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Enough with the bacon mayonnaise.  This has got to stop.
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It's really not that awesome. Decent bacon flavor, but nothing special.
I love bacon, but I'm with you... the 'bacon-infused' products have GOT to go!
I tried baconnaise and it was terrible.  Their bacon salt is great, but bacon mayo is just gross and more and more people keep making it!
Anyone trying to get in on the craze, I suppose :( Whatever happened to making your own stuff with bacon in it?
+Adam Dachis you should always try new foods with a grain of salt. 
(1000 apologies for the pun)
Just the other day i was musing with my father over the concept of a present-day reshoot of SNL's "Chrystal Gravy" commercial; replacing the titular product with Squeezable Bacon.
Also: I never thought i'd type a single sentence containing both 'musing' and 'squeezable bacon.'
I'm all about the bacon salt.  It's the mayo that goes too far.
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