I got a Nexus 4.  It's remained unplugged for over eight hours now and still has full battery.  I'm definitely not worried about battery life on Android anymore.
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My android phone battery lasts ~2days.... 
Stupid Verizon! I wish they'd offer a REAL Nexus phone... :(
N4 is fantastic in every way (except camera and audio-out) best Android phone I've ever had. 
Ordered the 16GB model yesterday expecting an agonizing 1-2 more weeks with my flip phone; UPS says to expect it tomorrow :D I'm rather excited.
The N4 is pretty much jaw dropping.. Enough said
+Adam Dachis I thought you had written off the N4 due to it not having LTE? Anyway, good choice. I have been enjoying my N4.
+Aaron Sobczak that's not possible. Nexus is always unlocked, and crapizon will never have GSM technologies other than LTE (which IS a 3GPP spec).
The standby on the Nexus 4 does a great job of leaving the battery alone. Loving mine. 
The Nexus 4 has amazing battery life. If you want even more, disable latitude in maps' location settings.
+Andrew Keller i get over 3 hours of screen time with about 18 hours use on my maguro, no clue what you are complaining about
I barely get 8hrs of use I'm really thinking mine is defective. 
+Patrick Saimesier factory reset, dont install any apps, then drain it to 0, then charge it all the way up to 100. if it still only lasts 8 hours (with less than 3-4 hours of screen time) then you have a defective battery. otherwise it's probably just a rogue app or your lack of turning off gps if its being polled constantly, or very heavy use with ~6 hours of screen time.
+Andrew Keller after the December update mine took a dive, found out it was caused by email app using an exchange account. Deleted the account, cleared cache data and then added the account back. Now i get almost 2 days . ( on a GSM nexus)
Yeah? Play Ingress for an hour and get back to us.
One of us! One of us! HEHEHEHEHEHE!
+Alan Henry Pretty much at this point.  I've learned how to use fastboot, flashed stock back on, then a ROM, then stock again, resized a partition, rooted several times, made my own icons and ringtones...it's been stressful cramming all this learning into two days but I feel pretty ready for Android now. :)
Awesome! I'd say that puts you way ahead of some of the pundits we see on a regular basis. ;)
I don't know, I still have a lot to learn about before I really know what's up.  But I'm trying all sorts of stuff and it's been fun discovering all the things Android can do.  Many of the popular apps are really feature rich rather than simple and well-designed, so I've spent a lot of time digging around in the Play store for stuff that fits me.  At first I didn't think I was going to find options, but it just took a lot of searching. :)
+Andrew Keller that is both a very severe problem and also tells me approximately 0% of what the problem is. show me the better battery stats partial wakelocks and the battery use list or i'll have no clue what is causing that. if there really is no change after a complete factory image flash, then your battery is faulty, but that's highly unlikely.
I've got a nexus 4 and I've been really impressed as well.  I got pretty good battery life on my Galaxy Nexus before it, but nothing like what I get with the 4.
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