", just post to public and "everyone" is happy :P

If you dont.. well then you might end up getting blocked if you keep doing it and annoy the hell out of me (and iam usually nice enough and ask nicely before i block).

Thanks... At some later time i might rewrite this whole thing so it actualyl is a better nice to read guide. Or if youre annoyed with the same issue and can write much better Guides: Do it and post it, so the annoyed ones can just link to that Post so i dont have to write my ass off every day repeating the same thing over and over to "that new Guy who joined me in the game"

- Use the Ingamesharebutton on setting "Public" or you cause Annoyance with unneeded "...shares a Post directly with you". If you dont --> expect to be blocked sooner or later. I doubt you want this Effect :P
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If you circled me for Crime City and I have not circled you back, let me know here. Or anywhere really.
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I've been sick the last couple days and last night I slept way too long and had a nightmare about Crime City. In my dream I had a fight that looked like a boss fight, but was actually against another player. I lost the fight and of course the penalty for losing a fight (this is a nightmare remember) is that you lose a percentage of your gear. All my best items were gone and I woke up drenched in sweat. Crappy colds, crappy nightmares. =)
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Posting my own to continue another discussion about copyright, since I don't want to upset people in their own threads.

I think copyright is immoral because it goes against something which is a fundamental part of human nature and which is our primary means of elevating ourselves and our civilization, namely the communication of ideas.

I think the belief that ideas can and should equal dollars is a poison, and that our institution of copyright and patents brings far greater harm than any good it could ever foster.

If someone can (and they do) make a living putting their ideas in the public domain (software, music, writings, knitting patterns, whatever) then I'm happy for them but that doesn't mean I think myself or anyone or everyone else should be able to make a living that way and I certainly don't think the threat of law enforcement should be brought to bear in order to guarantee any such potential outcome.
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[Crime City public post]

There's a gun in the store, Night Vision MAR, that has absurd stats, and cost 0 gold. Don't know how many people have done it already, but I just got attacked by someone with 500 of them. Guy had 70k some defense.

Hope the bugfixes don't take as long to come around as this update itself did.
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Find people in crime city that have some of the special buildings to protect.
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