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Is the series still running? I was a huge fan until it went to Fox, now I don't even know where they raced last or race next... Surely that was a really bad commercial decision?
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The racing itself this year though has been 1st class, Prodrive's Fords have dominated, I had FOX already , so I do not know what it is like to be without the V8s but I too can see a bloody BTTC set up coming , bearing in mind that many manufacturers have V6 cars, and not pissy 4 cylinder turbos like Britain. I do not know how long we shall have the big bangers  for ...what a shame, the world envies the Series
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Been playing open for some time now and had virtually no stability issues in Open (crash maybe once every 2-3 hours)  until I purchased a Cobra. Now I pretty much can't play in an open world. It's seriously unstable.
Luckily, without any multiplayer elements the solo game is as good anyway but it would be nice if that could be fixed.
XBox One pre-release.
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My friend has stability issues with any ship in open...
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I have a 2014 MotoX and I have noticed a while ago it started getting fussy which cable it charges from. A couple of weeks ago it stopped charging with the original charger and cable and last night, it was on charge all night and was at 88% this morning.
Yesterday I took it out playing ingress while plugged into a battery with the Cheero cable that came with my power cube. It only charged for 30 seconds then stopped. If you unplug it, then plug it in it works for another 30 seconds.
Anyone got any tips?
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Still doesn't charge with the Motorola cable. It does with the Cheero cable though thankfully.
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Free G4? Yes please
Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway, the place where we giveaway a new Android phone or tablet each and every Sunday. A big congratulations to last week’s winner of the Nexus 9 giveaway, Bekki, from USA. This week we are giving away the new LG G4! LG's G4 hits the sweet spot for a lot of potential people with its arguably best in class camera quality, Quantum 2k display, removable battery, microSD support and its interchangeable back. It ...
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Band 28 LTE. Why have you guys chosen this Band +Telstra +Optus  This severely hampers handset options since it is not a popular choice for OEMs and Australia is not a country which has a lot of pulling power with respect to them building handsets that support our networks specifically.
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Hey Adam,

Sorry for the late response! Like many of our Plussers, it’s clear to see you’re a passionate techie since you’re buying phones that aren’t available in Australia yet. :)

Unfortunately one disadvantage of this is that, while the devices may seem the same, they’re not optimised to the Telstra mobile network or 4GX service (APT 700mHz Band 28). We work really closely with all of the mobile phone manufacturers to ensure that the devices we offer to Aussies are compatible with 4GX and carry out extensive testing to ensure they perform the way they should. 

You might be interested in this article that explains how this spectrum is set to be the regions principal band for connecting devices: 

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Adam Culf (Nightshade13)

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Is there a plan to be able to play cooperatively on XBox? The current preview seems to have an open world but I can't see how to find my friend/XBparty so they can be wingmen. Would be good to have mission that could be done as a team where 1 person collects the bounty and it is automatically evenly distributed across others that assisted (wingmen). So I could take a freighter full of high risk high reward cargo and have 2 friends escort me as wingmen and when I collected the bounty, they would get an equal share between the 3 of us (or 4 or however many there are). So many games out there ignore the cooperative play element and work on PVP (which is dull and shallow IMO).
Even an element of the "solo" game where you could play in a private party would be fantastic.
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845pm here, have a great run.
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MotoX XT1095 users. How many have had 5.1 pushed to them?
I got mine last week.
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Yes, rocking 5.1 right now
No, 5.0 still :-(
Still on KitKat here
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Way faster loading home screen. That makes it worth it weight in gold.
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Free stuff is always good
Win a brand new Nexus 9 Android tablet!
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Awesome, also a spectacular bit of film making.
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Luv freedom... Freedom from Gravity.. Awsome..
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