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Adam Grimes

New dimmer button behavior: I recently purchased a new dimmer and found that it comes set up out of the box to give a different scene on each press of the on button... to 5 scenes. Is there any way to make this editable within the all 4 Hue app? Currently it says unsupported functions so we can't edit those, but that would be very handy. I'm sure you're aware of this change to the default behavior but wondered if there was any chance of it being supported soon.

Feature request: can you support first press, second press, first press and hold, and second press and hold for the dimmer? your long release and hold are difficult to separate. i think you have a great app, but this is one thing that iConnect does that I think you should consider doing if you can. Since many people are probably already comfortable with your choices, could this be an option? Would be nice to have support for second press, etc for the dimmer. Thank you!

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