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I could not agree more!

Please consider signing this petition if you disagree with the concept of software patents and hope for future without them.

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I understand the concerns, but from what I see from my studies, and I am by no means an expert, I don't see anyone being disenfranchised of any currently held rights.  I don't see the US Code being changed because people who don't own patents want to make money off of material that is patented by someone else, without paying for the priviIege to do so. I just don't see that happening

I was thinking about this issue this afternoon, and thinking about doing some research on it in order to be better able to write about it, but my initial thoughts are that the issue may be better placed with the FTC. My thinking is this: the FTC is interested in there being an environment of competition in the marketplace. The question I want to research is could the argument be made for a remedy under anti-trust regulation in favor of market competition. But again, I may be taking it a stretch, I won't know until I look at the code.
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