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I am introducing a friend to Fate because she wants to run a game in the setting of the Supernatural TV show.  I have not watched the TV show much, but the setting is pretty easy to grasp.  The characters, however, are what drive story, and for that I could use some help.  I think she would have an easier time learning a character's makeup if she could see some examples of characters from the show statted up in FC.

So, are there any Supernatural fans out there that would be willing to stat up their favorite character from the show to help us out?  Other examples from the show, like creatures/monsters, theme aspects, magic-y stunts, etc. would also be appreciated.

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This is a terrain project that my brother and I have been working on for some time. This project will be featured on The Broke Ass Gamers soon, but here's the photo album for anyone who is interested :)
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