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Awesome, also a spectacular bit of film making.
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Luv freedom... Freedom from Gravity.. Awsome..
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When I play ingress I find that the game bugs out if I am doing something in game and a notification comes in from another app. It doesn't just stop while it receives the noti, sometimes I have to put it in airplane mode and out again to get ingress to work. Is this a common issue?
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Where do I get the app?
Do you have a family member who thinks it’s clever to swear? Worried a slip of the tongue might turn your mother-in-law’s blue rinse grey? 

Introducing the the Potty Mouth Censor, a voice recognition app that bleeps out inappropriate words.

Interested? Get clean here:
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I'd like to say how impressed I was with +Lewis Hamilton at Melbourne telling the interviewer to get out the way while he was doing autographs for the fans. The F1 TV crew always ambush the drivers as they come to the track and that is one of the few chances  the fans actually get to get up close and personal with the drivers. The TV crew spend all weekend in the paddock. Should be more of it! Well done Lewis! #MelbourneF1   +MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS +Formula 1 Fans On Google+ 
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At least come early one off the days. 
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So this happened today while fighting off smurflets. I was hoping to get the exact number but there were smurf tears to be made. Thanks to the group of smurfs that came out and got me 85k in 40 mins. That was excellent fun :-D
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+Jeffrey Hueseman this smurf ain't crying. But then again I stopped playing quite a while ago. I got bored with the whole trolling thing in both camps. I really do admire Adam's persistence to reach level 16. 
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Adam Culf (Nightshade13)

Memorable Fields  - 
For those that missed it...Not really a memorable field as such but an op nonetheless and quite memorable I thought.
#Ingress   Field Report

OP : #BucketList   #BucketList2015  
Mission : To create 100 Level 8 portals in 100 cities in 100 countries (1city per country at least) And point out / Highlight the one portal you must visit before you die. 

City / Country : Adelaide/Australia

SitRep #BucketList2015   #XMForAll      

1. Adelaide (the city of churches) was founded by Colonel William Light in 1836 and settled by free men and women from all over the world, so multiculturalism is a big part of our history. Our easy to navigate, straight as an arrow streets, combined with high level, high density portals makes for an enjoyable ingress experience. Our main shopping district Rundle Mall, with its iconic steel balls affectionately known as The Malls Balls, is surrounded and inundated with street performers and street art every day of the week. Catch a tram down to Glenelg's foreshore
for an easy mission with beautiful scenery or catch a quick bus ride to any of a number of high density suburban areas like Historic Port Adelaide, Norwood Parade, or Unley, North Adelaide with their great cafes and Saint Peters Cathedral, or a stroll down the Torrens River to the Adelaide Zoo to visit the only pair of pandas in the southern hemisphere.

2. We heard about this event from our European ENL representatives and thought Adelaide ENL could have some fun being involved, so we contacted Australian and New Zealand representatives to get them involved, and decided to set a new australian record while we're at it.

The plan was to meet at The Malls Balls at 10:00 AM and begin making the CBD's Enlightened stronghold the largest level 8 farm in Australia. With a steady supply of agents relieving other agents who had commitments throughout the day, we still had enough agents to split into two groups and work twice as fast. With the expected little to no Resistance interference throughout the day we had to look for other options at which stage we loaded the cars up and hit the suburban farming areas. Finishing at around 02:00 AM, after 16 hours of fun and games, Adelaide Enlightened ended the night with 1050 EP8 to 0 RP8, and totaling more EP8's than all Res portals in South Australia, we smashed our previous record of 742 and setting a new record in Australia! 

3. Local agents involved leading up to the event and on 17th January.
@Sandman75 @Enderdragon13 @Nightshade13 @Surrealis @Thewiseone @bructus @owheelj @bluebriar72 @Blargarble @Rasberry @Tearacotta @Catta222 @no1assassin @Sellyme @Jaikula @Hardwood @Degenhardt @Bellaflie @Elecmonk @ClovenPirate @PramAssassin @Shriyk @HappyGoat @dogbolter @zzapp @Moggsy @MotherToad @amn3siac79 @washingtonnavel @fizzyfantastico @ArcticFoxx @MrPinkAU @croweater23 @Lauresh @Dylanlink @mukkie @GoingFission @Slayer72 @MrChrysophase @Dakren @MeHZ @Rachhellokitty @TheBaronJM @Nico600rr & @Machaveli @TitaniumASmith @63Humber on Ops 
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But we dooooooon't cheat! And you doooooo!!!! 
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Time to power through Monday! Enter to win the OnePlus Power Bank Giveaway. Share this message, tag 3 friends, and fill out this form:
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Band 28 LTE. Why have you guys chosen this Band +Telstra +Optus  This severely hampers handset options since it is not a popular choice for OEMs and Australia is not a country which has a lot of pulling power with respect to them building handsets that support our networks specifically.
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+Optus​ my question was, band 28 is a very low use band across the world and there are other 700mhz bands already being used, why did both Optus and Telstra pick band 28 specifically over the other 700mhz bands that are less unique?
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Ingress April fool's day pacman theme. The only time I've had my sound on since day 1. Hilarity ensues.
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Dear Motorola, with the next update can you please put LTE band 28 on my phone? Australia is just rolling out band 28 (I have no idea why it's different to the rest of the world) and I wondered if it was possible to activate it with a firmware update?
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XT1095, 32gb.
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+Joe Philley​ was giving out codes for viruses +Jonathan Hutchings​
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Cool. I want a Snapdragon Quick Charge 2.0 compliant one please.
Grand Announcement! Anker is partnering with Ingress to create a custom external battery charger for the Ingress community. To get it right, we are looking to crowdsource the specs and design from the Ingress community.

We are basing this new product on the Anker Astro E Series already very popular with Ingress agents. Which combination of technical specs would you like best?

To stay up-to-date on the project‘s progress, results and eventually pre-order your custom battery, check out 
8,205 votes  -  votes visible to Public
10,000 mAh; 2 ports; 3 Amp output speed
13,000 mAh; 2 ports; 3 Amp output speed
16,000 mAh; 2 ports; 3 Amp output speed
20,800 mAh; 3 ports; 4 Amp output speed
25,600 mAh; 3 ports; 4 Amp output speed
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Have him in circles
325 people
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