Do you ever sit down in an uncomfortable position because you think you'll only be there for a minute and then realize an hour later that you didn't move?
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No but this sums up some career decisions I've made in the past. 
And then when you try to get up, you literally CAN'T MOVE? Must be us old guys.
I've sat on the floor beside my couch for >1 hour. About 15 mins ago, I at least reached behind me to grab a cushion to sit on...
Yes. I am generally reminded at under an hour though by neck or back pain. But I certainly do that.
Try standing "just for a minute", until you realize youve been hunched over the keyboard for half an hour!
I sometinrs (well, very often) turn my kettle on and in the meantime I just want to check my email. Half an hour later I have to boil the water again. And in the meantime check the email and then it repeats and repeats all over again. Time loop or what?
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