Hollywood: You took down two big Usenet indexers by suing their payment providers.  I've got to say that's pretty creative but also really unfair to the payment providers.  Nonetheless, I still think you don't understand why people are downloading your media.  It's easier.  The product you offer is not what many, many people want nowadays.

That trend is only going to grow.  Your original business model, where you are in full control the distribution schedule and cost structure, is not going to to last forever.  You have maybe 5-10 years before you're going to need to change and consider a drastically new approach to selling your product or you are going to be in trouble.

Please do not fight your way into oblivion.  Consider what media pirates are creating, why it's good, and make something better.  If you innovate you won't have to fight a losing battle.  Some people will always download content illegally, but if you can create a system people actually like you won't have this problem.  Stop shooting yourself in the foot so you can survive as more than a shell of your former self in the golden days.
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