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Adam Fisher
ninjas beware! it's ever-so-slightly-redbeard the pirate!
ninjas beware! it's ever-so-slightly-redbeard the pirate!
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so! i promised i'd post a thing or two. and i keep my promises

please help us out with our crowdfunding campaign! the link is , shares are just as important to us as actual money. but money is good. money would be very nice indeed :)

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örmagörd - brilliant!

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my failure demands that i make a donation as well. (done)

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hi everyone! we're going to victoria, and we need your help!

please, pretty-please-with-a-cherry-on-top-we'll-be-your-best-friends-we'll-be-your-best-friends-forever-and-ever shower us with monies and / or share our campaign with all your poetry loving friends!

i promise your money and goodwill will go to support poetry that's precisely the opposite of soppy and boring. i also promise to upload recordings very, very soon for your entertainment and judgement.

the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
we're way too into this whole democracy thing, israel isn't exactly a shining example of a functional one and most of the powerful countries aren't either. so i say fuck democracy, turn israel into a totalitarian jewish state with democratic values like freedom of speech and equal rights and let all the palestinians in for a completely fresh start.
enforce a separation of church and state, expel any trouble makers, declare a large buffer zone, patrol the borders properly and spend the military money we'd save on new infrastructure for all.
nobody would get to vote, which is great because the entire middle east is filled with incompetent voters regardless of race or religion.
it seems to me that the potential for disaster with this plan is no worse than the current options on the table, the potential successes unlimited and immeasurable. all arguments (for and against) welcome.

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It's always nice to see friends releasing albums, especially groovy ones :)

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thanks +Andrew Haylett !

ooh! a solid answer to the most annoying question. and then a surprise...

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helping relieve kids in domestic violence shelters? excellent work!

not quite appropriate for yoga in the park, but still very interesting!
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