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Google's John Mueller: It can take 6+ months for changes in content quality to impact rankings (it takes time to aggregate information) - at 29:22 in the video  #seo  

Google will crawl and index the content relatively quickly (and it can start to rank in the SERPs). But, it can take much longer for Google to aggregate all of the information in order to turn that into a positive signal for the domain.

Note, I've written before about how long it can take when helping clients recover from Panda (and it often takes months of hard work). There was one case study I wrote about a client that worked their tail off for 6 months before recovering... so I think John is spot-on with this.

Obviously the timeframe can vary per domain, but if you are making a radical change in content quality, it can take months.

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Update on how we display snippets on mobile SERPs

<Tl;dr: do not block Googlebot for smartphones from accessing your mobile site! >

Almost a year ago, we announced that Googlebot-mobile user-agent was being replaced by Googlebot for smartphones ( Googlebot for Smartphones uses iPhone-based user-agent and obeys robots.txt, robots meta tag, and HTTP header directives for “Googlebot”, same as desktop.

For example, since the change, the robots.txt directive below blocks crawling for Googlebot and Googlebot for smartphone:

User-agent: Googlebot
Disallow: /

We’ve been seeing mobile websites that have that directive or that block access to critical resources such as JavaScript, CSS or images files. This prevents us from crawling and indexing their content properly.

For that reason, starting today, we’ll display a message in place of the description snippet for mobile search results blocking Googlebot for smartphones, just as we already do for search results blocking Googlebot .

Make sure Googlebot for smartphones can access and see your content properly. You can use the Fetch and Render as Google feature in Webmaster Tools, with the “Mobile: smartphone” option selected, to double-check that Googlebot for smartphones is not blocked. In addition, we strongly recommend not disallowing crawling of any CSS or JavaScript used on either the desktop or the mobile pages, so that we can recognize the pages appropriately.

If you have more questions, feel free to comment on this post or to ask on our Webmaster forums:!forum/webmasters

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Hello from Harrogate: Grow Local winner Web Marketing Group gets the Google treatment today

The Partners team has landed in Harrogate for our first Google Goes To Your Office agency visit as part of the Grow Local Challenge!

We arrived at our first top prize winner, Web Marketing Group, this morning, kicking off the day with a training session on AdWords and Shopping.

Lunch saw the unveiling of our Grow Local space, fresh smoothies and coconuts (for a little bit of the tropics on a snowy day), and Google Cardboard demos.

We're treating the team now to mini massage treatments — check out some of the photos we've taken so far below. The full highlights will follow soon!

Congratulations again to Web Marketing Group! If you'd like us to come to your agency, make sure you're signed up for the Grow Local Challenge at  >>>

Google Goes To Your Office - Feb 2015
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Mobile SEO - An Epic Guide To Ranking In Mobile Search #seo   #seotips   #seomarketing   #mobileseo   #mobile  

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To find popular or talked about hash tags you find them on the 'What's Hot' page in Google+ - 

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I really like how Webmaster Tools is evolving into such a great resource for SEO's. If you're still not using it, wake up. 

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Useful updates and information by Cyrus for those in the SEO community. #seoupdates   #google  
These past few days, Google did a lot of housekeeping…

Payday Loan Algorithm 2.0 update: – this is the second (announced) update to the algorithm since its original implementation in June of 2013. I saw two sites that were affected by the first Payday Loan release in industries not of the typical “spam” variety (AKA I believed them to be false positives) recover over this past weekend (for now anyway).

Panda 4.0 Algorithm update: – according to the Panda updates they’ve given a % of affected queries for, this is the third largest Panda update that has occurred since they first released the algorithm in 2011. Matt had mentioned at SMX West that Google planned to roll out a “softer” version of Panda: In late March, I saw several blogs declare that version of Panda had been released, but there was no major shakeup in the SERPs (least in all those that I track) and I personally believe some called a regular Panda refresh as this update wrongly. I believe this new release is the “softer” version Matt had referenced, based on the sheer % of affected queries and seeing a lot of “false positives” take a boost with the release.

AdSense: This morning, +Barry Schwartz published a post stating that AdSense publishers started receiving Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Breach Notifications emails (apparently starting on May 19th):

GWT: Based on information provided to me privately by a few people I trust, it would also appear a new round of unnatural link warning emails started going out last week.

Penguin: Still no word on Penguin – but Google hasn’t announced an update to Penguin since October 4th, 2013. I deal with a lot of Penguinized sites, as do some of the folks I chat with and so far, no one has seen anything that would imply an “unannounced” update. In March of 2014, Matt said he didn’t believe a Penguin update had occurred since the last one officially announced in October 2013: but he said expecting a Penguin refresh every six months or so was “fair” but also pointed out if could be longer. We’re currently 7 months out from the last Penguin update, closing in on 8. At this point, everyone is anxious for the refresh (except possibly those who aren’t hit by Penguin who should be).

Tracking Updates: For those who may not know, you can find a full list of Google updates here: - though in same cases, I believe the cited dates to be off by a day or two (probably due to when Google announced them vs. when the roll out actually began).

Noise: Starting today we’ll see the onslaught of the “Panda 4.0” posts declaring they have the answers to the new version of the algorithm. IMHO, unless you’re reading studies from people like +Pete Meyers with access to big data on a huge number of websites, it’s not possible to have any answers (and even Pete, etc don’t – they merely have a much bigger data pool of statistics to attempt to make correlations from) less than 24 hours after a rolling update has started. When it comes to major updates, my strategy is always the same. Give it a few days to a week to settle and then begin looking at your data. The more sites you can access data for, the better chance you have of drawing some real conclusions.

Resources: The below is a list of what I’ll be following over the next week publication / people wise in addition to analyzing my own data access when things settle a bit:

- (especially articles written by +Barry Schwartz and +Danny Sullivan)
- Dr. Pete’s (+Pete Meyers) Twitter stream
- the official Google Search blog (to see if they release more official word than a 140 character announcement from Matt)
- (if someone has a tip, they usually let Barry in on it)
- Other interesting posts / discussions as they become available – AKA, I’ll be keeping my eyes and virtual ears open and will be tweeting anything I find interesting via

Of course, the information provided above is littered with my own opinions. Always analyze / test everything you hear - shit from me included. Cheers.

#Google #SEO #Panda  

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