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Nexus 5x stock, 7.1.1, Nova Prime launcher

Since the update my dialer goes crazy everytime I make a call. It constantly mutes itself, adds other calls, freezes completely. Anyone else having dialer issues?

Anyone else have trouble with hangouts app. Keeps trying to make me download the mms doesn't group them. 

Anyone find a good type c car charger for the 5x yet. A huge bonus would be a standard USB port as well. 

about an hour ago my phone keeps giving me google play services, google framework and gapps have stopped working.  It freezes my phone.   cant seem to figure out a fix.  please help me out.  Verizon Moto 2013

Stock Moto x gen 1, non rooted. I was hoping somebody could help me shut down the physical volume buttons, any help is appreciated. I really dislike how my pocket keeps taking my phone of vibrate. 

Need some help with my volume controls. Moto x original, non rooted, nova.

I keep my phone on vibrate at all times. My problem is that when I adjust the volume for music and podcasts it changes my assist volume. Anyone know of an app that will allow me differentiate volume settings, one that plays nicely with Moto?

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If I want to try Google camera, can I set the shake motion to open it rather than the Moto camera?  I am not rooted.

Verizon Moto X 4.4.4. Since the update I cannot disable stock messaging app. Anyone else seen this issue?

Love to have options on favorite screen such as list view and remove all recent and only show favorites. 
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