Why is this app $40??  (Don't say it's because it's on OS X because you hate OS X.  I'm legitimately asking, because it seems like it doesn't do much and I really want to know why.)
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Yeah, good question. Been wondering that about some apps recently myself. Notably, Omnigraffle, and some of the Panic products. Is a graphing application really worth $200? Is a basic FTP client really worth $40? Probably not. Certainly more than this, though. This is the bee's knees of expensiveware, man.
What does this do that Evernote and Skitch don't? Or is it like a fine whiskey because it's "Aged & Distilled"
JoPa Mi
You already answered your own question then immediately dismissed it. 

No app is worth that much, unless you are a criminal trying to avoid capture or something. 

You dont think prices are hiked for Apple consumers? Do a search, right now, for "Apple replacement hard drive", find the best deal you can, then just search for replacement hard drive. Same EXACT product, half the price. Why? Because Apple people are gullible and will pay way more money for the same or lesser of a product because the Apple sticker comes with it. And even if it doesnt, just saying something is for an Apple device, like the above example, is enough to gouge the crap out of the price. 
Fortunately, there is such a thing as an intelligent Apple consumer! I think +Adam Dachis here still uses a hackintosh, if I'm not mistaken :)
JoPa Mi
I think most are intelligent, they are just heavily swayed by Apple marketing into spending money on status and familiarity over ease of use and being frugal. 
They're using the inverse of 'you get what you pay for'. As in, "oh, I paid $40 for this app that just does X, so it must do X amazingly!" Psychology. Sadly, it works.
Maybe they are banking on how iOS users have that whole distorted reality thing going in their favor.
iOS apps aren't on the mac app store broseidon
touche', I only use the iPhone 5 app store because my employer decided to go all in on the iPhones, I was unaware their totalitarian control of what you can or can't buy and install crossed into their p.c. market too.
it's true!

although... in their defense, at least os x ships with a c compiler, so you can still install pretty much anything you want. most of the time, the mac store sucks anyway - their game selection isn't any good, and some of my favorite power apps are (textmate!) are still indie. of course android does, too (yay linux!) but i could never comprehend why windows would restrict building from source to VB developers and cygwin users, if you don't mind the tangent.

be well! cool shyguy!
thanks for the info, its awesome when you learn new stuff. :)
calling myself on my own bullshit here

mac os x doesn't ship with a c compiler anymore!

since mountain lion, llvm is only available with the command line tools plugin for xcode.

pardon, messieurs et mademoiselles
it did. that's apple gets ya! with their wiles

the mac app store and the windows 8 store both suck!
neither os ships with compilers!
abort! abort! back to linux!
Yeah I am not sure what MS was thinking with the ARM surface - I have one and the Win8 experience is great I just wish I wasn't limited to the MS app store which has mostly crap. I still like it better than my iPad for actually being able to do stuff other than play games and watch Netflix...
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