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For the next week, WatchPop will be rebroadcasting the New Horizons #PlutoFlyby in our image feed.

Original Image Credits: NASA/JHUAPL/SWRI
Please note: WatchPop is not affiliated with NASA, JHUAPL, or SWRI. We're just big fans of space exploration.

To subscribe, install the WatchPop watchface. Then under the watchface's Settings, click "WatchPop Feeds", click on the "Spotlight" image, and hit "Add Feed".

Read more about the New Horizons mission at:

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Is your Pebble a chameleon? You take the picture, WatchPop shows it & matches the colors!

I'm happy to announce color matching, the latest feature of WatchPop.

As before, WatchPop lets you use your photo albums as Pebble and Pebble Time watchfaces, with photos changing throughout the day. New in this version is color matching. With color matching, you can take a photo, upload it to WatchPop, and we'll find a good set of colors to use for the timepiece!

Please, let us know what you think!
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My colleagues and I have just released WatchPop, a new Pebble watch face that lets you use your pictures as watch faces:
(Or search "WatchPop" under "Get Watchfaces" in Pebble's App Store)

Upload multiple pictures, and WatchPop's slideshow feature automatically cycles through them throughout the day. Or choose your favorite picture to show all day long.

In iOS, use the settings screen in the Pebble app to upload pictures. Android users, grab the companion app to upload pics:
(Or, search "WatchPop for Pebble" in Google Play)

We're constantly improving the app, so let us know how we can make it better for you!

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Fantastic tool for converting academic multi-column papers into a Kindle friendly format.
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A sense of scale:

NASA's New Horizon's probe (liftoff in 2006, destination Pluto, eta. 2015), is now the fastest spacecraft ever launched. It is traveling at:

58,000 km/h, or 508 million km / year, or, mach 48 (if it were traveling in air)

Even at this speed it would take ~79 thousand years to arrive at the nearest star: Proxima Centauri. (Except its aimed in the wrong direction).

That's 8x longer than we've had human civilization (via. the Neolithic/Agricultural Revolution).
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Felt the earthquake all the way up in Waterloo.
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Opportunity sends us a postcard from the west rim of Endeavour Crater, Mars.

It took 3 years to drive there, and its beautiful.
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Update includes compatibility with iPod Touch and iPad.
Happy Monday! To help fight off any start-of-the-work-week blues, a new version of our Google+ iPhone app (v will be rolling out in the Appstore over the next few hours. Get it hot off the presses from:

Listen to our tech lead +Sharvil Nanavati talk about what’s new:
Google+ Update: iOS app release Aug. 8

More details are in our release notes:

As always, thank you for your feedback on the apps! We’ll keep working to make the Google+ experience awesome no matter what device you’re on.

PS: The app takes a few hours to roll out. So if you are having issues, check the version number (go to Homescreen, tap on gears icon) and ensure it is v1.0.2.1966.

+Anish Acharya
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